By Brian Hay ~ Climate Change … Neither Confirm Or Deny: Part 1

By Brian Hay ~ Climate Change ... Neither Confirm Or Deny: Part 1

Brian Hay, 13 Jan 2012

It is now no wonder that we, as a people on this planet, are now in such a political and cultural mess as to liken our generation to the biblical times of Noah, and Sodom and Gomorrah. 

The absolute insane and corrupt minds of so called leaders and social engineers of today’s society is now so left field and warped in their thinking, that they feel they have a self determined right to be Gods to the rest of the populace. Take for example what has taken place in recent days in the Copenhagen Global warming treaty negotiations. 

They felt they were justified in lying and distorting the facts in order to push their agenda through to a global legislative position, enforcing to abide by their deceptive agenda.

Let me say once again here, I do not endorse Global warming nor do I absolutely deny its basis of concern, I do however deny its unproven, unqualified science and reasoning and certainly its underhanded deceptive methodology.

Prophecies in the Book of Revelation however tell us so many similarities to their prognosis will actually come to pass and soon I believe. In part two of this article which will follow later I will go into the myriad of prophetic scriptures that parallel the projections of these deceptive scientists.

I wrote an article some time ago entitled “GLOBAL WARMING OR GLOBAL WARNING, YOU DECIDE” which was published in an earlier edition of Omega Times. In that article which drew some negative response, I put forward the proposal that much of what global warming extremists are saying, in essence is in fact true. The flack that came back to me because of that article, was by way of accusation that I also must be a global warming adherent supporting an unproven science.

My answer to those critics was finally negated by my refusal to justify my position any further as I concluded, those who do not want to hear, have no ear to hear, WHAT THE SPIRIT IS SAYING TO THE CHURCHES. You and I all know there is an element of truth in everything we hear ... find the element of truth that is all I ask. We would be very unwise in general to reject everything out of hand without asking if there is some truth to a matter. In my deliberations I concluded this climate change issue has become so impassioned by both sides that they are no longer willing to discuss the obvious facts.

So hence it was my decision not to defend my position by replying any further. I find most folk on both sides are so dug in to their foxholes, they are no longer open to truth. Note I said TRUTH NOT SCIENCE.

Please let me explain ...

People in answering my propositions immediately concluded I was agreeing with the biased and distorted science of some of these extremist tree hugging naturists. So I got a broadside from my peers and critics for being a traitor to the creationist corner. My position is this I do not espouse any scientific theory unless I can find it validated and substantiated in scripture first. I am as much appalled by the creation scientific quarter as the evolutionist quarter, when they try to prove to me their point of view by using science as their basis of measure. 

Science validates the Bible never the other way around. Christian science so often takes its position on a matter and then finds scripture to substantiate that view. But there are subjects in scripture to which I contend Scientists be they Christian or atheist as yet have no human explanation or willingness to debate. Such as the biblical subjects regarding, worlds before our own, giants in history, angelic intervention etc. etc. They have little to substantiate these biblical issues from a scientific point of view but any archaeologist and anthropologist knows they are very valid subjects in history, and cultures.

We are finite, God is infinite and He knows all things, we do not. God can slow time, suspend time, quicken time, He can do what ever He wants when He wants to do it, and it does not necessarily fit in our tangible reasoning box. I certainly agree that the global warming hype and its associated alarmist scientists have done despite not only to their cause but also to their credibility by their deceit and preposterous claims but do I totally ignore their concern and throw the baby out with the bath water, absolutely not. But let me make one thing absolutely clear, my conclusions are not based around science, for or against. My concerns and persuasions are not even weighed against science but against GODS IMMUTABLE WORD THE BIBLE. 

Science in my estimation is but a fallible measuring stick at best, and certainly not the measuring stick by which God is validated or substantiated. The God who created the universe no doubt drew upon greater resources of infinite wisdom when answering Jobs friends than either Job or his friends were privy to and though they were right in their reasoning they were wrong in their conclusions.

No wonder Job in a sarcastic moment of self defence declared to his interrogators “No doubt you are the people with the knowledge and your wisdom will die with you when leave this earth”. Human reasoning, even divinely inspired scientists have their limitations, as they are still not Gods but human intellectuals, trying to understand AN INFINITE CREATOR WHOSE WAYS ARE PAST FINDING OUT. 

Sidney Webb founder and brains behind the Fabian Socialist Society in London which is a major influence associated with the whole sinister agenda to initiate a new world order, once said ... “To play those millions of minds, to watch them slowly respond to an unseen stimulus, to guide their aspirations without their personal knowledge …….all this whether in high capacities or in humble …… is a big and endless game of chess, of ever extraordinary excitement."

WHAT IS THE ABOVE STATING? Actually Webb (picture left) is saying that the pleasure obtained from manipulating the corporate mind of society is not only a buzz producing mechanism, for a sick psychopathic, control freakish mentality, but is also the very intent of these insane elite intellectuals.

These same intellectuals, whose evil conceited self image justifies their actions of playing God to the rest of us mortals.

The fact is when analysing the mentality behind this sick thinking, which is now part of the psychological manipulation of what is called social engineering world wide, we see without doubt, there almost always is another agenda behind what is presented as the real issue.

If you know anything about the communist manifesto, one of the major planks to subvert public persuasion is to always present two seemingly opposite alternatives. One so way out left field and the other more moderate but still extreme, and this more moderate extreme is the one you intend to broker. He will always be the one the conservative public will opt for as he is not so extreme but the only alternative, this one was your intended voice all along. The unwitting public were just too blind and preoccupied to see it. You begin to realise what is presented as an extreme is only a smokescreen to cause the uneducated public to vote for the alternative option, which is actually the option you have prepared for them anyway. Just as the communist manifesto determines, run two opposing extremes of ideology or personality make one so extreme that the voters or public will rebound away from that option to the more moderate option which is actually still left of centre and extreme but less provocative than the alternative so the people will vote for this one.

The communistic manifesto teaches how to psychologically manipulate the populace to procure a predetermined ulterior motive. The less provocative option is what you want preference given to in the first place, so by running this option against an extreme you are guaranteed to have your choice imposed. From a purely theological point of view the scripture teaches, we are not to be extreme but to balance everything as we would weights on scales, for a false or extreme imbalance of one thing at the expense of another is an abomination in the eyes of God. 

Another high profile founding member of the Fabian Socialist Society, and world renowned author and humanist poet, George Bernard Shaw (picture right) devised the humanist doctrine of gradualism. It is simply a manipulative plan that states BY THE PROCESS OF GRADUAL NORMALITY WE ARE CONVINCED OF ACCEPTABILITY, or in other words, by introducing small but constant increments of change we assure ourselves of being able to herd society to accept and adjust to our global socialist new world order agenda without their knowledge or consent.

If you study the Fabian socialist policies and the influential proponents of it you will find they are all leftist humanist intellectuals, mostly writers who are globalist in politics and elitist in ideology. 

They are, to name a few H.G. Wells, George Orwell, George Bernard Shaw, all of these and many others are strict proponents of totalitarianism and Masonic illuminism.

That is why their books are not just science fiction novels but futurist projections of where they want the world to be within a specified period of time to which they are aspiring. Read Orwells 1984 and books like, Animal Farm and then, dare suggest that I am exaggerating. Kevin Rudd by the way was a head of the Australian Fabian Socialist Society.

So what is my point, simply this, DON’T TAKE ANY EXTREME POSITION, LEFT OR RIGHT, the reason being, what they push by way of policy is not necessarily the issue they are advocating, but sometimes the actual opposite of it. In the politics of subterfuge and propaganda it is known as using either information or its opposite MISINFORMATION to push an alternative agenda and we the unsuspecting public fall for it every time and ultimately wonder what happened. In secret societies and freemasonry the same process is used but there it is known by the Latin term ORDO AB CHAO, bringing order out from the confusion of creating an artificial chaos!

Therefore Global warming and climate change I believe is the extreme position created by intentional misinformation to lull us into apathy as to suggest there is no issue at all, which I do not endorse. In politics there is what is known as the protest vote, the defence position people take in expressing their choice of candidates, when they are faced with outrageous claims and fearful outcomes.  All European and Western governments are frantically spending trillions of dollars to build underground cities where they can flee to and preserve their elitist new world order, there are thousands of them now. 

They have built seed vaults, gold vaults, gene vaults etc etc. under impenetrable rock and concrete to preserve the ability of the propagation of the future, why pray tell me would they do this if it is not going to be an issue. Also I find it interesting that the Book of the Apocalypse, The Revelation of John the Apostle tells us that humanity will dig holes in the ground and they will live and hide in them, for fear of what is coming upon the earth and from the coming of that great day of judgement.

You see the Bible is my guide book and it does not suggest anywhere that nature will continue as it always has, as many good scientists and Christian folk try to convince me stating the world has the capacity to heal itself. On the contrary it spells out very definitely and precisely that the earth is going to enter a time it calls an epoch of birth pangs and great trial where in the earth will enter a time of upheaval and degeneration as the laws of atrophy and entropy reveal. Such a time when nature itself will react with revulsion, even violence because of the irresponsible stewardship of man over it. Mankind, if you can accept and believe it, was given stewardship to take care of the earth and its environment

When you see the disgusting results of mans lack of stewardship responsibility by allowing such things as pollution by way of an island of trash as big as the state of Texas in the middle of the ocean, in which nothing lives any more, then I to personally will raise my voice and protest. I refuse to accept God is not concerned and that there are no natural environmental or divine consequences to this human stupidity. Look at the gulf of Mexico and the results of the greatest catastrophe of all time. This ignorant reasoning is not only immoral it is not biblical, and by suggesting there are no consequences, it will just accentuate the destruction of the creation God blessed and endowed us with. To exaggerate the issues, is as bad as to negate them, and thus to suggest they are not important and irrelevant, is anti scriptural and prophetically incorrect.  

  • Part 2 will entail prophetic truths and facts to prove and substantiate my point.

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