Massive Earthquake Off Haitian Coast 7.0 – Poorest Country in Hemisphere Devastated

Massive Earthquake Off Haitian Coast - Poorest Country in Hemisphere Devastated

Earthquakes can be heralded by changes in the ionosphere the earths
upper atmosphere on the edge of space. Just before the earthquake
struck Sichuan province in China there were odd visual disturbances and
they were caught on tape. One puzzle is that the colors in the Chinese
clouds were upside down from a normal circumzenithal halo red pointing
toward the horizon and blue to wards the Sun, instead of the other way

There are reports of the use of HAARP and plasma weapons that
influence our 3rd planet from the sun, and us mere mortals who inhabit
it. The bizarre Benjamin Fulford Benjamin… talks sometimes with radical
expressions, tries to bring clarity to current events and takes note of
anomalies that occur before earthquakes.

He also rants of a complex web of global financial control at the
hands of the Rockefellers and Rothschilds. Could Teslas scientific
discoveries be what the global political monetary elite need to further
enhance The New World Order? Would a secret government use HAARP to do
dastardly deeds?

Conceivably then, if one were to mess with the ionosphere could you
cause an earthquake ? HAARP is based out of Alaska, where not only are
we witnessing an increase of earthquakes, but the eruption of
volcanoes. The site gives the impression that HAARP is of academic use,
but what of military use and popluation control? What about disruptions
to airplane and missile guidance systems? Could shifts in the earths
electromagnet fields {EMF} completely knock out communications? No
wonder Sarah Palin is staying close to home.

Is HAARP responsible for the global warming hysteria? Could it now
alter the weather? In 1958, then chief White House adviser on weather
modification- Captain Howard T. Orville said the U.S. Defense
Department was looking for ways, to manipulate the charges of the earth
and sky and so affect the weather by using an electronic beam to ionize
or de- ionize the atmosphere over a specific area. Today, an ice bridge
in the Antarctic collapsed and the Wilkins Ice Shelf could be on the
brink of breaking away. Is HAARP melting ice? Is HAARP mapping weather
patterns, agricultural seasons and crop cycles, or influencing them?

In the book, Angels Dont Play This Haarp: Advances in Tesla
Technology by Nick Begich, provides documentation, patent numbers and
references that are far from science fiction.

Research continues from scientists outside of HAARP.
reports on the world of quantum mechanics finding that solid particles
could exhibit properties of waves; not just light waves. The research
is so new that its uses are still untold. Makes me reckon of Star Trek
and beam me up potential. Could we see astral projections from this
kind of technology?