Why Does God Not Hear My Prayers

Brian Hay

 “Why Does God Not Hear My Prayers”

Brian Hay, 14 May 2012

In the book of Luke this story is narrated to us by the physician Luke himself, instructing us that there is a very distinct difference between light and darkness, and such that the two do not mix. The analogy that Luke uses in this portion of scripture is this contrasting picture of light and darkness which conveys to us that that goodness and evil are exact opposites as well.

Luke begins with the foundation of Jesus coming into his ministry and writes that before Jesus could relate to us, as mankind’s saviour, he had to suffer many things and experience the pain, that humanity and that mankind suffers.

The Bible tells us that Jesus was to become the High Priest of our profession, and then through that action, make him self the spiritual mediator, representing us to God the father. The whole process of this exercise, his birth, his life, his suffering, his death, his rejection, his burial, and his resurrection, were all important parts of the process to equip him to relate and communicate with us earthly mortals. In fact the scripture in Hebrews tells He himself was made perfect, (mature, complete, equipped) not by his battles and subsequent victories, but BY THE THINGS WHICH HE SUFFERED.

Luke mentions, how Jesus, immediately after his affirming heavenly fathers commendation of him, at his baptism, was driven or compelled to withdraw to the wilderness where he was tempted and enticed to rebel against God his father. Luke then explains how Satan led Jesus through three different experiments where he was tempted and tried in three areas where we are also particularly vulnerable, physically, mentally, spiritually. In the ultimate test Satan came and took Jesus up a high mountain, from which he could view past civilizations, as well as future, with all their diverse aspects and identifying features.

Satan’s intention was to convince Jesus that he did not have to suffer in any way in order to get blessing and favour upon his life. But any one that understands human failure and nature, knows that you can have power and wealth without pain, but that the only way to enjoy real god given success is to appreciate and enjoy life and blessing and to remain humble compassionate and approachable.

Wealth and power will either destroy us if we can not handle, it or complete and enhance us if we can handle it. Wisdom or the lack of it, is the key factor that determines the resulting success or destruction.

In the ultimate temptation of Jesus' preparation to ascend as our high priestly intercessor at Gods throne of justice, he is shown all the entire glory of mankind’s kingdoms and achievements. The scripture makes clear Jesus is offered in totality, the wealth, power, beauty and glory of them all combined. In Lukes explanatory dialogue he declares, Satan adds an interesting phrase that Jesus himself could have refuted or taken exception to, had it not been true.

I unreservedly believe the comment to be one hundred percent truth, both legally and realistically when he, Satan, added the high lighted section following on from this adjoining phrase, "I will give unto you the kingdoms of this world and the individual glory of them if you will but bow down and worship me, FOR UNTO ME IT HAS BEEN GIVEN AND UNTO WHOM SO EVER I CHOOSE I CAN GIVE IT" This latter portion of the verse is the section I want to explain.

Jesus is saying here by his silence, and lack of protest or contest, that he does not reject Satan’s conclusion, or claim to ownership of the earthly Kingdoms of this world, including their wealth, power and glory. He obviously accepts Satan’s claim as both legal and factual, by not disputing any part of it. Further more when you consider that God Jehovah is both the creator and owner of earth and its entire assets, "The earth is the Lords and the fullness thereof", you are forced to answer the question. Does God own it or not?

This scripture in the book of Luke chapter two as well as others such as the Apostle Johns statement in his epistle, tell us exactly the opposite, particularly that the WHOLE OF THE ENTIRE WORLD NOW LIES IN THE HANDS OF THE WICKED ONE. There are numerous other scriptures that declare the same. Take for instance the very enlightening verse in the book of Revelation. Where John the apostle once again makes reference to the fact that the owner of the earth, God, is not the possessor of it, but Satan his arch enemy is.

John states that when the final trumpet of the seven is sounded and as he blows it, he declares the end of time has come, then and only then, not prior to it, do the Kingdoms of this world become the kingdoms of our God and his Christ and then and then only will he rule over it forever.

The above truth reveals unequivocally that even though God is the creator and owner of earth and its assets he has very little legal control or influence over it. It is very similar to what we know in law as the onus of the squatter. Or what the age old quote states regarding possession being nine tenths of the law. In effect what it is informing us to be aware of, is that when you allow a squatter to dwell on your land without evicting him, after a period of time expires, he can challenge you in court for its ownership title lodging lawful claim to it and you may not be able to stop the action he initiates.

Even apart from that, the scripture is trying to convey to us that when you own a building or asset and loan it to someone else, they are legally entitled to do whatever they choose with it, and you can not prevent them. It just shows us, in spite of the fact that you own a thing, you are not the possessor of it, and until you get possession of it back in your private hands you have no control over what goes on with it nor in it.

We must realise that as Gods children, we were given the management and stewardship over all of his  creation but we did not want, nor did we take the responsibility of it. So because of our disobedience and default to unrighteousness, evil came in like a squatter and settled in to our inheritance. We his passive children continued to condone injustice and wrong and compromise the issues of entitlement in turn allowing evil to inhabit and possess our streets and cities, the result being unrighteousness took up the very vacuum we abandoned and Satan possessed the land.

Now that we have abdicated as Gods legal voice and authority over his property we have created the scenario where God himself has no legal authority over it either. The only way the true ownership can be reestablished and restored is by all of his creation being called to the judgement bar of eternal statutes and the decreed law of jubilee over earth, being once again made enforceable.

At the beginning of the article I asked the question why does not God hear my prayers. The fact is he does but being able to answer them is another matter. The truth is, he hears them all, and the Bible states his ear is not turned away from us, but because we have so tolerated and endorsed evil in our society, we now have very little influence over it. We who were entrusted to be the watchmen over earth, refused to stand up and address its evils and injustices, partly because of fear and alternatively partly because of personal gain. Many of us refused to take a stand, because we had somewhat to gain from our consenting silence, resulting from being unequally yoked together with the world and deriving much from its ungodly pleasures and business.

The actual conclusion to all of this is, that God himself, now is restricted from doing or accomplishing much any more, in his own domain as a result of man and creation being given its freedom to exercise free choice or free will. God cannot step in and over ride legally, the laws of nature that he created. He also has to abide, and be bound by them, until those laws are refuted and annulled and changed at the conclusion of time itself. The very essence of time which actually governs nature and controls earths existence.

God is limited till time as we know it expires and comes to an end, as to what he can significantly intervene in and actually make the just and good changes necessary for eternal peace to ensue.

Remember in Daniel chapter ten verse thirteen where it is recorded that Daniel was praying and God sent an angel who informed Daniel that God had heard his prayers from the very first day he prayed them. But because Satan and his evil fallen angelic hordes had taken up control over the cities on earth from their spiritual and heavenly strongholds, in that case over the empire of Persia, God was only able to intervene with an angelic war over entitlement and possession. The Archangel of God the Military Captain of the armies of God, Michael in person was only able with great difficulty to dethrone and intercept these spiritual powers to enable Gabriel the messenger to speak with Daniel. Michael had to confront Satan’s host of evil with great conflict and confrontation as in war.

The scripture reiterates that Jesus, in order to be an effective high priest representing us before God, had to experience suffering and pain and undergo temptation as we do. So because of that he has become very sensitive and compassionate to our cry and need, for he has experienced what we will experience and therefore can identify with us on a personal basis. He has walked in our shoes, before us, if you will, he is qualified to be our priest because he has experienced all the differing temptations and trials that we will ever experience.

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