Christian Spouse-Swapping on CBS as Church Stands By

Christian Spouse-Swapping on CBS as Church Stands By

Jewish media giants seem to be racing to see who can corrupt America fastest. HBO, Showtime, and CBS continue to spew TV filth almost faster than Christian America can respond. CBS’s summer fare includes SwingTown. Set at the height of the sixties' sexual revolution, it revolves around several couples who at times partake in partner-swapping and drug use.

Creator Mike Kelly says Sex sells. What can you say? I just hope people who come for the prurient reasons aren’t disappointed. He’s a little apprehensive of criticism, though, because of the multiple-partner aspect of it. But CBS is banking on raciness getting people to watch during the slow summer period. Actress Lana Pavilla says, when you watch make sure you’re sitting next to someone whose attractive or you’re into, it will definitely stimulate you.

Because evangelical leaders won’t identify Jewish media as Jewish, such corruptors are free to work behind the scenes, unidentified and unembarrassed. (See, "Jews Confirm Big Media is Jewish") Christian silence empowers them to promote animalistic sexual activity and drug use as entertainment, as CBS is doing. If silence continues, we can predict a tidal wave of obscenity to overwhelm moral opposition in the years ahead.

Silence Empowers Evil: In ancient Israel, God condemned the high priest Eli and his descendants with a perpetual curse because Eli didn’t effectively restrain his immoral sons (1 Sam 2:50). Yes, he went through motions of reproof (1 Sam 2:23). Yet, he was like a watchdog without teeth; all it can do is gum a burglar who then easily kicks it aside. Evangelical leaders and watchdog groups are exactly like Eli. They weakly oppose Jewish media corruption, enacting failed strategies like boycotts. But they fear being called anti-Semitic more than they fear God. They won’t risk their own reputations by identifying big media as Jewish. Hidden in anonymity, Jewish media moguls laugh at evangelicals gumming criticism and continue to corrode the morals of American youth and culture.

During His time on earth, Jesus was the fiercest "watchdog" of truth. He had teeth, sharp ones! He sank them into the Pharisees who burglarized sacred truth. Christ explicitly itemized their sins in scathing language. He warned His church to forever beware of them and their spiritual descendant Talmudic Judaism. (Luke 12:1) By public warning, Jesus was a faithful high priest, unlike Eli. Our greatest objective at National Prayer Network is to follow Jesus example as a faithful guardian to America.

Tell Nothing but the Truth: It is a fearful responsibility to be a Christian leader or operate a Christian/conservative watchdog group. Scripture warns us not to do so unless were willing to be absolutely truthful. If we tell half-truths to people who put confidence in us, we shall receive the greater condemnation (James 3:1). That means hell. In ancient Israel, spiritual leaders who did not adequately warn were called dumb dogs who cannot bark. (Isaiah 56:10) They were classed among the false prophets. False prophets always vastly outnumber true ones. Eight hundred and fifty false prophets stood against one true prophet, Elijah, at Mount Carmel. They unconditionally blessed wicked Israel. Does that sound like evangelical leaders today? The few true prophets Elijah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, etc were a tiny minority who rebuked Israel for her sins. Sound like the National Prayer Network? God despises leaders who don’t rebuke and restrain evil through the fullest possible means. By their silence and fear of man, they oppose God Himself. God told Eli that his failure to restrain his sons was actually kicking at Gods sacrifice (1 Sam 2:29).

By such impotence, Eli tremendously empowered evil. The apostle Peter, in a moral lapse recorded in Galatians 2:11 also feared the Jews. To please them, he stopped teaching the whole truth of justification by faith, returning to pharisaic racism. (See endnote) Paul rebuked him, saying he stood condemned (Gal 2:18). The spiritually condemned go to hell. Thanks to Gods mercy, Peter found forgiveness.

Betrayal of Trust: It is a terrifying thing to offend God and betray the church by not warning against Babylon the Great, the rising Jewish system of international media, financial, and political corruption and control. Scripture says its anti-Christianity will only increase until it is "drunken with the blood of the martyrs of Jesus" (Rev 17:6). I know evangelical leaders reply: "If we identify media leaders as Jewish, the Jews will smear us as anti- Semitic. Our pro-Israel supporters (99 percent) will flee from us. Our ministries will be ruined!" But the Bible says the penalty for not speaking out is infinitely greater. God warned Ezekiel that if he did not effectively warn of approaching danger he would lose much more than his ministry -- his everlasting soul! (Ezek.33)

The only way for America to be saved is for some to break ranks and elevate the whole truth over temporary "safety." Self-denial is the second most liberating, empowering force on earth, next to God’s power. It is also the barest requirement for salvation. Jesus said any follower must "deny himself and take up his cross." (Mark 8:34)

At the rate Jewish media and laws are destroying America; Christian/conservative organizations will certainly face ruin. This could come sooner, not later, if ADL-inspired hate and bias crime laws continue to proliferate. The church actually faces persecution much faster by huddling in fear of Jewish power than by taking action, even though that will incur controversy.

What would Jesus Do? This summer, SwingTown, like countless Jewish media assaults, will continue to corrupt America, especially our youth. If Jesus were on earth, how would He respond? Would He silently wring His hands like most evangelicals, afraid to criticize "God's chosen people?" Or would He speak out in furious rebuke, as He did 2000 years ago, and specifically identify those behind this evil? In your heart, you know the answer. If you're really serious about following Jesus and becoming like Him, you also know what you should do -- speak out!

Peter set the example that Christian Jews should separate themselves (Gal 2:12) from the uncleanness of Christian Gentiles. This was a return to pharisaism, not the Old Testament law. The Old Testament taught that Hebrews should stay away from the corrupting influences of Gentile idolatry but never Gentiles as human beings. Pharisaic racism taught that Gentiles are inherently evil, spiritually and ritualistically unclean. This conviction still deeply inhabits Talmudic (orthodox and ultra-orthodox) Judaism. (This is extensively documented in my book Israel: Our Duty, Our Dilemma, available at

The following anecdote from Billy Graham's Decision magazine, May 1985, confirms this: Journalist Becky Pippert says, "Once I tapped a rabbi's shoulder in a crowded taxi to ask him a question, and I heard everyone [Jews] audibly gasp. Without realizing it, by touching him, I had made him unclean."

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