Genetics, Griffins, Ghouls and Goons! (Part One)

Genetics, Griffins, Ghouls and Goons! (Part One)

Genetics is easily defined. However defining the difference between Griffins, Ghouls and Goons is much more difficult, as to me they are all very much alike. What is a Griffin? It is a monster of ancient mythology - a mutation of two different species, existing in the netherworld. A Ghoul is much the same, another worldly creature of mythological background more evil than good, associated with the darker side of the spirit. But a Goon, what may you ask is that alluding to here?

Absolutely the same as a Griffin and a Ghoul influenced by the darker side, elitist and powerful, a mix of sinister and nether world thinking. I will also add, to my way of thinking the likes of names such as Bush and Chaney, Obama, Tony Blair, Rumsfeld, Helen Clark, Henry Kissinger and Angela Merkel who is also alleged to be the direct descent of Adolf Hitler. Then I could mention the Rockefellers and Rothschild’s, Marx, Engels, Jimmy Carter, Brzezinski, radical US CIA agent and feminist Gloria Steinem, Hillary Clinton, Prince Phillip, Prince Charles, the Royal families of Europe and the Hapsburg’s. Where does the list stop? The names and families are just too numerous so that it is impossible to mention all of them.

These men and women like so many others have sold out humanity for a personal slice of temporal fame and power, driven by an innate craving for egotistical prestige and pre-eminence. I personally think, without the spirit of God working within our consciences, and given the same opportunities for accumulating acclaim and power we also would probably choose the same short sighted and exclusive options. It is in man’s beastly nature, to climb over anyone else, to find prominence and dominance with which to control and manipulate the rest of the drones. In the field of psychology this reasoning is known as HIVE MIND MENTALITY! Hive mind thinking is driven by peer pressure and the quest for acceptance that is so prevalent in all of us. I remember reading the writings of King Solomon who was attributed with the title of being the wisest man on earth. His words are recorded in the book of Ecclesiastes Chapter 4; 1 I refer to them directly below:

"Then I returned and saw all the oppressions that are done under the sun: and, behold, the tears of such as were oppressed, and they had no comforter; and on the side of their oppressors there was power; but they had no comforter."

Here you realise like I did some years ago, when I studied this section of scripture, that Solomon had some very deep insights concerning the human psyche. He makes mention of two types of personalities which psychologists will address as the passive and aggressive temperaments, or introvert and extrovert. Solomon termed them as oppressed and oppressor. The oppressed are the downtrodden, the passive or introvert. The oppressor is the aggressive or extrovert, who will not be subdued. But, he will rebel and make his desire known, as he enforces his opinions on others. Introverts however withdraw and are afraid to stand up for themselves or to criticism, so they tend to submit and yield to dominating people, thus they are very easily intimidated and manipulated. Their natural tendencies are to fall into the profile of the oppressed, not the oppressor.

The most interesting factor realised and recognised here is that regardless of what your tendency is, oppressed or oppressor, the driving or influencing factor behind both types of temperaments both introvert and extrovert, is that neither when in the critical stage of psychological development had someone to lead or guide and comfort them. Comfort here means to affirm, assure, console, or give confidence. So the truth is that if an individual is not given affirmation, assurance and encouragement when in his or her formative years he or she will either become very aggressive and oppressive to prove to the world that they are of worth or they will withdraw and become very insecure and in turn will feel totally inadequate and thus oppressed and passive.

You can see very clearly here how when children and folk are not encouraged and assured they will either dominate others to show and prove to others their ability to lead or they will withdraw for fear of being rejected and seen to be inadequate. Therefore they will let others rule over them and not question it. Somehow we as a society must train our offspring and next generation to be secure in who they are both introverts and extroverts. If we do not do this, our children and the next generation will just accentuate what we have already, a world of intimidated, passive introverts, oppressed by a small elitist, exclusive group of self centred and aggressive extroverts. The future does not look bright for humanity, because the truth is that the latter is the dominant path society has chosen and without the affirmation and confidence needed for the development of the individuals psychological wellbeing and security, society from past experience and evidenced by history, is ultimately doomed.

Humanity without Christ is too horrific to even contemplate. Except for the grace of God and his Biblical precepts to guide our choices, you and I would be no different than all these herein mentioned. That is why it is so important that we keep a very close allegiance to Biblical doctrinal and moral theology and truth which most churches and preachers are rapidly departing away from in our contemporary non biblical world view of Christianity.

Everything by way of movies and novels and particularly television sitcoms even the crude degenerate cartoon programs like South Park and The Simpsons are totally given over to programming humanity for the immediate future of what is in store for all of us. We the uninitiated are considered the serfs and useless eaters who are just taking up space on this crowded planet. What do you think Dan Brown’s Da Vinci code was all about? His latest Angels and Demons is no different. The whole broadside is a direct attack on the fundamentals of conservative Christianity and more importantly the Word Of God -the Bible. The intent is to destroy the statutes and convictions of a God fearing society and to replace it with the satanic Alistair Crowley doctrine of DO AS THOU WILT IS THE WHOLE SUM OF THE LAW.

What I can not understand is how Christians and preachers, not to mention theologians, can overlook the prophetic scriptures that warn us of this time now upon us. These prophecies are so clear when they warn us over and over, of this demonic onslaught that is now upon us. MAY I MAKE ONE THING ABSOLUTELY CLEAR HERE – AND THAT IT IS MY BELIEF AND MY ENCOUNTER WITH GOD BY WAY OF REVELATION – THAT THE VERY THING SPOKEN OF IN JOHN’S REVELATION, CONCERNING THE ABYSS BEING OPENED UP AND EVERY EVIL FOUL SPIRIT POURING FORTH INTO THE EARTH, THAT THIS IS NOW HISTORY. I am convinced that this began I believe a decade ago.

The Bible warns us that in this future time (now present) many will depart from the truth and will turn to fables and doctrines of demons to which they will give heed, embracing seducing spirits which will wax worse and worse till the coming of Christ. Tragically, these verses and truths are not even preached anymore so no one knows of them, let alone preaches on them. Sadly most churches do not even believe in a second coming of Christ any more. They are all into Dominion Theology or Kingdom Now theology as it is also known. They that teach this doctrine believe that we the church will gradually convert and influence the entire world to accept Christ and then Christ will rule in the affairs of men by way of his people and then the earth will become Christian. As it is in heaven so it will be on earth that is the basis of their belief.

On another subject, [which will later be seen to relate to this subject] Stanford Research Institute is a pseudo university in California which is a front for the programming and experimentation of all the way out, left field and bizarre projects that the military, the secret service and C.I.A. are developing. They call this institute "The Stanford University", that title given to this Research Institute, allows it to operate under the radar. It is an undercover organisation hidden behind this front and presented as an educational institute. The most bizarre and other worldly research is going on there, such experimentation that has resulted in the eradication and control of emotion and conscience in order to enable soldiers on the battlefield to destroy a whole village of men, women and children and not feel an ounce of compassion, conscience or regret. Such weird experiments as removing certain neurons in the human brain that influence emotion have been carried out.

Another area of research is the act of removing or neutralising certain neurons which inhibit us from developing extra sensory perception to see as though with a sixth sense. An example of such abilities as to be able to enhance metaphysical capabilities is REMOTE VIEWING [The technique of actually seeing things taking place any where in the world, without actually being there but through training the concentration of mental power and utilising thought projection via the mind.] Amazingly it is almost one hundred percent accurate.

As unbelievable as it sounds these military experiments are tame compared to some of them that they are experimenting with. One such project that they have been working on trying to perfect and understand is a subject called SHAPE SHIFTING. If you get on the internet and type in the words shape shifting and then follow many of them through to their original source of research you will find a lot of these web sites dealing with this subject originate from Stanford, particularly the Pentagon and the CIA. In some of my other articles, on the Omega Times site you will read how the military is deeply entrenched in the satanic occult.

Certain arms of the military and the CIA are dedicated to mind control and torture research even creating psychotic split personality syndrome. Examples are Project MK Ultra, Project MK Naomi and Project Monarch just to name a few. These projects were overseen by Colonel Michael Aquino who was high up in the CIA under George Bush senior and was in charge of the prestigious American military Presidium in San Francisco. Aquino was and still is the Supreme high priest of the temple of set and a personal friend of Anton La Vey, head of the Church of Satan when he was alive (maybe still is).

Well, shape shifting is totally spiritual and occult in its origin and is totally impossible by natural physics and mechanics. What it is in essence, is the supernatural ability practiced by shamans, witch doctors and Indian medicine men, when they transform themselves into the shape of an animal or a bird or spirit being and because of it are able to escape the field of battle or whatever is necessary at the time. The art is totally spirit oriented and totally demonic but this is what the Governments and their agencies are experimenting with now, wholesale.

Two other documented research projects that took place under very tight scrutiny and monitoring processes at Stanford were firstly "The Stanford Prison Experiment" and the second was the "Stanley Milgram Experiment". Both projects are extremely bizarre, even demonic and sick to say the least.

… To be continued in Part Two next month.

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