The Judgement Of Man At The End Of Time

The Judgment Of Man At The End Of Time

, 29 May 2012

At the end of time billions of people were scattered on a great plain before Gods throne.

Many of the people began to form into several groups with others who felt a sense of  allegiance with one another near the front of the gathering of people began to complain not with cringing fear but in a belligerent manner.

"How can God judge me" one cried out.  Another woman said "How could He ever know my suffering" as she pulled up her sleeve to reveal a series of numbers tattooed on her arm from a Nazi concentration camp. We endured torment beatings torture even death.

In another group a black man turned down his collar to reveal the rope burn of an old scar from the days of a mob lynching era, what about this he demanded, lynched for no other reason than simply being black. We have been wrenched from loved ones, suffocated in slave ships toiled till only death itself gave release said another.

Far out across the plain were hundreds of such groups each with their own complaints against God who lives in such peace and sweetness and light yet permitted us to experience so much suffering and evil in the world. So each group consulted and decided to nominate their leader chosen from those who had suffered the most. There was a Jew, a Blackman, an untouchable, an illegitimate, a Hiroshima victim,  as well as a Siberian death camp miner. In the centre of the vast plain they consulted as to their summary of defence. At last as they felt ready to present their case.

It was simply that if God was qualified to judge us then first he must endure what they in turn had endured.

  1. God should be sentenced to live on earth as a man
  2. There would be restrictions placed upon his divine power
  3. He must be born a Jew 
  4. He must be born without a legitimate human father whose integrity is always doubted.
  5. Let him champion a cause so just so noble that it brings down upon him the hate and condemnation of every major traditional and established religious authority 
  6. Let him be betrayed by his closest friends.
  7. Let him be indicted, judged and convicted on false charges and by a cowardly judge.
  8. Let him be tried before a prejudiced jury.  
  9. Then let him be tortured and die an agonizing death aside thieves. 
  10. Let him suffer the rejection and humiliation of mob and let him die in obscurity.

One by one as each part of the sentence was read out and announced great applause rose from the masses with their approval. After the last accusation was added there was a long pause and silence as they began to realize Jesus the very Son of God had already suffered and paid the price of his innocence at the hands of evil and cruel men.