Is Israel the most unchristian country in the Middle East?

Is Israel the most unchristian country in the Middle East?

Logan Anderson, 21 Mar 2012

It says in the Bible that Christians are to pray for the peace of Jerusalem (Psalm 122:6) ... yet Jerusalem lies at the heart of one of the most pagan, anti-Christian countries in the Middle East ... Israel ... STATISTICALLY SPEAKING!

The troops are being marshaled, the guns loaded, and the missiles primed for an inevitable World War III conflagration involving Iran, Israel and the USA.  So what is Israel's mandate to claim the 'High Ground of Righteousness' in this forthcoming showdown? ... and what should the Christian response be in terms of where to place allegiance?

It may surprise many Christians to know that Israel today has one of the lowest percentages of resident Christian presence of any country in the Middle East ... despite it being the home of the Judeo-Christian Old Testament and the birthplace of New Testament Christianity.

In fact, Israel with a resident Christian population of 2.04% is far less Christian than countries surrounding it, such as:

  • Egypt                (12.83% Christian - six and a half times 'more Christian' than Israel)
  • Libya                   (2.64% Christian - 30% 'more Christian' than Israel)
  • Lebanon          (31.97% Christian - nearly sixteen times 'more Christian' that Israel)
  • Saudi Arabia     (5.43% Christian - nearly two and a half times 'more Christian than Israel)
  • Jordan                (2.24% Christian - nearly 12% 'more Christian' than Israel)
  • Syria                   (6.34% Christian - well over three times 'more Christian' than Israel)

The only countries in Europe, Africa and Asia that are in the geographical or politico-strategic region who have a lower Christian resident presence than Israel are Turkey (0.21% Christian), Iraq (1.59% Christian) and Iran (0.51% Christian but probably much higher as Christian revival is moving through the country)

The question for today's praying Christian is ... 'How should we pray for Israel and the peace of Jerusalem' in these days of imminent war and the prophetic fulfilment of the End Times?

Israel itself is satanically bound by Talmudic and Kabbalistic Judaism, and herein lies the key in prayer ... to pray that the Lord Jesus Christ would move by His Holy Spirit:

  • To reveal the Truth of who He is before the Jews within Israel (both Sephardi and Ashkenazi) 
  • To reaffirm that Christians who have a particular sense of connection or identification with Israel have actually been born again into a New Covenant ... The Old (The Law) has passed away and that as true Christian believers they have become 'New Creations' ... no longer 'Greek or Jew' no longer bound by The Law (The Judaic Old Testament Law of Sin and Death) for their salvation ... but now as 'Captives set free' can now live in the Law of the Spirit of Life in Christ Jesus. Pray that they are not like those 'foolish Galatians, bewitched and seduced into returning to Judaism after receiving the free gift of eternal life by faith through grace.
  • To clarify that, Biblically speaking, there is no such thing as "Messianic Jews" anymore than there are "Messianic Muslims, Messianic Hindus, Messianic Buddhists, or Messianic Satanists for that matter ... that we are either Christian (born again into a New Covenant) or Non-Christian (bound in Old Covenant law or serving some other anti-christian deity)
  • To re-emphasise within Christianity that most of those countries surrounding Israel - deemed Israel's enemies - have far greater numbers of Christian believers, numerically and percentage wise re their resident populations, and that Chistian prayers and prayer for revival in the face of persecution ...  Islamic AND JUDAIC ... should be directed at these countries as well as for Israel and Jerusalem.

The following is a list ... tabulated from "Operation World" - Global Missions and Christianity Statistics Website ... of countries within Africa and Asia, and close to Israel ... with percentages of how much of the resident population is Christian ... Israel is on the bottom of this list:

  • Armenia                                               94.43%
  • Georgia                                                78.67%
  • Russia                                                   66.9%
  • Ethiopia                                                60.68%
  • Eritrea                                                   47.31%
  • Sudan                                                   26.11%
  • Lebanon                                              31.97%
  • Kuwait                                                  13.79%
  • Egypt                                                     12.83%
  • Kazakhstan                                         12.15%
  • United Arab Eremites                          8.55%
  • Sri Lanka                                                8.38%
  • China                                                      7.92%
  • Syria                                                        6.34%
  • Qatar                                                       5.91%
  • India                                                        5.82%
  • Saudi Arabia                                          5.43%
  • Kyrgyzstan                                              5.27%
  • Oman                                                      2.76%
  • Azerbaijan                                              2.74%
  • Libya                                                       2.64%
  • Pakistan                                                 2.45%
  • Jordon                                                    2.24%
  • Israel                                                      2.04%