NEWS: The End of the old Omega Times Website

A New Web Site for OMEGA TIMES has been under construction for several months.  It is now completed, and is effective live from April 2010.

The Omega Times

has been, in the past, a monthly online magazine which has looked at world events in the light of Bible Prophecy.  Initiated by the New Zealand 'End Times' evangelist and author Barry Smith. The ministry and publication was later taken over by Brian Hay and the late Allan Rasmussen. The new editorial team, led by Brian Hay, is based in Gold Coast, Australia.

In light of the rapid rate at which global events are unfolding as we head towards the New World Order and One World Government the Omegatimes web based ministry has redeveloped and restructured its operational base to provide subscribers and researchers with an uptodate web site service with daily news updates, Youtube and other embedded video clips, indepth researched articles for paying subscribers, links to Facebook and Twitter, books and other resources available through online ordering, and announcements as they relate to Omegatimes Meetings, Conferences, Teaching Programmes, etcetera.

An expanded lineup of writers and columists from around the world will provide editorial comment and disclosure on a wide range of subjects including the world political scene, global economics, secret technology and military buildup, popular and youth culture, One World Religion / New Age spirituality and its impregnation of the Christian Church, Apostacy, Global warming ... all within the context and backdrop of Biblical Prophecy.

The new Omegatimes editorial team wish to take this opportunity to apologise to subscribers and followers for the dormant state the old web site has been left in while this new site has been under construction.