Psychological Global Lobotomy To Control Society ~ by Brian Hay

By Brian Hay: "Psychological Global Lobotomy To Control Society"

This covert subtlety began with a plan of humanistic simplification and intentional dumbing down of the Word of God's Bible, mentioned in many of my previous articles. It has continued, largely without the public's knowledge, concerning undermining doctrine and truth and has caused a huge dearth of just plain basic biblical common sense. 

We in the Christian church have assisted the creation of a monster by our compromise and now we have to feed it, and this palm greasing, back slapping, ear tickling heresy, appeals to a demanding, “now” focused society, wanting immediate, instant and easy gratification and solutions. This is seen and evidenced in the fact that a man’s word or promise, is no longer believed or even relevant, because society wants immediate gratification now! So words are no longer considered important or trustworthy, whereas emotional stimulation, pacification, cajoling, enticement and feel good assurances associated with confidence, enhancement and entertainment are. 

This philosophy has so permeated society and even church life, that Christians now no longer care about the message of what is being conveyed so much, as the mystical and artistic poetic language that is used to express it. For example modern Messianic Christians say we need to return to the true names of Jewish heritage in order to be in sync with God to receive his blessings and FEEL HIS PRESENCE, therefore we should call Jesus by his Jewish name Messiah or Moshiac etc. etc. The fact is they spoke Aramaic in the time of Jesus and the angel Gabriel instructed the parents to call his name Jesus which means saviour because that describes his purpose at that juncture of history ... but that is arguably not his main name.

A very important and appropriate name is JESUS THE CHRIST… SAVIOUR THE ANNOINTED ONE, But as important as that name is and that is the one they preached in the NEW TESTAMENT through the book of Acts, it still is not the eternal name he bares.

His Name, before time began, and following the end of time when it concludes, is the WORD ……. THE LOGOS OF THEOS literally “THE DIVINE EXPRESSION AND REASONING OF THE WAY GOD COMPUTES AND THINKS”. This name, “THE WORD” signifies his actual eternal purpose and ministry. He is the WORD and always will be the WORD and the word is an immutable thing which will never pass nor alter, nor become obsolete, it will be ever true and unchangeable. Jesus was the omniscient one; the all knowledge part of the God head co-equal co-eternal co-existent, yes, but particularly the knowledge or revelatory part of the Godhead or Trinity. “JESUS THE WORD” was the living example of the list of ETERNAL principles revealed to creation for us to live by. 

They were given to us sent down from God above in the person of JESUS CHRIST who is the IMMUTABLE WORD HIMSELF. Upon which we can build our lives and know that his precepts will never change nor be removed nor become obsolete, ever. If only the masses would take heed of Jesus’ own words of instruction when he declared who ever hears these sayings of mine and does them, (literally puts them into practice) he shall be likened to a man who builds his house upon a rock and even though the floods rise and the rains come and beat upon that house it could not destroy it. What we need to realize is that the Bible is unlike any other book, it contains divine words of wisdom that if one will act upon them he will be wise as well as successful and added to that he will become a leader in every field of life that he applies himself too. Family, business, sport, politics, religion and community service, no matter what area of involvement he can succeed at them all, but again the condition is will he take Gods principles and put them into practice in his life.

In Mathew 28 verses 19,20 It tells us that we are to go into all the world and disciple people by teaching them all the things Jesus The WORD showed us to do. The actual translation of the English phrase teaching is the Greek verb “didasko”….. meaning to teach … not preach….  but TEACH. You see in order to change a life you must not preach at people alone, you must teach them by example and show them how to change. 

This Greek verb “didasko” in turn comes from another Greek noun “DIDACHE” meaning THE TEACHINGS or we would say the doctrine or the instruction manual. When you read in the Book of Acts that they taught the Apostles doctrine or Apostles Creed it is the actual noun DIDACHE mentioned above, that is used to describe what they taught, and it literally is the APOSTLES DIDACHE, the apostles creed. Literally the detailed instruction manual in regard to conduct lifestyle and belief system. 

Did you know that there is such an authentic early church historical document called the DIDACHE from which you can read, as to how you should run a church and conduct yourself as a saint in the world. This is the APOSTLES CREED or DOCTRINE mentioned in the Book of Acts. One of the great authorities on scriptural manuscripts and interpretation is a scholar named C W Lightfoot, he actually states that the DIDACHE is probably the most authentic New Testament early church documents of all documents and can be dated to within thirty years after the crucifixion of Christ

 Most people do not even know that this historical book and record even exists, but it does ... and what is more ... if people read it and lived by it, the church would be a lot different than it is today. It forbids us from doing certain things that in our modern church we do as part of our way of life and think nothing of. Such as this following example it instructs us not to allow any man or ministry to extort or solicit money over the pulpit, from any church fellowship, as that is solely the responsibility of the local church leaderships duty to designate what a mans ministry deserves by way of a love gift. It would be considered very harsh in today’s compromised and worldly church, as it states very clearly any man who takes up an offering for himself or appeals for personal money should be thrown out of the church. 

So we as churches representing Christ the immutable unchanging eternal Word are to “DIDASKO the DIDACHE” literally teach the divine teaching, which never changes or varies nor alters in any way. On the other hand, if I was to offer my opinion as to what I think a person should do I would never use the Greek word “DIDACTIC” in my conversation, as this derivative or associated word aligned with didasko implies I am a skillful teacher. The reason being thus, if I am a skillful teacher (DIDASKALOS) then I teach only the DIDACHE which is the DIVINELY INSPIRED WORD OF GOD not my humanistic rationalistic opinions. 

If I am a teacher of my human opinions then I am a DIALEKTOS not a DIDASKALOS (these are the actual adjectives used in scripture) Remember a DIALEKTOS actually is a teacher of earthly dialects, embracing their interpretations and cultural opinions which vary from race to race and family to family. A DIDASKALOS however teaches the Didactic, (accurately dividing the word of Gods factual unchanging truth) 

DIDACTIC means teaching only the immovable immutable unchanging inspired WORD OF GOD whereas DIALECTIC means the transient variable negotiable interpretive opinions of cultural and ethnic influenced dialogue.

Notice the two Greek words run together here

Dialectic teaching certainly does not accept the fact that there is only one instructional source of right knowledge, but suggests there are many. Hence you can see that the great issue facing the church of today is .. What is truth? Is it non negotiable and immutable ... or is it open to personal manipulation and interpretation. If it is open then it is not permanent and reliable, it is not eternal, therefore it is deemed, fluid and negotiable open to your idea as well as mine and others ideas of what truth is as well.

If you study modern dialectic teaching you will find most of it stems from what is called George Hegel’s, “Hegelian Dialectic” Marx and Engel’s based their communist manifesto on the Hegelian Dialectic so did John Dewey in his Humanistic manifesto and so did Hitler In his book Mien Kampf. Many others defining Philosophy are based around this German Jewish theologian who lived in the late sixteen hundreds and who has changed society and reasoning for ever with is totally rationalist approach to truth. He conjectured there is no such thing as absolute truth as every one has a personal and individual interpretation of it therefore truth is progressive and fluid, not permanent

Those of us who believe in the literal inspired Word of God the Bible, however believe and teach something different, we teach Jesus…..  He is The Didactic not the dialectic. He is THE WORD, the dependable eternal fact based truth, not individual variable, interpretive feeling based. Jesus is the actual foundation of truth itself. The solid divine unchangeable logic, the word logic comes from the word logos, and LOGOS means the WORD.  

When Jesus told the parable referred to above, concerning the two men, who built separate houses, one who built his house on a rock and the other who built it upon the sand, the scripture states Jesus concluded the story by commenting he who hears these sayings (LOGOS… Logical immovable unchangeable principles) of mine and does them he is a wise man who builds his house on the rock which is permanent and will never move or change. But those who do not build like that are likened to fools who live for the moment and care nothing about permanence or principles, to them every thing is transient.  Their effort and labour as well as their philosophical perspective and attitude is changeable, negotiable and open to any individuals personal interpretation. Their lives like their house on the sand, will fall and not stand the test of time, because it is based on compromise and has no solid foundation to it.     

Jesus is declaring, if you act out the logos accounts and precepts you will become solid and immovable just like the Logos of GOD, you will become what he is. David said in the Psalms “Let the words of my mouth and the meditations of my heart be acceptable in thy sight oh Lord” Did you get that or did you miss it? In other words let both the words that you speak and the thoughts and internal meditations of your inner most being, combine and unite together in agreement because that is what is acceptable to God. Do what you say, act what you preach. 

Today’s society is hell bent on everything quick and easy, requiring absolutely no sacrifice or effort, thus there should be no such thing as patient endurance, self control, temperance or long suffering. Why is this because this is the society we have created, now we must live with it. I do not see any way back or hope of being able to turn this around, we allowed it to develop and now we have a world in which the strong will rule with tyranny and the weak will serve in submission. And there you have it the recipe for totalitarianism and a terrifying future of tyranny that is now on our doorstep and it is coming lie a freight train coming down the tracks nothing can stop it now, and nothing is more certain. 

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