A Crisis in Christian Creed and Dogma

A Crisis in Christian Creed and Dogma

I, as well as yourselves, am looking daily at the dire straits that
the Christian church finds itself in.As a result of this, instead
of seeing the leaders and practical principles utilized in
formulating social religion and the public’s perception of it
change, I am watching them solidify and proceed further down
the path of irrelevance and impotence. With frustration and
anguish in my heart, not only for my own viewpoint and impact
from it but also of how I may perceive God himself views it, I
wonder what it will take to wake up both the Christian churches
and the masses of its adherents throughout the world.

The American perception of Christianity is that it is in revival and that it is in its greatest days but the reality is when you travel beyond the western world you realize the Churches testimony is in tatters. Everywhere you look the Western church is treated with derision and disgust because of its lack of concern and lack of touch with Biblical truth and fundamental teaching and secondly with its endorsement of lust and greed and impurity justifying all sorts of unholy conduct.

The scandalous lifestyles of those who have been considered the major influence and voices of the worlds multitude of Christian followers, has created a huge devastation in morality and a major vacuum in its creeds. All round the world now believers when sharing their faith have to battle with a global credibility crisis as to what they actually teach and stand for. As Jesus himself said when addressing the sham of the pharisaical Sanhedrin "This people serve me with their lips but their heart is far from me". The sad truth is that the lives of many of today’s Christian leaders no longer equate with purity and Biblical principle but more align with power, sexual exploitation, egotistical empire building and financial greed.

The list is so vast and numerous concerning the fraudulent and ugly manipulators of Christian conscience via television and radio evangelism that I believe we are seeing the final death throws of a part of the worlds faith as it breathes its last breath. Let me make it very clear, I do not believe it will destroy Christianity but it will certainly change Christianity as we know it, forever. I believe it is almost impossible to convey the degree of change we are about to witness concerning the global church. Jesus said "I will build my church and the gates of hell shall not prevail, nor withstand the churches progress and influence".

Looking at the contemporary church as it stands at present we can only conclude it will be become futuristically a social welfare organization with political and humanistic ideals as its policy and belief structure.

Foolishly though, I see the old well worn, drawn out debate of what we know as dominion theology helping it march toward its demise. Dominion theology is simply a humanistic ideal trying to play God by instituting power hungry Christian leaders upon their own middle class, affluent throne of control and pride over all humanity. This world will never know peace until the Prince of Peace comes and institutes peace with a rod of iron. We can not be trusted to implement Gods government without being enticed towards personal fame and empowerment for ourselves, only fools would be convinced otherwise.

The truth is this world is faced with an impossible task of trying to reinvent and remake itself. It is in its post political phase, in other words we are no longer as a global people convinced that governments, individuals or ideals can resolve our problems and as such all around the world folk are throwing up their hands in absolute despair realizing we can no longer turn this around. It is beyond us. Therefore they are turning to radical policies, protest and rebellion in order to make their opinion heard. No wonder Jesus predicted that except the days were cut short by the intervention of Christ himself returning to earth to take control, none of us will survive. All the time the ridiculous attitude prevailing in western Christian circles is we are in revival and on track and most importantly empowered by the blessings of God to attain our goals just simply because we are the favoured people of God and he is bound to support us in our endeavours.

Furthermore money making schemes, commercialism and enterprise occupy the churches mentality in total contradiction to the instructions of Christ, yet all the time pursuing a path of making God’s house of prayer a den of thieves. Why can we not see it and why is it that the congregations all over the world continue to support this hypocrisy and fraud when it so blatantly contravenes the Lords covenants? All it would take to finish this nonsense is to stop supporting them. Hopefully people will now begin to realize the folly of capitalism and free market enterprise promoted by the wealthy elite that self perpetuate their own power base and just accentuates our individual destruction. Biblically we are told by God to take care of the poor, the widow and even the stranger. Free market enterprise just steamrolls over these sectors of society and what it creates is greed and corruption of unbelievable proportions. It is obscene.

Like pigs at the swill we allow the strong to feed while the weak are trampled underfoot; we justify growth and success at the expense of justice and compassion. We have sold ourselves a lie that wealth and power are God’s objectives for us. At the very heart of the issue of capitalism is a fundamental flaw that we never hear mentioned or talked about in any forum. Yet this issue is perhaps the most despised policy from Gods perspective regarding money and yet the most powerful policy driving free market enterprise. The issue is charging interest or as the Bible calls it USURY and the word itself reveals divine revelation as to its immoral pathos.


Not only does God frown on it, he forbids it because He knows its iniquitous source and its demonic results. It enslaves all men and destroys justice because the deceit of men’s hearts simply accept whatever price in order to attain the objectives. In other words the end justifies the means. The sanitised Christian term for it is faith based initiative or putting your resources where it is going to produce your predetermined results but don’t put your resources into anything that is not going to bring you the outcome you demand. That philosophy would ignore the needs of the few who can not help themselves and answer the greed of the many who can help themselves. I heard a ridiculous mega church Pastor say do not give to the poor as they can not be trusted with wealth. Give to the rich and you will always get a return. Read the book of James and see his perspective on ignoring the poor and having favour to the rich. He states if we do that we are despising the Holy name by which we are called for God has chosen the poor of this world to inherit his Kingdom.

The sooner we begin to examine our hearts motives for what we do, the sooner we will begin fulfilling the holy mandate given us by God himself. When will we awake and realize it is high time for us to repent? And by the way I must add I do not advocate communism as it is just the reverse or mirror view of the same corrupt system that promotes an arrogant few at the expense of a common majority. Right about now you are observing the destruction and judgement of a holy God on an unrighteous unbiblical and antichrist system that exists totally for the benefit a few.

The fact that the Bible absolutely decries this type of business and Christian ethic does not seem to matter any more. We just accept what is handed to us by our government and leaders, both civil and religious and never question it’s source, ethics or Godly credibility. That seems to be the case in regard to most of our standards and beliefs now. It is nothing short of appalling to me that this has basically taken place within one generation of people on earth. After forty five years as a Christian and forty two of them in Christian ministry, if you had prophesied to me that these many years later the church would have embraced these unrighteous standards and practices, I would have spurned you. I would have protested that this could never be but here we are, with a Laodicean church, a Babylonian religion and a corrupt, unbiblical, unholy, antichrist priesthood.

I was sickened by a man who is nothing short of an apostate and blight on Christianity. This man is the Archbishop of Canterbury who apologised and repented to Darwin for not accepting him as a human and endorsing his beliefs. Then there is also this crazy traitor of a man who is Dean of Holy Trinity Cathedral, and one of the heads of the Anglican Church of New Zealand – Reverend Richard Randerson – who has just stated he is an agnostic who does not believe in the virgin birth nor in the miracles and does not accept the Bible as a book of truth or fact. The Weekend Herald of New Zealand is quoted as saying …

As one of New Zealand's most powerful Anglicans, Bishop Richard Randerson admits that his spiritual views may be seen by some as heresy.

"All I would ask is that they have respect for other views in the church that are just as conscientiously and passionately held," he said. "I'm not just some wishy-washy non-believer as they would like to make out."He admits that he is an agnostic who does not believe Adam and Eve were real, or that there is any proof the Virgin Mary gave birth to Jesus in a "gynaecological miracle".

Bishop Randerson continued to describe himself as an agnostic in an interview with the Weekend Herald, saying he believed in God, but was more comfortable with God existing in forms such as "love" and "spirit" than as a supreme being.

How come these apostate organisations tolerate this grievous stupidity? These antichrists need to be excommunicated from the church as heretics and exposed for what they are lest the damage to their subjects become irreparable. That is why I believe it is now too late to turn this around. I believe the only course of action we are destined to experience is judgement at the hand of God. Yes! … I am aware of all the extreme grace adherents who will be, about now, criticising me for my judgemental attitude to which I say you had better be thankful I am not an Anglican, because there is no way I would sit silently by and allow this imbecilic foolishness to continue.

The writing is on the wall and plain for all to see. How can total unbelievers and atheists be embraced and endorsed as interpreters and leaders of Christs church and be allowed to represent Biblical Christianity. Have we all lost our minds? Oh how the mighty have fallen. This is laughable if it wasn’t so sick and serious. The worst part is who cares and attempts to raise a voice to change it. We will one day give account for all of this blasphemous activity and lack of spiritual attentiveness.

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