By Brian Hay: The Bizarre Science and Technology of the 21st Century!

By Brian Hay: The Bizarre Science and Technology of the 21st Century

I have been preaching for some time now that many strange and very sinister inventions are being developed, at huge tax payer and government expense, for what can only be explained as total population control under a military dictatorship.

Without a doubt the US government and other military industrial complex units are going all out to find and create some very dehumanizing equipment along with some very strange but ‘seemingly innocent’ technology.

Most of your Hollywood movies are based around experiments that have been tried and tested, or at least applied to human behavioural and nature manipulation.

There are experiments being conducted on reading the mind with brain scan MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) technology.  Much of that technology and equipment is now perfected and operative. It is known as ‘mind mapping’ or distinguishing the separate neurons of the brain that respond to various physiological and psychological functions.  It allows government agencies the capability of tracing human mental reactions and observing their subsequent behaviour under all manner of circumstances so as to allow their computer modeling programs to detect abnormal and insincere reactions.

This supposedly grants the agency in question the opportunity to defensively act before a potential problem arises ... such as a terrorist attack, for example.

It is possible now, via satellite, to be able to intercept and arrest a ‘suspect’ before he actually begins his mission, by reading his bodily functions with MRI and then immobilizing him immediately. This type of ‘pre-crime’ intervention is expounded and illustrated in the Tom Cruise futuristic movie “Minority Report

All of this justified under the manipulative world wide fear of terrorist action. There are all sorts of new weaponry being developed and released which can totally stun paralyse or immobilize an individual to any particular degree of  desired incapacitation. These can be done via satellite with particle beam such as the star wars technology or by condensed radar beam. Alternatively it can be administered by sound wave and over broadcast wave. It can be done via cell phone towers through sound frequency.

Then there are the technologies that they are developing to enhance human capability by integrating human and computerized systems such as the dream weaver chip inserted into human brains that give them total life memory and complete memory retrieval capability.

The era of genetic modification has not skipped their attention by any means. The scientific and military community has been working for some years now on the advancement of technology for soldiers and military operatives, to empower them with superior strength sight hearing and sensitivity along with extreme pain resistance. The list goes on and on ... I can show you many long papers on the technologies they have developed already for use. They have created pills that deaden the conscience allowing a soldier to kill every thing in sight, men women and children after which, when they return from the field of duty they can administer a second pill which not only removes conscience but also totally erases the memory from the mind.

There are computerized chips that they have developed which completely make an individual subject to the commands of another and remove capacity to choose whether he will obey or not.

There are other chips that can inflict pain on the subject in which it is inserted making him the subject of pain torture and torment. What evil has allowed this to happen, in that mankind would seek to control others in such a barbaric way.

Only the biblical explanation of evil and corruption can give credence to such a fallen state of humanity to not only dream up such cruelty but to actually manufacture then use it on his fellow man.

The Bible, in the book of Daniel, makes it clear that man will be so conceited and proud that nothing will seem to be impossible to him ... and the time frame in which this is to happen is defined as a time in history when men will travel to and fro with great haste upon the earth and when knowledge shall be greatly increased

... such a time as now!

In the New Testament Jesus explains that a time is coming when men shall become so hateful and destructive that if God does not step in and stop mankind from his evil intentions ... no flesh will remain alive on earth. What a horrific state of history we now live in.

Mind-Reading Computer Developed
~ December 2008:

A Japanese research team has created a technology that can display on a computer screen what people have on their minds, such as dreams.  Researchers at the ATR Computational Neuroscience Laboratories succeeded in processing and displaying images directly from the human brain. 

In a study unveiled at that time, ahead of publication in the US magazine Neuron, they said the technology could be used to figure out dreams and secrets inside people's minds "It was the first time in the world that it was possible to visualise what people see directly from the brain activity," the private institute said in a statement. In their experiment, the researchers showed people the six letters in the word "neuron" and then succeeded in reconstructing the letters on a computer screen by measuring their brain activity.

Where are we heading with all of this, the exact destination no one knows but what we do know is that with the likes of people who can actually dream up these devilish ideas we are looking down the barrel of a disturbing future in which men who develop these things certainly have done so with a purpose in mind to utilize them.

Certainly the scripture is right when it states that the heart of man is desperately wicked and deceitful above all things and therefore who is able to know it and discern it. It is rotten to the very core and I for one do not want to be around such sick and evil minded people.

We need to cry out to God for mercy so that our children and grandchildren do not have to suffer because of our irresponsible duty of care for our world and our fellow man. We the church of Jesus Christ need to take a hard look at ourselves in regard to the insensitivity and negligence that we have displayed to these issues by not raising a voice in objection.

What a tragedy we now face
as a result of our foolish silence!

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