The Big Bullies of The Oil Industry … At It Again

The Big Bullies of The Oil Industry ... At It Again

Brian Hay, 30 May 2012

Have you heard of 'Halliburton'? ... Probably not, and not likely to either. Halliburton is perhaps the biggest player in the oil industry, its wealth is unknown and its share holders are much the same. 

They are very secretive yet intensely powerful and their attachments to the evil cabal of oil, defence and banking, whose poisonous tentacles engulf the military industrial global complex are as hidden as the company itself

When the twin towers came down in 9/11 one of their major financial centres was residenced there. Alarmingly however to those that care or are at all interested, is the fact that the American news and media, carried a major story the morning before 9/11, announcing the concern that Halliburton’s Twin towers offices had somehow lost, misappropriated or was unable to account for three trillion U.S. dollars of tax payer funding from the Congressional appropriations committee in Washington DC. This money was paid to Halliburton for the war effort in Iraq to help manage and rebuild its security and infrastructure.

The then Secretary of State Donald Rumsfeld went on television to announce the concern of the white house as to what had become of the money, and the companies lack of will to answer some leading questions. This all took place the day before 9/11. The next day the towers came down and very conveniently for Halliburton the whole saga was buried with the rubble and concrete forever. When questions were asked following the towers demise concerning the trillions of dollars lost, the public was told all records of the missing money and its trail had been destroyed and lost forever, without trace.

What is more interesting, is that the man who is the owner and power behind the veil of this particular company, is none other than the sinister figure and demagogue, then Vice President, in reality, actual president Dick Chaney.

Chaney is an exceptionally devious individual whose agenda is almost always different from most of those around him. It was well known that George W Bush as president was just the blundering figure head and Dick Chaney pulled his strings. When Chaney was nominated to run as Vice president he ran Halliburton single handed but whose share holders and directors are a whose who, list of wealthy elite. 

Under constitutional law in the USA a man is not supposed to be elected to a position such as this, without first declaring his ownership and his involvement in a public company, so close to government issued contracts and opportunistic privilege

Chaney however when it was disclosed not by him coincidentally but by some investigative journalism, simply laughed at his press hounds and then handed the ownership share certificates of Halliburton’s documentation and directorship to his wife Lynn and stated, I no longer own the company, she does. No one ever challenged him or questioned it. Another interesting fact that has come to light about these elitist liars is as follows, Dick Chaney who owns Halliburton, eleven days before the deep sea well blew in the Gulf of Mexico, purchased a company called Boots and Scoots a successful oil spill clean up company that capped thirty per cent of the burning oil wells in the war in Iraq. How incredibly convenient and rewarding

The other interesting fact is that this same company was later sold for twenty eight per cent more than it was trading for on April nine 2010 and the agreed price announcement was made eleven days before the disaster. Did you know that Rothschild owned, Goldman Sachs sold forty four percent along with BP's president an American who sold thirty per cent of their BP stock a few days before the disaster happened and the share price plummeted through the floor thereafter. 

Deceased president Franklin D Roosevelt a thirty third degree freemason once said "in politics nothing happens by accident! If it happens, it was planned that way. It is further interesting that Halliburton had one of its elite service crews working on the rig during most of the twenty four hours preceding the explosion.

Halliburton determines the sale price of oil throughout the entire world by purchasing most of the worlds crude or controlling it at the well head and so resulting from this, they can buy it up, store it and resell it at their own predetermined price. No oil is sold anywhere in the world without the knowledge and the consent of Chaney and Halliburton

Their whole directorship and shareholding is a powerful cabal of ex presidents and prime ministers from most western nations around the globe. Like one of their parent associated companies The Carlyle Group, you will find the same people and same ambitions of design, and may I add, you will also find no small minds and insignificant named people in this company. 

Well as I have mentioned in the title, here he is, at it again. In the whole fiasco relating to the gulf of Mexico deep sea oil spill. and the well owned by British Petroleum, no one questions the relationship that the three American companies have to this well and its actual oil rig. Obama and his crazies had to make the right noises, like they were doing something honourable, so British Petroleum had to become the scape goat. When its all said and done someone has to pay for all of this and why should it be America, It may as well be BP they're not American when it comes down to it.

Also much like the recent wall street debacle where the benevolent banking community thought it in our best interests, to loan their public monies to the poor and underprivileged who never had a hope of ever repaying their shonky subprime loans, and thereby jeopardizing the entire worlds economy. If that was not enough they asked congress to bail out the very corrupt bankers whose madness and greed caused all of this. 

I think we need to change the old adage of Mad dogs and Englishmen go out in the mid day sun, to something like Crazy elitist jackass Americans spend to much time in the sun. Because none of them seem to resist this stupidity of considering the future and what we are leaving for our children. On top of all that they didn't want the bankers to feel bad, and become self effacing or self flagellants, falling on their own swords, so to speak. So they paid all the executives and company directors huge bonuses to compensate for the criticisms and negativity they had suffered, how honourable.   

America has suffered enough, policing the world for the criminal elite and has had to provide the billions in military costs to keep the world and humanity safe from all the other crazies in the world. I guess I sound a little ungrateful, for my wealthy and powerful minders who really have my best interests at heart, it must sound like a terrible lack of appreciation on my part. So now that I have cleared my conscience and got that ingratitude off my mind let me carry on with the story.        

The actual owner of this deep sea oil well is British Petroleum but the three main companies who are actually responsible for the machinery and the oil rigs original design and manufacture and its day to day function, maintenance and management are not British at all, but American. So, as is always the case, the derogative flogging of the dead horse is always executed by some mouth, a self defending voice, pontificating talking heads, namely the Grand old U. S. of A. But the subject or target of the whipping is always some one different some one other than the mouth, in this case, Great Britain.

Obama and his US cronies were pontificating like only they can do and all their endless and useless political rhetoric, directed at the emotive green community of tree huggers and naturists raises the greenies ire against the wrong people. As always the US political and military powers that be, never accepted personal responsibility for any of their illegal or immoral actions, its always some one else’s fault. Take the innocent people killed in Iraq, many of whom are simple women and children bombed and killed mistakenly for being insurgents. 

Then there is the insidious and demonic evil of depleted uranium that has poisoned and destroyed all of Iraq both people and place. The insane wickedness of nuclear radiation that has debilitated and deformed human life both with the Iraqis and their own US soldiers, it is just unspeakable. Like agent orange in the Vietnam war, which created a similar evil, but which has never been acknowledged, admitted or compensated by the American government, for fear of legal ramifications and law suits. This same predicament prevails at present.

The three companies other than British Petroleum, that have had a major hand in this gulf oil spill fiasco are as follows in order of priority. Transocean an American Geneva based company operates the deepwater rig, they in turn contracted to Halliburton to manufacture and supply as well as maintain much of the failed equipment and specifically the faulty cementing seal that blew out causing the leak. 

Cameron International along with Halliburton, is the third company that manufactured the actual safety shut off rings which did not close off the well, when the well head let go and ruptured. At the congressional inquest they laid the blame on BP because two of the other companies had sunset clauses, or to explain, clauses that allowed them to pay minimal restrictive amounts of damages and compensation should there be an accident or problem.

So guess who carries the can, the Poms of course, they still at least have a conscience, and as such, being people who do still hold to some sort of integrity they will attempt to stand by their word. Unlike BP, though the company Transocean has enacted a centuries old shipping clause that treats a rig as a ship which comes under a maritime law, for which there is no compensation, should there be an accident. 

How cool is that, American, litigative genius, and only the yanks would think of that, they certainly know how to twist the law and make it suit their personal ends. All you needs is some truth spinning lawyers, a few purchasable judges, and heaps and heaps of money, no wonder these elite keep their private wealth and rule the world.

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