Magnetic Resonance Imagery … in 3 Parts

Magnetic Resonance Imagery ... in 3 Parts

Brian Hay, 29 May 2012

Part 1:

This is a subject that many will not believe or accept, in terms of what I have to say regarding the facts. But there is no doubt this bizarre science called Magnetic Resonance Imaging (commonly known as M. R. I.) and its subsequent machinery is not just 'junk'as some would conclude.

It is, instead a valid and fascinating science, and I  am personally convinced that it is the linking bridge adjoining the natural world with the spiritual world.

What I have to say here, most will consider to be very outlandish and extreme, even crazy to some. Yet contrary to conventional opinion this information that I talk of is to these same disbelievers, neither believable nor credible. Most people of our present social climate, globally, not only have a very convoluted and limited knowledge of reality but they also possess an ignorance of reality, that exceeds most generations prior to them. This is an anomaly in many ways as we are constantly told we are the most informed and educated society of mankind’s entire history. The actual truth is we have access to the information if we choose to research and locate it, but which a very small sector of the populace actually desire or resort to doing so.

The consequences of this, is nothing short of frightening and equally alarming, in that we now have a population that is regressing intellectually and becoming more ignorant by the day, and dumbed down knowledge wise. It is into this self imposed societal vacuum that the military industrial complexes of the powerful elite and manipulative government agencies of the world are making huge unchallenged and largely unnoticed strides, thus enabling their complete control and total subjugation of all humanity to an all compassing dictatorial world anti Christ atheistic government.

It is in this arena that this scientific and technical subject and its capability utilising MRI has such tremendous but also devastating totalitarian potential. Here following are listed just some of those capabilities of MRI and with them included alongside each is a small associated explanation as to what is actually now, not just science fiction but science fact.

Firstly let me say categorically I do not possess all the facts of truth concerning this matter but here I will present some of them about which I do know. I also consider that he who understands biblical truth and has an understanding at least in part of how the way and energy of the dimension of the spirit world works will also automatically possess an advantage over others in regard to this subject. Allow me to explain, I love the study of Gods word the Bible and I also have a deep fascination with the laws that Gods word explains, He has put in place to govern and order His creation.

The more I study and the more I research the more I am thoroughly convinced as the scriptures declare that the seen universe exists and is sustained and kept in place by the spiritual unseen worlds laws. The truth as I understand Jesus statement to mean, when he said, ©"the earth is upheld by the power of his word, and will not come to an end until his word ceases to be of relevance and he retracts it". The spirit world controls and regulates the physical creation by unseen invisible laws, and not the other way around. Having said that I am also thoroughly convinced that the power or energy if you like, or ethereal atmosphere, (ethos) if I can use that natural terminology, that charges the spirit dimension utilizes eloctromagnetic and thermo dynamic laws that are little understood or explainable in norms of earthly scientific physics.

For this reason alone, a field of Physics was developed in order to attempt to give plausibility to the dilemma facing most scientific minds who were unable by any other means, to interpret, contradicting events, things for which they had no intelligent explanation. This field is now known as Quantum physics or the slightly diverse field of experimentation and theory called quantum mechanics. These revolutionary and somewhat speculative unexplainable effects, that contradict and challenge conventional physics, have to be justified and proved somehow to the scientific mind of rationalization.

This is the scientists biggest contention and difficulty to prove and explain by their logic of cause and effect, what in reality is still very much unknown and unproved, and even unexplainable. Hence the fields of discussion and research mentioned above were the outcome to attempt to explain the unexplainable. They theorised, certain laws existed in the ethereal world, that though they exist in a realm beyond feasible provability, those scientists by mental theory imagined and subsequently created theoretical models to develope and check the imagined observable effect or mechanics of those theories.

The fields of quantum mechanics and quantum physics, is simply another terminology for attempting to explain the laws of the ethereal or spiritual world in tangible human rational language. The vast problem however for the human mind is how can a finite mind, no matter how informed and clever, explain and interpret the infinite. One can not! for example the words have not even yet been developed to describe or identify the existence of things that he does not yet recognize or know exist. The Bible tells us in the book of first Corinthians chapter three that the natural mind of man can not (l repeat categorically, can not) comprehend or know these spiritual truths, as they can only be understood by the SPIRIT OF_ GOD, giving supernatural understanding and revelation of them otherwise it is impossible.

Now I will attempt to explain a few of the anomalies in respect to magnetic resonance imagery, which I believe as expressed earlier is the world of the spirits laws. MRI is able to observe things beyond the natural eyes observable capabilities. It is able to see through physical objects it is able to penetrate into all areas of hidden activity. It is able to determine with pinpoint accuracy defects in a human body once invisible to the human eye, like wise it is able to isolate and destroy by an intense beam of concentrated light, troublesome cells that are needing removal.

Magnetics can create either helpful or harmful energy that can both heal or harm the recipients of them. Magnetics can attract or dispel, can maintain in suspense or repel objects within its energy. Amazingly magnetics often contradict the natural laws we can observe in this physical dimension such as gravity. Magnetic fields can overcome thus overrule and hold in suspended animation, objects that should be subject to the natural laws of gravitational force. Our universe is held in suspense by magnetic fields, plants and animals even creation itself, is governed and dictated to, by as yet unexplained magnetic forces.

Magnetic waves and pulses are utilized in the mediums of communication and sound, in TV and radio recording, and weaponry, in medicine, in regeneration, in stimulating plant growth and human development, both mental and biological. The whole arena of electro magnetics is such a huge and amazing subject, the mind boggles. The truth is its capabilities and uses is as yet almost totally untapped and mostly unknown.

Zero point energy which has been denied by most scientific academies, is an absolute proven reality but which has been totally hidden and ridiculed by both conventional thinking scientists, and the scientists who actually do realise and can prove its genuine existence. Zero point energy put in simple terms is perpetual motion e.g. the ability to get a motor or energy that is self sustaining needing less energy to drive it than the energy it produces. If you want to know the secret to this so called phenomena, then you will have to research the field of electro magnetics.

Magnetic Resonance Imagery: Part two

There are many exhibits and productive working models of these varied zero point energy machines in existence get on you-tube and you can observe many of them in action. Sadly because of very corrupt industrial complex hell bent on wealth and power most of these unique inventions have never got beyond the development stage and worse many of the actual inventors are no longer alive to tell their stories, They just disappeared or died from unnatural causes.

Many of these unique creations, require no external source of energy at all to drive them the source of their power is electromagnetic propulsion or to be technical, electromagnetic repulsion. Secret experimentation in an area known as linear acceleration uses the same basic magnetic repulsion idea. Photography is another sphere that depends upon electromagnetics, and its interaction with light, and remember the sun and the universe exist, because of electromagnetic energy and with out it we would not survive.

Magnetic energy is intertwined with light, on its lineal spectrum. Light is magnetic energy and magnetic energy is associated with light, but God is light, so what then may I ask, is the world of the spirit if it is not an invisible energy, indiscernible to the human eye but nevertheless very real. In fact the spirit world is much more real than the physical world which is just a temporal limited representation or mirror image of the eternal one. If we are to find its reality, then it demands one must search out in order to find it.

If you can accept my honest counsel, find the eternal, the actual oasis, not the illusion, the look alike physical world, which is just simply a temporary mirage that so many accept as being the real not realizing it is but a poor substitute for it.

Did you know that Kirilian photography which focuses on the magnetic, ultra violet part of the spectrum of light is able to photograph the spirit world. When for example an amputee is photographed by this method his amputated limb is still visible on the film as being still in existence. Did you know that this sort of photography is able to see and observe spiritual forces and beams of energy that are invisible to the natural human eye. Did you know that curses and threats can be discerned by this technology as negative beams of destructive energy emanating from a being or source and impacting the subject to whom it is directed.

Did you know that the most modern forms of military weaponry in today’s arsenals are those which are electromagnetically powered or enhanced, such as scalar weapons or energy beams. Weather modification is no longer a figment of men’s imagination but a very definite reality using sound and magnetic frequencies many indiscernible to the natural ear. These can shake the earth to its very core and create devastating earthquakes and tsunamis, this is not theory this is factual.

Extremely powerful force fields can be created by electromagnetic energy, and this is evidenced by the anti missile shields being erected around the world at present. The most awesome of all weapons at hand by the US is known and administered by H.A.A.R.P.

Haarp is an experimental research station deep in a remote part of Alaska it is a highly classified project, under direct control of the pentagon using early 1900's Tesla technology of directed electromagnetic energy beam to heat up the atmosphere. That energy is then intensified and in turn used to redirect that energy beam bouncing it off the ionosphere back to any given part of the earth. When used by the military or who ever it can  destroy either life or land from off the map, HAARP is declared by Tom Bearden a scientist and engineer who was involved with the original project as the very ultimate destroying weapon, alongside which there is nothing to compare to it.

Most folk have never heard of Nikolai Tesla a Czech scientist who undoubtedly is the greatest scientist who ever lived. A memorial to his life and achievements is erected to his honour at the Niagara falls. Most also do not know that he died penniless almost as an unknown, while many so called and esteemed scientists and inventors stole and took credit for his amazing inventions.

Marconi was once such man, Marconi is credited with discovering radio but the truth is he took Teslas idea and developed it into a marketable commodity. So did many others, Tesla invented and perfected wireless communication using magnetic energy and concentrated energy beam. Particle beam technology and death ray are all part of Teslas experimentation and achievement. Modern laser is directly attributed to Tesla technology which again is the power behind the most destructive weapons in existence today. Tesla worked with Einstein and Oppenheimer when experimenting with atomic energy.

Mostly rebutted by rationalists and naysayers yet authenticated by these men’s own personal writings and writings of others who were present with them at the time is the weird and bizarre experiment that created the subject of time warp and time travel and its associated subjects of parallel dimension, physics and meta physics, and above all the modern mind bending subject of Unified Field Theory or singularity even better referred to as the conflicting contradictions in Einstein’s theory of relativity, and there are several . These subjects were involved and associated with an experiment totally denied by the military but which took place in Philadelphia Naval Shipyard in Pennsylvania, aboard the destroyer, USS Eldridge

The experiment was conducted with the intention of creating an electromagnetic force field around the entire hull of the ship to better understand its effects on solid metallic objects as well as its effects on the human body. Tesla's convictions from his own personal experiments persuaded him that it would effect the molecular structure of the sub atomic particles around that force field making the ship and all its contents invisible to the human eye. So that was his theory which today’s is understood in a far greater measure and though hidden behind military classification is a subject embraced in the US military arsenals of secret weaponry. Its major out come was the understanding of invisibility shields’, star wars cling on technology if you will. Go on to the U.S. National Aeronautic Space Administrations website and you will find reference to the explanation of how it is achieved and there you will find direct reference by way of pictures to the Star wars movie cling on technology.

The whole weird Philadelphia experiment was overseen personally by the US Navy and conducted by its own military scientists under the watchful eye of both Einstein and mostly Nikolai Tesla in 1943. It is still to this day emphatically denied and the whole subject still shrouded in blackout and intrigue. Even the mention of the subject title of the experiment known as the Philadelphia Experiment will presently draw flack and denunciation certainly derision and refute. However many men involved in the experiment went public and broke the cloak of military secrecy before they died and went to the grave. A film was made after the actual experiments horrific outcome and then declared to be a science fictional story. It actually happened and many died in bizarre ways as a result, others spent their lives in institutions no longer able to cope with the surreal ordeal and its mystical results.

What they did that day in Philadelphia was build an electromagnetic force field around the battleship and then generated an immense energy wave that open a vortex or time warp the ship emerged in New York where it had been a few days before and reappeared agin in Philadelphia. It was observed by many emerging and reemerging between two distinctly different place at the same time. Eyewitness reports which were declared then to be classified material stated that when the ship finally reappeared physical bodies of sailors on board were integrated into the solid structure of the ships bulkhead and hull and subsequently died. Any one who understands the physical properties associated at the molecular structure level, know that this is entirely feasible but exceptionally way out.

People often tell me, these things can not happen, because their rational minds can not seem to get around the mind distorting metaphysical facts of episodes like the Philadelphia experiment. So their way of addressing it is to react, and declare therefore that these can not be true. They write the unexplainable information off as being unbelievable and therefore pure nonsense. This is how they respond to the strange and unexplainable that they hear reported about today, especially when coming from our "trustworthy" government agencies they too readily but ignorantly and foolishly believe. Things such as weightless flying machines UFOs if you must. Inadvertently this will earn me the title of being a weirdo or crank but even If I were to tell you I have had very personal experience of them and seen them with my own eyes it would make no difference.

We humans have an aptitude to reject what we do not understand and erase from our minds what must be surely only considered vivid imagination. As the Bible states in Thessalonians we would rather not have a love for the truth but identify with those who would rather believe the Lie. A lie is often, much easier to believe than do the research and get before God and spend ones life to hunt down the truth.

U F O's have two sources one Tesla Technology Anti Gravity weightless flying machines utilizing electromagnetic energy and force and the other one demonic. But both are a reality. When I was deep inside China on one of my journeys there, I was in a shopping mall and could not believe my eyes. There at a small desk was a man selling a small magnetic weightless flying object which was hanging in mid air and spinning with absolutely no support line or guide what so ever. When I inspected it more closely I recognised it be a magnetic model of Teslas magnetic weightless disc and built in accordance with the Einstein’s questionable gap to his theory of relativity. I purchased it and have used it to demonstrate its physics and capability all round the nations.

It works all right you had better believe it. Most will not, which simply demonstrates their ignorance not the denial of probability. In other words it simply reveals them to be fools in their own conceit ones who are ignorant of what really is, but worse, having an unwilling unteachable spirit whose choice is to reject truth that is just to difficult to handle. Well, has it been said that sometimes truth can become such a revolutionary concept it becomes to hard to absorb and handle.

Magnetic Resonance Imagery: Part 3

One of the incredible out comes from all of this research which by the way, is not new but certainly very much classified, is the degree to which they have developed these capabilities for the ultimate control of universal humanity and society. By using this technology to intercept brain waves they are now able to very accurately determine the thinking and reasoning processes of the human mind.

So advanced and accurate is their capability presently in this particular area, that by passing an individual under their mind mapping cameras (which by the way are now being positioned in airports and strategic places all round the world under the guise of terrorism) that they can ask that same individual certain leading questions which in turn simultaneously trigger the neurons in their brain, causing them to light up and to react as the individual attempts to answer.

The neurons respond in progressive order and the mapping technology registers which neuron responded and in which order. The issue is, that if they asked you a question concerning the credit card in your wallet unwittingly you respond from the conscious mind with the facts you can retrieve by memory, but the way your mind works is it absorbs and stores everything it sees and hears and records it all.

For us flawed human beings, retrieval of that information is the problem not the accumulation of it. Yet the subconscious mind relates the associated facts by electromagnetic resonance imagery to the camera which is filming the sequence of informational transmitting neurons which in turn reveals this in a given successive order as each neuron responds. The camera transmits that electromagnetic brain print or image to a specially programmed computer, and the computer program will translate that specifically detailed information to the questioner and he will deliver it back to you absolutely accurately, even the number on that very credit card which you can not even quote from conscious memory.

You say how do you know all this, firstly by just being lead by the Spirit of God who secondly answered my cry for understanding to my questioning research and thirdly by him putting me in the right place at the right time and allowing me to have personal contact with the very people who developed and deigned this equipment Then those also whose job it was to implement, install and maintain this technology.

I was preaching in a public hall and venue around five years ago to a fairly large gathering of people on this very subject. I mentioned in detail the technology and how it works as well as the fact that it is now in operation in every international terminal in the western world airports. I further mentioned its amazing surveillance capability and the absolute inability to defy or fool the system as is the case with the flawed inaccurate system of lie detection which is very unreliable and inadmissible as evidence at best.

Spies and espionage agents are trained to control their human reactionary impulses such as heart rate etc. which in turn deceives a lie detection machine. After the meeting which I was addressing was over, a gentleman unknown to myself came up to the podium and introduced himself to me rather abruptly and discourteously. He proceeded to reprimand me and threatened to report me to the secret service which has happened several times in my short span of life by the way.

He went on continuing to tell me that with all the terrorism since the nine eleven fiasco, this technology has been perfected and now is being implemented globally. He referred to the technology as being tabulated with an extremely high security classification level. By my divulging this information, he informed me, I personally can be tried and imprisoned. He said it was such new technology that he had just returned from a major city where this equipment was in the process of being installed by his team.

We are entering a phase of history where nothing is hidden from those who want to know. The only limitation to that is who holds the power and the equipment in order to possess that knowledge. It goes without question, only the wealthy elite and the political dictators whose ambition it is to rule over the masses and control their very lives and every subsequent action. Many say this is not a bad thing but a good thing as it is for the overall protection of our society, and that is another lie you have submitted yourself too.

The thinking behind that stupidity is simply each individuals willingness to allow someone else to provide your comfort and welfare for you and your unwillingness to stand up and defend what is your right and responsibility to do so. You will either defend and fight for your right to privacy and to conduct your life in the pursuit of freedom and happiness as you deem it to be or some else will do it for you and his set of morals and ethics will be forced upon you.

Incredibly folk do not concern themselves with this thought, that not only do you trade away your freedoms by doing this but you sell and trade away the freedom of your children and your children’s children. They will never know the freedoms, choices and liberties of life that God entrusted into your personal hands because you decided it was not important to grant the future generations that blessed opportunity we presently have. Slavery is its only out come regarding this aimless passive spineless thinking. Some one rightly said If you will trade your God given rights and liberties for promised imaginary securities, you deserve neither liberty nor security.

What you do not realise is, the total awesome control capability of all this new electro magnetic technology. Via the satellites in the skies they can control your every thought and action, they can replace the very memories in your brain by implanting and substituting different ones. They can by means of cell phone, radio, satellite, even through microwave, immobilise, cripple or destroy you. anywhere on earth. They can make an imbecile out of you by frying your brain they can inflict agonising unbearable pain upon you by simply directing an intense magnetic particle beam at you without you being able to identify what is happening or where it is coming from.

I have laboratory photographs of experiments being conducted using these new generational technologies where by solid objects such as a large ancient cannon ball remain suspended in open space. You suggest you can accept that because it is steel and magnetic waves can attract steel. but what about animals and human beings and all types of objects that is a little difficult to readily explain but it is never the less totally achievable.

The final thing I want to address in this forum within this particular article is an all to often used justification for stupidity and what I consider a moronic admission of total idiocy even lunacy. That is when I talk to people about such things as these mainly so called God fearing Christian people strange enough, they say where do you get your information to which I normally reply ..... research. They then ask a further question does it come from the internet and the web? Which is to me, a question that does not even warrant or deserve a dignified answer, the reason being the imbecilic mentality behind this question is that nothing can be believed that comes over the web.

How senseless, witless and thick can people get. When I take them up on this matter they reveal their own absolute ignorance and contempt for all sensibility by suggesting  anyone can say or publish anything over the web. Of course they can just like they can write it in newspapers and make accusations on radio or distort the truth with either error or a simple bias via the Television and big screen movies.

But what has that got to do with anything, all that does is reveal to me these ignorant folks laziness and shabby gutter level appreciation and defence of truth.

They will never listen to actual truth even when it is staring them square in the face. The only time they will open their eyes is when after all the furniture has been stolen from the room in which they sit at ease, taken from under their senseless noses because of their attention being fixed to the ridiculous vision box in the corner of their lounges. History teaches us the only way they will wake up and realise what has happened is when the same thief comes to tip them off the very chair that they have depended on for their comfort while all this went on because he wants that chair also.

How absolutely crazy can people get they refuse to search and find the facts for themselves, they don’t even want to look let alone search. Yet their senseless stupidity would have them feed and swallow the medias perspective of what takes place in the world. Little do they realise or want to acknowledge that the media and all its twisted money gathering legitimized scams is so far away from the aim of giving out truth, that it is no longer a joke but needs serious consideration if we are to remain a free people.

My contention is with these blind guides and followers who fiddle while Rome burns. How crazy and idiotic can you get, to suggest the normal media avenues are giving the facts and yet the web that opens access to all the real sources of truth and libraries both historic and contemporary are not legitimate. As expressed earlier this mindless nonsense just shows me the lazy pathetic unteachable pathos or spirit of ignorance that these people have subjected themselves to. Any one who reads knows that all the government agencies of the world use propaganda or what is called social engineering (herd mentality if you will) to condition their people to pre supposed points of view.

Hitler and the SS and Goebbels team did it, Bush senior and junior have been caught out paying their pimps in the media to release policy specifically designed to lie to the public and throw people off the scent and deceiving them from the true path. Once again the exposed factual accounts of this are staggering, to numerous to mention but here is just some, the Iraqi war, initiated on the basis of a total lie. It was all about oil, planned in 1991 by the Bush seniour administration which again cunningly withheld from public view was put together by the same egotistical American freeloaders Chaney, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, Pearl and Kissinger. All of them of Ashkenazi Nazi German Jewish heritage.

Just study the document put together by them laying out their future intentions revealing how they will strive and work till deep into the twenty first century an american elitist totalitarian world military supremacy and empire will emerge. The document is entitled "Towards a twenty first New American Century"

Now we have Obama doing it more effectively than all his corrupted dishonest predecessors, but we all want to believe the unbelievable that all these men are basically honest and have our best welfare and interests at heart. How ridiculously pathetic we have become. Because folk  do not read or research they will not know but Obama was a CIA plant trained as all CIA agents via Stanford research Institute in the art of population and crowd control using the art of auto suggestion and mass hypnotism. Now are you opening your eyes or do you still want to remain dumb and feed on the polluted media's sewer and continue avoiding the truth!

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