“Invisible Empire”


A new documentary film to be released 15th April 2010 - exposing corruption and the evil agenda of those in the White House

Deep within the power structure of the New World Order and the halls of Congress are scandals that should shake-up watchdogs, shock the public and bring about resignations. Instead, coverage is generally sparse when improper relationships with underaged male pages or call boy rings linked inside the White House and the homes of members of Congress is brought forward. Rightful indignation is not voiced, and moral hypocrisy and evil deeds flourish.

Invisible Empire exposes the dark world
of sexual abuse and exploitation by
members of the world's power elite.

A 1989 scandal appeared on the front page of the Washington Times linking the then Vice-President as well as Congressman Barney Frank to a network of male escorts (including underage). Yet none of those involved were removed from power or challenged in any significant way. Why? And what are the implications for society?

Available online from 15th April 2010 as a DVD at PrisonPlanet.tv

Below are five Youtube previews: