Genetics, Griffins, Ghouls and Goons! (Part Three)

Genetics, Griffins, Ghouls and Goons! (Part Three)

Information on transgenics covered in this and previous articles most will find absurd and call it ridiculous, writing me off as a crank in the mean time … but this information on transgenics is absolutely true and documented. None of what I am saying here in this article is imagination, nor is it theoretical but entirely factual and should you take the time to research the subjects themselves you will find that all the allegations I am making here are totally factual and provable.

Not only is it accepted in scientific circles but the sciences and universities are in a race for time regarding these particular issues. The sad factor not understood by most Christians, is that most of this information is rejected out of hand by not the scientific world but by the Christian church and its preachers, as totally absurd. It is a sad fact that today’s typical Christian has no knowledge of the biblical history of mankind, anthropology, archaeology and certainly little knowledge of biblical eschatology or prophecy. Because of this, the church is absolutely oblivious to the scriptural projections of what is to take place at the end of man’s history upon earth. It is the saints who are deaf, dumb and blind in their perception and understanding of biblical revelation of end time truths mentioned in the scriptures.

It makes me so mad when I think of these issues, because throughout church history the leaders and influencing minds of Christianity have kept the simple believer totally in the dark and have intentionally created what I would call an illusion of truth. Let me take a moment here to explain what I mean. In the dark ages the priests of so called Christianity, the Roman Catholic hierarchy, taught the religious communication with God in a language which was not able to be interpreted or understood by the simple average man. By doing this intentionally, it assured the priesthood of two continued things - firstly the elevated level of knowledge and power that the educated priests possessed, preserved for them a ranking above the commoner and secondly it always assured the priest and the church of a system of controlling the populace with the seemingly divine revelation they possessed.

How did they do this? Simply by teaching the people in Latin, which was not the language of the common man and by making the priesthood the only ones who were qualified to teach those truths. Also by removing the sacred writings of history and scripture from the lives of contemporary society and eliminating their ability to access them, they were able to keep the congregants in darkness, confusion and error.

The church and its leadership is doing exactly that same thing today by teaching only partial truth such as prosperity, success, motivation and the like, as the whole truth, which it is not. These so called truths are an absolute imbalance to the teachings of Christ and have caused irreparable damage. I have had the opportunity of travelling through many scientific communities as well as governmental and political circles globally and tragically the greatest resistance that you find opposing the acceptance of these facts mentioned above concerning these contemporary experiments in transgenics (splicing the genes of human and animal etc.) is from within the church not outside it.

Already spider goats have been created crossing the genes of orb spiders and goats which produce a synthetic fibre in their milk production which is stronger than steel when solidified but much lighter non detectable by metal detectors. These are developed and produced for the military. Then there is the cross genetic jelly fish and pig which is translucent and can change colour and then the pig that has been crossed with a vegetable and produces vegetable fat not animal fat in its meat. Bizarre you say but absolutely true, Frankenstein is here to stay, with these madmen. So now they legislate to OK the experimentation with stem cells and this strange science.

Not only that but in New Zealand there is a strain of pigs that are now produced solely with human genes in their system which in turn has grown internal organs that are conducive to transplant because they are actually human organs. So these pigs crossed with human genes are now half human half pig.

What about the dairy cows, also in New Zealand that now are crossed with human female genes. Milk production genes that in turn are grown and developed, solely for their ability to provide human milk to new born babies. It goes on and on and don’t think this just happened over night they have been conducting these experiments for years.

Transgenics and cross genetics study has been conducted for decades now and we are just seeing the outcome of what they have been working on secretly for years now.

Do you realise how sick this is? The discussion is now being moved out of the theory to the actual, to grow our meat in laboratories by cellular mutation so that we do not have grow an animal any longer just the meat. All of this stemmed from twisted minds wanting to control every facet of life from the cradle to the grave, men with an obsession to become gods. Many have no knowledge of what is going on behind the scenes, but Hitler and his goons were genetically trying to create a perfect Aryan race of white blue eyed humans, who would become the privileged elite on earth. George Bush’s grandfather Prescott Walker Bush was a Nazi who backed Hitler as the Rockefellers did, with Standard Oil providing all his energy needs through the war. Both Grandfather Bush and Rockefellers’ conspired together through the German banking families funding and managing the pharmaceutical company I G Farben Ltd which manufactured the gas, used in the gas chambers on the genuine Sephardic Jews.

Granddaddy Prescott Bush was charged with trading with the enemy when he returned at the end of the war to America but somehow he was never prosecuted or brought to trial. That sadly was not the end of the matter. What happened toward the end of the Second World War was a plan devised in the grand old U.S. of A. that rather than prosecute and discipline these satanic criminals, they would abduct all the diabolic insane minded German scientists and engineers and take them back to the United States of America and put them to work for the C.I.A. They would buy their allegiance by sparing them from prosecution and hanging and in turn grant them immunity from trial along with guaranteed U.S. citizenship. So under the command of Admiral Byrd - Project Paperclip was devised and carried out with the assistance of the Vatican and by the way Joseph Ratzinger was a worker at that same German pharmaceutical company. If you have ever seen the Hollywood film "WHERE EAGLES DARE", you will see the actual dramatisation of that same project paperclip and the capture of not only the scientists and engineers but also the appropriation of those very same sinister programmes and military projects. It was all assimilated by the C.I.A. under the direction of the Pentagon and the American Government. These satanic devils took over all the Nazi sciences and experimental programmes and set about perfecting them and completing them, which they have now done.

In Area 51 in Groom Lake, New Mexico they put these same devils to work; men like Von Braun and Mengele and others working with genetic modification along with many other scientists (around three hundred of them)developing the same Nazi technology captured in the Fiords’ of Norway in Paperclip. Most will find this hard to believe but the five main technologies captured were firstly atomic warfare and heavy water, secondly weightless flying machines known as Foo Fighters, thirdly pilotless aircraft, fourthly advanced radar and radiography, fifthly jet propulsion. You wonder why I refer to these men or devils as goons simply because there is no other way to describe them, that’s exactly what they are.

If you have any doubts as to their evil intent, check out the background to the Planned Parenthood organisation and its patron saint Margaret Sanger of the Sanger Institute fame. Sanger specialised in the experimentation of eugenics, which is the process of the eradication of the sick, the elderly and deformed, the weak, the disadvantaged and especially the mentally handicapped. This is what we now know as depopulation or population depletion. Sanger was the associate of world renowned psychologist Carl Jung who trained her in eugenics. She returned after the Second World War to Canada and worked with the C.I.A. from her front base in Canada, in mind control under the C.I.A.’s project Monarch and MK ULTRA. This sinister and evil woman was the originator of the eugenics program promoting euthanasia and birth control and abortion etc in the western world.

If you find that hard to believe then all you need do is get on YouTube and see the Canadian governments admission and the huge compensation payouts made before public government hearings. America refused to disclose their part in the destruction of many innocent lives under the cover of what these goons call national security. Look up the testimonials of Kathy O’Brien on the web from Transformation America and also names like Arizona Wilder and Johnny Gosche.

Political and military goons is an understatement and so the story continues. Jung was the main inspiration behind Hitler’s occultic experimentation, as Jung spent a great deal of time investigating esoteric eastern religion from Hindu and Buddhist culture, particularly that of the Hindu order of the swastika. It was Jung who through the order of death secret society introduced Hitler’s SS to the mystical cabal of the swastika. It is interesting to note that Hitler’s Nazi order of death secret society was actually called the THULE SOCIETY and that society is known in the USA by another name but equally if not a more sinister group of neo fascist adherents. They are called the SKULL AND BONES SOCIETY.

The things that tie these sinister men, families and groups together are in themselves small and insignificant but you must never underestimate them as they have been planning these very moves and goals for many centuries now. They have certainly perfected the art of secrecy and symbolism so that very few understand their intentions or their links. They have also amassed many brilliant minds in the course of their tenure on earth providing for themselves a genuine and legitimate cover under which they can exist and carry out their intentions with very little objection from the uninformed and ignorant masses.

The common denominators that merge these agencies and powerful elitist minds together in a sinister cabal are very simple yet largely now beyond our control or challenge. They are as follows in my estimation and order of importance:

  1. Their belief system, which is Babylonian Talmudist secret and mystical Cabbalistic dark arts
  2. Their wealth and power base which is that of the international banking elite families
  3. Their political world view which is that of world domination by a socialist one world government
  4. Their Legal system which is Talmudic and Noachide law by which they will subdue humanity
  5. Their social order which is global governance linking all secret societies and subversive agendas

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