By Brian Hay: D.A.R.P.A. ~ A Strange Eccentric Group of Absolute Wierdos

D.A.R.P.A. ~ A Strange Eccentric Group of Absolute Wierdos ... by Brian Hay

D.A.R.P.A. (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) are, in my opinion, an idiotic group of weirdos and mental cranks. The same five letters of this acronym, with a different association of words, is much nearer the truth in describing what these maniacs stand for. Here is my sarcastic and personal satirical definition in this regard.

D   ~   D e m o n i z e d
A   ~   A u t h o r i t a r i a n
  ~   R e t a r d e d
P   ~   P o w e r m o n g e r i n g
A   ~   A s s e s

When I use the word demonised in my assessment of them I am not in any way joking I am deadly serious.  They believe that by creating a hybrid species between animal and human they will actually enable the opening of a door to paralell universes which in turn will allow contact with unseen intelligence or spirit entities.

They have already trained and genetically engineered the military and provided its individual soldiers with a secret extraordinary or 'super human' fighting body equipped with all sorts of weird and bizarre 'out of the box' and Frankenstein like technology and with genetically enhanced capabilities.

Incredibly they are saying the next era of super weaponry is not technology by way of manufactured weapons and arms but super modified transgenic post human beings, and the race is on in creating and perfecting them.

Through out history this subject of creating such beings is referred to as the creation of chimera's, half human half animal or otherworldly creatures.

This most secretive organisation, D.A.R.P.A. was formed to develop ultra modern and advanced and exclusive ‘out of the box’ weapon systems, and technologies, basically for the sole purpose of maintaining American military superiority and control on a global scale.

Any study into their present ideas regarding intelligence and defence will very quickly confirm  how bizarre and outrageous their ideas are.  And how are they able to achieve advances in these area?

They have among their enclave the most exclusive and elitist financiers on earth in addition to other secretive and prestigious names ... all eccentrics as far as I am concerned after doing the background studies on them. 

They have developed and created powerful and unusual front companies such as Rand Corporation etc. in order to disguise their covert intent. Their field of research and specialist technology borders on the bizarre and often deals with the psychological x-file twilight zone.

The heads or directors of the organisation along with pentagon and government black budget funding are themselves very much off beat way out thinkers whose brains must be so twisted and bitter as to think up these forms of control and infliction of pain and death that border on mental insanity.

These are the exact same extremes and mentality that motivated the inhumane methods of torture and death used by the Nazis and the Japanese torture camps in the second world war and the murderous tyrants that have slaughtered millions all in the name of war.

We are taught those uncivilised people were part of a barbaric generation of people now passed, who were so indoctrinated with hate and evil that they could do nothing else. 
       Well I have news for you ... 

those same people with their ungodly evil ideas
are alive and well right now
and given the opportunity to exert their will on the masses
would not hesitate to do so in an instant.

So intent are they on maintaining power and control that they would and do, spend entire budgets and effort on thinking up ways of such weapons and methods of stupidity, you have to question whether they actually are sane.

Take for example the spending of huge amounts of money and time on finding out ways of influencing the sexual orientation of soldiers and men toward other men and soldiers in their own army on a battlefield by way of drug inducement.

Conversely, develop the capability to utilise the same drug to disorientate others opposed to them as enemies on the other side of the conflict.

They have developed a love drug which stimulates the masculine and feminine hormones arousing homosexual desire amongst males and is able to be used and adapted to females also. What it is designed for is to create such a bond amongst soldiers of sexual love and erotic intimacy that they will die fiercely fighting for and defending one another as they become their personal lovers.

It is able to be so enhanced and stimulated that ones passions can not be controlled, and therefore the biological agent could be put into canisters or warheads as a biological weapon thereby dropped in enemy territory causing such sexual passion amongst an army of enemies that they would turn from fighting a common foe to seducing one another. How mentally disturbed can these people get?

Do you wonder why the Bible states that man will become so warped and twisted in his thinking that these evils will become the norm in a totally abnormal society?

Sodom and Gomorrah is here to stay!  ... That is why these maniacs are so hell bent on legitimizing these anti Christ behaviours.   

Another weapon and field of research and monstrosity amongst their creations, is what is called bug bots, this simply expresses the idea of taking insects of all varieties and inserting nanotechnology either bionic or biologic into living insects' motor neuron systems so as to remotely control their actions, behaviour or flight.

Then they change the DNA in the insects self defense mechanisms such as their bite or sting and thereby create a killing machine from its injection of deadly poisons with such simple insects as wasps spiders or mosquitoes. How sick and evil can these strange misfits become?    

D.A.R.P.A. is also currently funding and channeling huge resources and man power into nanotechnology and genetic modification so as to enhance human capability on the battlefield. They are flat out developing drugs that can erase memory of classified information and subdue moral limitations.

This is to alter a mans conscience so as to unreservedly make decisions to do things what he could not normally do. An example of this unnatural modified behaviour would be to unhesitatingly kill every man woman and child who resist or opposes what he intends to do and have no sense of moral wrong doing after the action.

Another area of research they are playing God with is the study of transgenics, the results of which no one dare consider or imagine the outcomes.

Many leading scientists and experts are warning of the possible consequences of this stupidity yet without any reduction in experimentation or consideration on the part of government and research.

Already they have created many unusual crossed animal and human hybrid extensions which they intend to utilise and enhance in military capability.

One of the examples of this is the incorporation of nocturnal ability of cats and their sensitivity to extra sensory perception otherwise known as spiritual awareness.

By isolating these genes in cats and then integrating them and injecting the genes into human reasoning and brain cells, they are now creating a new bread of humans with animal capabilities

These men and particularly soldiers
can see in the dark
and respond
with heightened extra sensory perception

and act with amazing superhuman traits.

If you do the spade work you will find this bunch of spooks and twilight zone weirdos have already spliced the genes of spiders and goats and pigs and jellyfish and spiders and plants as well as animal and vegetable species. They are nothing short of the historic science gone mad scenario. Worse, these are the loonies running our world and governments today.    

They have also ventured with great haste and with huge strides into the strange area known as creation of chimeras as mentioned earlier, this is just simply the process of splicing the genes of one species with another, to create a totally new species this is what is known as the art of transgenics. They take the genetic DNA of one species and splice it with the cellular DNA of another and create a hybrid union of the two.


What is D.A.R.P.A. ? It is a military industrial group attached to the US Pentagon that has an unlimited black budget, funded believe it or not, from illicit dugs imported by the CIA under a code of silence by those in charge. Also funded from what ever they can use or manipulate to provide the monetary finance needed to keep them operative.

This satanic mob of mafia type warlords are all driven by antichrist mindsets of totalitarian power and resource, desiring to control of all mankind and you see where biblically this whole scenario is going to end.

... Firstly - with a satanic luciferian world government
presiding over all humanity
- exerted upon them with such hate and tyranny

     ... Secondly - as Jesus predicted, there will be such a time
of trouble that has never been witnessed before
in history globally, or will ever be after and that,
if these days He referred to are not cut short by God's
  intervention ... no human beings will be left alive on earth.

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