“2012” Part 1: A Year Of Apprehension … Yet Divine Encounters ~ By Brian Hay

"2012" Part 1: A Year Of Apprehension ... Yet Divine Encounters ~ by Brian Hay

Many differing sources of documentation point to a major confrontation taking place with nature and humanity in our solar system around the end of the year of 2012.

Many suggest it is nothing but alarmist speculation.

Yet when you look at the varied origin, and vastly different cultures from which this information comes ... you have to ask the question ‘how could so many, from such different backgrounds, be saying the same thing without there being some legitimacy or truth to it?’.

Even others declare the source of all this scare mongering is occultist and mystical and anti Christian, accusations which are partly true but not entirely. One thing that needs to be considered in relation to the above argument is that many times through history the people of God have been soundly sleeping while the ungodly have been awake and alert to the dangers awaiting them. Is this going to be any different? People who should know better are often the most uninformed ... choosing to reject the suggestions as being negative and pessimistic.

I guess that is similar to the situation in which we presently live, Jesus himself said when predicting the attitude of those alive on earth when he would return, that they would be asleep when the voice of the bridegroom from heaven would be heard, declaring "behold the bridegroom comes".

I remember the words of a wise old preacher, now with the Lord, who once proclaimed, “Remember Lots wife, SALT TO LATE”.

With the amount of information that is around at present concerning the year 2012 most people will have some idea of the fact that there is at least an awareness - even if not considered acute relating to the possibilities of what may be approaching us even if they reject the details.

The truth is not many people have actually sat down to take the time to investigate the actual facts and treated the whole issue with disdain as though it is some old fashioned housewife's tale.

So my intention here is to try and present some of the facts in an unbiased manner. I say that, because I personally believe there is to much evidence scientifically as well as biblically and prophetically to dismiss this coming crisis with out giving it the serious attention it deserves.

I will attempt to present only certain facts directly linked to the issue with out presenting any of my personal persuasions or opinions in regard to the matter. There are over thirty one different sources from which an astounding amount of information has been gathered relating to 2012. These sources are as diverse as from the very up to date National Aeronautic and Space Administration to the other end of the spectrum, being the predictions of the ancient civilizations of the Mayan, Aztec and Incan.

There is a vast amount of detail, some of it speculative some of it scientific, but it all certainly bares looking at never the less. One of the real scary scientific factors that can not be avoided nor denied is that on December the 21st 2012 there will confront mankind a possible threat from our very own solar centre, the sun. You see the sun enters regular cycles of what is deemed excessive nuclear radioactivity and then begins to lapse into dormant seeming non active periods. These cycles are called cycles of solar maxim when the sun spot activity reaches its peak and then wanes into a solar minimum.

On this particular day 21st of December 2012, just less than two years hence (at the time of this article), the sunspot, sun flare activity will reach the highest peak it has ever registered as it completes its solar maxim. One of the reasons for this is because the earth and sun cross the Milky Way directly at a ninety degree angle and each of the planets in our solar system will be in perfect alignment. The end result of all this will bring the earth in, to its closest alignment and nearest distance from the sun as we have known it.

Some people may treat all these facts as alarmist fear mongering, which may ultimately be the case, but it is very interesting to note that many governments among them such as the United States of America and Norway along with many other western nations, are treating these issues very seriously by building underground cities and vaults for the safe keeping of things like seeds etc for future generations.  

It is a fact that needs to be researched by the detractors and scoffers, as even if it never becomes a reality, what sort of people would we be if we allowed our children to be swept up by some tragedy that we could have prevented by simply warning them and making them aware of the awesome possibilities. Regardless of all that, we are called to be watchmen and the scripture defines our mandate from God, our responsibility by stating if we do not warn our contemporaries we will be held accountable for their destruction. Because of this, it very clearly states our emphasis in any age, environment or situation must be "WATCHMAN, WATCHMAN WHAT OF NIGHT!"

Because of the direct alignment of the planets and the magnetic attraction of each planet with their combined effect upon earth as a result of their proximity and that perfect alignment there is another alarming factor that one has to consider.

This also is scientifically established fact which is little understood and much less explained as to the consequences.  It concerns our sun which also goes through cycles of magnetic solar reversal.

What this simply means is that the sun's north pole changes places with the solar south pole and the magnetic field around the sun reverses itself.

This takes place over thousands of years but definitely happens,  and scientists have just recently recorded the transition that the suns polarity has just reversed in magnetic position and we the earth are sitting alongside the sun in still the same old magnetic polarity we have been used to, with old magnetic north being the arctic circle and Antarctic being the polarity of the polar south. The incredibly frightening aspect of this issue is that, if you get two magnets especially one being large and one small and place the larger one along side the smaller one, but with having their polar fields opposite to each other, north opposite south at one end and creating the same situation at the other end, the smaller magnet will flip end for end to correspond with the other.

This on a scientific level will create an absolute catastrophe as the smaller magnetic sphere will flip and automatically align polarity wise with the larger sphere. This is what is predicted by science to happen somewhere in our near immediate future. This is why they are building safety silos under ground should this happen soon, and they say it will very soon. Their assessment also is that it is not a matter of if, but when.

The British Broadcasting Corporation has recently produced a seven part series of documentaries on this very subject trying to carefully and wisely alert the world to the impending crisis ahead, without panicking the society, but it is a very real concern. Back in the latter half of the nineteen hundreds around nineteen sixty, two academics, scientists and also engineering geologists, wrote a book by the title of "The Doomsday Globe". These two brains created a working gyroscopic model of the earth, taking into consideration the earths continental land mass of geography, and also its estimated size and mass of oceanic water calculating both their size and weight also.

They constructed this model so that it would enable the central ball, representing the earth, suspended in the centre of these two gyroscopic axis, to swing or spin in any direction depending on the weight of the concentrated land mass of the earths crust. Then they found the only thing that actually kept the earth spinning on its present axle was the fact that the earth at its equator has the greatest and widest land mass concentration. Therefore centrifugal force holds it, spinning on its present axis. They found that when land mass changes and shifts so does the earths axis, and that is what is happening right at this moment. The earth is moving off its axis and the exact north pole of the arctic circle has moved nearly four hundred miles off its original centre in the last thirty years and is now offshore.

The fact is there are many things pointing to a major catastrophe in the not to distant future, that will take place on earth and affect the future of both nature and mankind and it will dramatically change the way we live and think. It staggers me to think that there are actually many people who have heard about these things but have never given them as much as a second thought.

In regard to the scientific speculation given to what may or may not happen, we that are Christian have to ask the question is this confirmed in any way within Gods word to which the answer is a definite yes. You have to say absolutely an affirmative YES. There are several scriptures from differing chapters and books of the Old Testament as well as the new. Here are just a few, Isaiah 24 verse one tells us there is coming a day when the earths surface and crust will buckle and distort. Verse 20 of the same chapter tells us that the earth will reel to and fro like a drunken man it will then fall from its axis and will topple over and never rise again.

This confirmation of their hypothesis relating to the earth moving off its axis given by these two previously mentioned scientific gentle men was accepted with dismay, and as it was put forward it was initially termed or called the Chandler Wobble after the actual original discoverer, a scientist named Chandler. In Isaiah 30 it tells us there is coming a time when the sun in our solar system will increase in intensity both in heat and in light becoming seven times brighter and hotter than it has been in the past.  Also the apocalyptic book of Revelation tells us, that at the time of the end, the suns intensity will exponentially multiply, and as a result men’s skin will be scorched and sores will appear and develop in his flesh, which will become terminal and from which such pain will ensue that he will want to die.

It further instructs us that all the plant life will begin to die and become pale or livid and the Greek word used in scripture to describe this is the scientific word which explains the process of the production of chloroform in plant life. It relates to and explains that photosynthesis will cease and chloroform will not be produced any more thus agriculture will die and the plants will begin to die.

My appeal to any or all that are in the process of reading this article is, do your own research you will find there is much that is available on this subject both on the web and in science magazines and books if you take the time to search it out. Please do that very thing and make up your own minds regarding the material you find. I have only brought to your attention a tiny little portion of the information published, there is much more very much more. But all the information in the world will not mean anything to you, if you do not read or research it yourself personally. So please check it out and make up your own minds as to what God might be saying to you at this time and prepare accordingly.

In the midst of all this crisis that is about to take place on earth, the Bible - God's Word makes it very, very clear ... there is going to be an increase in the spiritual activity and manifestation of God working in the affairs of men.

God will not let the church be destroyed in fact the total opposite is the case, God is going to cause the church to rise to its complete finale, where he will perfect it and bring it to maturity and as Revelation states His bride will make herself ready.

Isaiah 60 reveals prophetically that a time is coming upon earth where the darkness is so dense that you will see despair on peoples faces all around the globe, and at that same time Gods divine light will break forth on his people and the kings and leaders of the earth who are without a clue as to what to do, will come to Gods ministers and representatives to gain understanding and direction as to what they should do.

So there will be great apprehension, yet there will be great visitation, and as heaven reaches down to earth and the transfer of ownership of earth is handed back to its creator, the Lord himself will take his dominion and his power will be made manifest, never more will it be usurped and taken from him.

The Kingdoms of this world shall become the kingdoms of our God and his Christ and he shall reign for ever and ever world without end. AMEN   

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