"What Are you talking about" you might ask, to which my reply would be: "Are you for real? Can you not see what is happening? Open your eyes and look at your world, and start to look around you at what we are being conditioned to accept."

In regard to the picture above, please do not assume it could never happen here. Who would ever have believed that this scenario could have ever happened in the good old US of A. Read the following….

"Either fight it now, or get used to this kind of thing: Pennsylvania State Troopers -- one with a drawn assault rifle, his trigger-finger ready -- bracket a terrified driver during a roadblock set up near Pittsburgh following the death of a "comrade" in a domestic shooting. Don't assume for a second that the friendly people in official costumes would resist any opportunity to treat the rest of us like this."

Tragically the Church which is supposed to be the very foundation of Biblical and moral truth is no longer its keeper but in fact has become its defiler. Everything in our daily lives is now fed to us by the sugar coated medium of television and radio, whether in song or drama or so called ‘news’. The sad truth is we now await our portion with anticipation on a daily basis with bated breath that we might gather at the corrupt pig swill of what we now call government and business in order to receive our personal inoculation against the truth to justify and accommodate our own fiendish vice.

Who would conceive that in one short decade of time under the deviate leadership of Bush, Blair and co, the world as we knew it would change forever and take us down a path of diabolic insanity, which can only end in one thing, total destruction and the annihilation of all mankind. You think maybe these terms are too strong, I THINK NOT maybe in my estimation they are too weak. I have reason to believe we are on a road to nowhere which is in total opposition to everything just and good, and which has set in motion a process from which there is now no return.

It is not just a foolish mistake that has been imposed upon us all but a devilish plan that has been in the mind of a cabal of evil manipulators impassioned and enflamed by the chief of  Evil, Lucifer himself. For an example of what I am trying to say take this instance; ‘The recession is over’ we are constantly being told and to some degree I also concur but by adding this little addendum “THE RECESSION IS OVER … THE DEPRESSION HAS JUST BEGUN” We can not create prosperity by running up debt.   That principle is known to every mom and dad from the preceding generation but because of the propaganda machine called the ‘national media’ it is not known to this generation, UNBELIEVABLE!

Well, the writing is on the wall.  We are facing a catastrophic meltdown of proportions not seen in history before.  This will exceed the 1929 depression because there was in that time period no national debt which could prevent them from moving back into the black. Today however is a totally different story we are burdened with such enormous debt that even if every man woman and child was to endeavor to take a fiscal responsibility upon themselves to pay it off, the task would be impossible to accomplish.

My incredible dismay in all of this has to be the folly of the average citizen in believing this absolute pantomime; in thinking there will not be a day of reckoning. Who in their right mind is so insane as to believe that you can keep borrowing to fund your spending and then subsequently conclude there will never be a day when the ferryman will demand his payback fee?

It seems to me like all sense and reason has been sacrificed and obliterated in this sense driven and mentality mad society in which we live. The major issue I see is that we each have succumbed to a form of insane logic, that two and two no longer make four but five and whatever you conclude the summary of both digits to be that is their sum.

How totally irrational and absurd! Reason has been cast aside by a philosophy and culture of emotion and feeling. Alistair Crowley and Anton La Vey’s Satanic Bible states “DO AS THOU WILT IS THE WHOLE SUM OF THE LAW” in other words if it feels good it is acceptable so do it.

Referring to my own concern which I have voiced over many years to many people is that I have heard from saint after saint, pastor after pastor and theologian upon theologian a crazy idea that goes like this ... that we as a Christian society have become all mixed up with paganism and Greek theology and thinking and as a result have become very rationalistic with our faith and that somehow we need to abandon that and return to the Jewish culture and philosophical way of thinking which is not based on facts but on mystical cabalistic ideas and interpretation. I constantly hear contemporary Christians and teachers spouting out their ridiculous claptrap that theology and doctrine is the greatest hindrance and obstacle to creating a vibrant and growing church. They have no idea of the heresy they are espousing by concluding this degenerate reasoning. THEOLOGY is made up of two Greek words and they are THEO and LOGOS … directly translated in English to mean GODS WORDS.

These heretics of post modernism and emerging church humanism are trying to tell us to depart from the truth and move to more acceptable modern concepts to express our faith. We are told to preach only sound doctrine, and that a time would come upon us when they would no longer preach sound… (true, healthy uncorrupt) doctrine, but would turn to fables and gimmicks and philosophies of men empowered by seducing spirits whose message would be the preaching of the actual doctrines of devils. The book THE SHACK is a classic example.

It is a dialectic heretical idea of a man describing what he thinks concerning who and how God is.  It sells millions of copies and becomes one of Christianity’s so called greatest best sellers of all time.

Rave reviews are heard around the globe in regards to it becoming the best ever description of God and his acceptance of us, yet unbelievably the author himself denies the substitutionary atonement of Christ and says “ANY GOD WHO WOULD SEND HIS SON TO DIE A CRUEL EXCRUCIATING DEATH ON A CROSS AS JESUS DID AND DO IT INTENTIONALLY IS NOT THE GOD HE WANTS TO SERVE”

Well excuse me Mr. Young … all I can say is you have no idea of the true doctrine of atonement nor the immense depth of the Agape love of a holy God.

Here is a rave review of other dialectic heretics who justify this sacrilegious and blasphemous book taken from Young’s own website

One of the most popular and controversial Christian books of recent years is the fictional work by first time author William Young. Evangelical recording artist Michael W. Smith states, “The Shack will leave you craving for the presence of God.” Author Eugene Peterson believes “this book has the potential to do for our generation what John Bunyan’s Pilgrim’s Progress did for his. It’s that good!”


Both Michael W Smith and Eugene Peterson can not hide their modernistic and contemporary styles and inclinations as both are writers and have modernized the scriptures and its presentations to reach what they each call a changing and transient world. A world in which we need to enter but which will require a whole new style and approach as the old methods and language no longer does apply nor appeal. This is dialectic junk, sounds all good and great but never the less it is blatant heresy, as, seminary president Al Mohler says the book “includes undiluted heresy” and many concur. Given its popularity (number one on the New York Times bestseller list for paperback fiction), influence and mixed reviews, we need to take a careful look. Yet the world has gone mad over it even though it portrays new age ideas along with the theory that God is female and so is the Holy Spirit.

You ask what am I on about, it is just a novel! So are the books of Dan Brown and the Gnostic gospels and look at the undermining damage they have done to the HOLY SCRIPTURES THE DIDACHE OF GOD. Petersons Message Bible may be easier to understand but it negates the very purpose to search and explore it and in doing his update on it he has entirely changed the original meaning of it in many places. God tells us within his own word “IT IS THE WISDOM OF GOD TO CONCEAL A MATTER AND THE DUTY OF KINGS TO SEARCH IT OUT”.

But like every other humanistic and money making racket dreamed up by so many Christian Leaders and preachers especially from the grand old US of A. we have to make it easy and simple for the convenience of today’s society. What we have actually created by this stupidity is a society that is too lazy to even take their Bibles to church let alone even read the Word. Too apathetic to go study or research it themselves only prepared to sit down for a few minutes a week and let some other motivated life coach called a contemporary preacher tickle their ears and stroke their ego’s.

Continued next issue in part 2

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