Genetics, Griffins, Ghouls and Goons! (Part Two)

Genetics, Griffins, Ghouls and Goons! (Part Two)

The first experiment of the two referred to at the end of the associated article last month is a research project called the Stanford Prison Experiment. It was set up in the holiday period in the summer of 1971 amidst the surrounding finishing schools, so that they could test the reactions of different types of temperaments in varying individuals. What these sinister ghouls did, was offer many of the students on seasonal furlough a good paying opportunity to earn their next term fees.

They advertised amongst the students on campus throughout California for respective candidates and who ever would like employment through their holidays, out of which they chose roughly a hundred applicants. These guinea pigs for this experiment were requested to sign a form when applying, releasing the US government and Stanford from any legal repercussions that could arise from the bizarre experiment. The details of employment also included conditions that each applicant had to finish the entire course to receive his earnings and that should they choose to leave at any time, they were free to do so, but without any remuneration. The applicants were not told that they had been successful in the program, they were just rounded up and arrested then handcuffed, after which they were blindfolded and placed in prison vans, in full view of friends and public which in itself was entirely humiliating and degrading. Many of the students were traumatised and affected even to this present day.

These young students not realising what had happened, were then herded into a prison precinct which had been created on a floor of the university and remodelled to resemble a prison totally renovated and refurbished for the sole purpose of this experiment. The candidates were completely unaware of this and were oblivious of the fact that this was the voluntary experiment that they had applied and agreed to be part of. The whole process and entire experiment was monitored by the researchers, filmed and recorded in secret, the archives of which are available to the public and can be viewed if you should happen to doubt the validity of this report. From memory around a hundred students were selected overall and a small percentage of them were set aside for the purpose of prison security and given prison officer uniforms. These few individuals were told to put the uniforms on and wear them constantly and conscientiously as they would be the ones in control of these dangerous prisoners under their charge for the entire experiment. Prisoners and officers were selected simply by the flip of a coin without each others knowledge that the others were not actual police or actual inmates.

These unknowing successful applicants were picked up and read their rights, while conducting their day to day business without any knowledge of their arrest being associated as a part of the experiment. They were arrested in the course of their day by legitimate policemen who also were not told of the facts regarding the experiment. It was done so authentically that even the prison vans operated complete with sirens screaming etc., no one was informed as regarding the verification as to the real facts. The students were so humiliated by the heavy handedness of the whole process of their unlawful arrest and seizure that many never recovered psychologically and yet were unable to claim for damages or compensation for mental distress or medical help.

The rest of the students arrested and rounded up were given prison inmate garb and told to select a cell, enter it and lock it behind themselves, still without any real knowledge as to why their respective families were not told the entire truth either just enough to pacify them into giving permission for the façade to persist. The absolute frightening scenario immediately developed where the so called officers took authoritarian control over the so called inmates, with such ferocity that some of the so called inmates had to undergo psychiatric treatment for some time afterward. Many of the imaginary inmates gave up hope of release within a very short space of time, others broke down some wept uncontrollably and yet some became absolutely violent and rebellious. Some of the so called prisoners attempted suicide and the whole experiment had to be called off after five days because of the absolute trauma caused in many of them. The acting prison officers became so intimidating and authoritarian that other experiments were born out of this one, created to determine just how base the human instinct is when given the opportunity to rule over and control others The Bible tells us in Jeremiah 17; 9 that the heart of man is desperately wicked and deceitful above all things so much so that no man can define or conceive its degree of evil and wickedness. How true! That is why we need God and his precepts to live by and be held accountable to.

Many of the so called officers became so inhumane in their endeavours inside the so called prison that they ganged together and beat and tortured the prisoners and even developed psychological mind controlling methods to break their spirits. Such things as being hosed down in their cells with freezing cold water and rewarding some prisoners if they would take part in constant chanting of demeaning terms which would isolate even the best of the prisoner group making them feel rejected and despised.

Others were punished by these tyrant jailors by not allowing them to go to the toilets thus making them defecate in their cells. Some were made to wear women’s clothing to humiliate them, along with other punishments such as these.

Dr Phillip Zimbardo was and still is a major researcher and authority on this entire experiment and is mentioned prolifically in regard to this whole fiasco. He is considered an authority globally when referring to this specific experiment. He has subsequently opened research into another area of psychological investigation under the title of "THE LUCIFER EFFECT" a very interesting title indeed. Zimbardo studied the whole twisted drama of controlling human beings and the willingness of ones in exerting and inflicting pain on others just for the sheer fun of it.

His conclusions are written in a book declaring along with many other facts that the human heart and lust for egotistical power when allowed the opportunity will stop at nothing to feed its appetite unless there is a strong moral conviction with in the oppressor to which he himself is submitted and willing to defer. The book mentioned above THE LUCIFER EFFECT in essence shows that there is a dark nature of diabolic influence within each one of us, which if granted the right soil to germinate will produce a reign of terror over which each of us will willingly take the throne and then justify our right to it.

The Stanley Milgram Experiment was also associated with the Stanford Prison Experiment and was a project birthed from the latter. It was the inquiry into how much and how willing ones are prepared to go to make their fellow men submit to them and to what degree ones even passive folk will inflict torture and pain to achieve their end in these matters. What Milgram did was choose several people to be the masters and several people to be their subjects.

The masters were told that on the other side of a wall were people who needed to be taught discipline and that they were to inflict pain by way of electric shock on these ones so that they would learn to submit. The oppressed as it were initially were not hooked up to any mechanism that inflicted shock but were just required to make a sound of someone in pain from the other side of the wall. Later when the master or oppressors were told that now the people were actually connected to the electricity and would now feel pain whereas before they actually didn’t, to the surprise of the researchers the masters felt no compunction what so ever in turning up the power till their subjects were reeling in pain. Once again the experiment was stopped before its allotted timeframe because of the sadistic results and actions of the so called passive torturers.

The lesson learnt here is that the human heart is so vile that, without God and his word to guide and govern our actions, we would destroy one another without hesitation in order to ensure for ourselves a better position and future. Oh how scary our future here on earth is shaping up to be when we finally remove God from our history books and from our social and political lives. No wonder Jesus said that there was coming such a time of trouble upon earth that unless the Lord stepped in himself personally and put a stop to it no single human would be left alive. The above documentation proves it. All we like sheep have turned away from God and turned unto his own way, how true is that, none of us are beyond it.

Remember Prince Phillip is on record for declaring publicly that if he came back as a reincarnation, he would choose to come back as a virus in order to wipe out the huge useless unproductive portion of humanity for ecological reasons to save our planet. Also take note that the British royal family are not British at all. They changed their names to the House of Windsor, but their original name and descent was German and known as the German HOUSE OF HANOVER. This royal house was linked to the Merovingian Kings of Europe, Europa "A Woman Riding a Beast", again referred to in Dan Brown’s book to condition us to what is coming. This is referenced as well in Revelation in the Bible. I have been slandered for suggesting that the house of Windsor are Jewish but if you get hold of Burkes Peerage and check the Windsor history or family tree associated with them this prestigious organisation traces them back to the tribes of Israel through Dan and remember the Queen is the head of the secret Masonic society called the Order of the Garter.

There are huge numbers of people who do not do their research or homework and therefore do not understand or associate the background links which join the dots of these sinister men and their diabolic schemes. These members of socialistically minded God despisers have been working tirelessly to bring in a one world global government, headed up by families mentioned above and others such as the Rhodes Foundation.

These all are associated with secret societies and funded by the most powerful wealthy elite alive on earth. All German Jewish Bankers actually are not true Jews at all but counterfeit Jews as mentioned in Revelation chapter 2 verses 8 and 9 and chapter 3 verses 8 and 9. Their religion is not the pure truth of the Torah as given to Moses but the distorted diabolic humanistic reinterpreted Torah truths deciphered and then recorded in the mystical Cabbala [Kabbalah] and Babylonian Talmud.

One of the most alarming and horrific arms of research being not only discussed but experimented with today has been going on for a long time now and largely funded by these same foundations and families mentioned above. The subject referred to here is genetic modification through splicing human and animal and plant genes known as transgenics.

Most understand and believe that this technology began with Dolly the sheep created from genetic cellular manipulation around the turn of the 21st century but this is not true. It has been a science which has been played with for a great number of decades now. Even right back to the Second World War and prior to that.

The whole process of genetic manipulation and discussion of molecular and micro biology was one of the major issues that the Nazis in the death camps and concentration gulags were experimenting with under the absolutely corrupt and bizarre oversight of the sick goons of the Satanic Hitler SS black shirts and particularly Doctor Joseph Mengele.

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