Western 21st Century: A Culture of Deception

Western 21st Century: A Culture of Deception

The winning advert in Australia for TV
media  solicitation which was considered
the best advert of  2006 was a Telstra ad,
showing a father lying to his son about
the Great Wall of China being built to
keep out rabbits and suggesting it was
built by an emperor Nasi Goring.

Politicians do not know the notion of respect and common decency as they attack the personalities of their opposites through the devious forms of character assassination whereby they dig up dirt on one another to gain a better standing for themselves. It matters not that the source of the information or the information itself may be dubious and questionable … all that matters to them is that they keep the upper hand of power by means fair or foul. Caustic sarcasm or malicious slander is not beyond their methodology in order to destroy the credibility of their opposition. Even the head of the federal police union in Australia (supposedly the very epitome of the defence of truth and justice) is not beyond lies as he denied filing a registration form to join the ranks of prospective liberal party nominees for political election only to have the form appear at a later moment of time when he still attempted to deny any sense of moral turpitude.

Hardly a day goes by now in most countries and societies without a scandal of some sort pertaining to the honesty and integrity of their respective political leaders, police, lawyers, judges and even religious heads. I am simply appalled at the day by day revelations of men in places of prominence, who are constantly being exposed and charged for corruption and embezzlement or for sexual deviance of some immoral indiscretion. You no longer know who to entrust your life and security to any more as the level of personal integrity of many of our civil servants - even our physicians and family trustees - have no moral compass or concern for one any longer. It is a sad day when even a man’s testament and will is no longer fixed in stone but can be contested by any one who feels they have valid claim against his legacy.

Once upon a time a man’s words were considered his bond and the man would never violate it. That was when I was a child but that is a thing of the past and wholly outdated now. Then a verbal contract was as strong as a written one; if you violated your vow you were ostracized and isolated and business wise you would never have been trusted with clients again. But today unless you get it in writing you have no guarantee of loyalty or security to that which has been promised you. Those days’ unspoken laws of covenant were as strong as written ones and that was because men and women had a moral compass by which they were guided and held accountable to. These days sadly a man’s word means absolutely nothing and unless you get every letter ‘I’ dotted and every letter ‘t’ crossed you have little assurance of any future support. Worse still is the fact that most folk will laugh at you in scorn should you leave out or miss some clause that held your words or deals binding and legal.

The terrible consequences of all this is that many have made themselves extremely wealthy by defrauding the innocent out of their hard earned money and then obtaining top legal representation to price themselves beyond challenge or alternatively to twist the terms of legal agreements to their advantage by inserting hidden definitions.

It is very interesting as I am writing this article from Queenstown, New Zealand, having been here for a couple of weeks that there have been two major news items of interest, repeated each hour on the national news. The first is concerning the major electricity suppliers throughout New Zealand and how they have banded together to manipulate prices yet without breaking the law but totally with the intention of defrauding the public out of huge amounts of undeserved profit. Four and one half billion dollars is the total amount defrauded from their customers over a six year period and they bragged that it was not breaking the law but morally it is reprehensible. They are willing to do whatever it takes to run as close to the definitions of right and wrong but do not care of the plight of the average man and woman trying to provide for their families. They have no sense of embarrassment or regret for what they consider is totally okay. More to the point the government states though it is questionable it is not illegal. No certainly not especially while the government it was that made all this possible for these thieves under legislation that was called privatization.

Privatization by the way gave many politicians the back hander’s they demanded to help them attain their own political goals. How sick! But that is what American western capitalism is all about: tread on whoever to get where you want to go and may the best man win.

The other case entailed an Asian couple who applied for an overdraft for their ailing business - a service station. Their application amounted to something as paltry as ten thousand dollars but when the application was successful and the amount was deposited in their accounts a mistake was made and ten million dollars was lodged. The Westpac Bank came on the news stating that they would vigorously pursue every avenue to reclaim the money as the Asians themselves had cashed some large portions of the money and left the country. The bank said they had involved Interpol and were going to prosecute the people concerned.

Not that I condone keeping the money but it seems hypocritical to me that the Bank will prosecute and strong arm this family who claimed money which was lodged in their accounts by no illegal actions of fraud on their part. It was totally the banks mistake and fault, yet they call it criminal action, where as the former case mentioned concerning the power companies collusion and conspiracy to defraud the public is not criminal just morally reprehensible. What idiocy is this? It is nothing but the same old historical argument that has persisted for years - ONE RULE FOR THE RICH AND ONE RULE FOR THE POOR. That is the only thing that can define the difference between the two cases. One group has the power and clout to cover and justify his actions and the other does not. It all comes back to the dollar and who has more of it.

We wonder why the nations are facing a morality crisis the likes of which we have not witnessed before. It is because like gravity which causes water and objects to flow downwards so moral turpitude or integrity which is another word for it or sobriety flows from above to those below. Abraham Lincoln once said as go the leaders so go the people; if the people see there is no justice or honour and reward for being just then they will abandon it themselves and it is the legislators and politicians who set the example and create the precedent from the top down. Even our Prime Ministers, Presidents and leaders have perfected the art of saying one thing then doing another and then covering their tracks with all sorts of political claptrap to excuse their lies and make us think we misunderstood their intent. Take Bill Clinton (Slick Willie - a name given him for very pertinent reasons) who can lie before a senate or congressional enquiry and then be proven as misleading and false only to still retain a level of popularity amongst constituents afterward that many just dream about.

What a joke! He was accredited with the respect of supreme chief of tribes whilst in Papua New Guinea granting an incredibly high honour on him in that same country. An honour held by only two men and a title which was never Sir Michael Somare’s (PNG’S Prime Minister) right to bestow on his own initiative I am told. I would not even recommend Clinton or his wife for a position in the boy scouts let alone as a national leader, because he is dishonest and immoral. Take the time to read about his scandals both moral and financial. Read also about the number of murders including Vince Forster, that took place to silence both Bill and Hillary’s critics while they were in the White House. The unexplained murders number into the seventies. Both imposters’ is what the Bible would call them, charlatans and ones who pretend to be something they actually are not. The White House culture is the acceptable culture of Hollywood and now America as well as the snake oil salesmen called preachers in that nation.

It is incredible to think that now Hillary who is one of the most corrupt and manipulative politicians in US history and politics, holds an influential position and tremendous popularity. But integrity does not matter any more. It’s how they rate in the popularity polls. That’s American politics and now, sad to say, much of that has now become the standard of politics all around the world. The fact that we as a populace have grown to tolerate and endorse these contemptuous actions is as bad as the treasonous politicians themselves. One of the things that most do not know or understand is that all politicians are schooled and tutored in international politics now and so once they enter the field of legislators if they have not been already indoctrinated with one worldism they certainly soon will be.

Like Abraham Lincoln once commented, democracy is the worst form of government in that those who are the least qualified have the opportunity to control those who are the most qualified by virtue of the fickle will of the people. Add to this craziness, the fact that those who are unqualified get elected knowing nothing at all about politics making them totally vulnerable and dependant on those whose agenda is anything but honorable or just to teach these unqualified the same perverted one world agenda. No wonder we are watching the final death throws of our once mighty and just empire, but now an empire which has become so perverted and unjust as to even allow the destruction of its own innocent unborn.

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