Fact or Fiction.
Was it and Angel or a Hoax?

Truth is this YouTube clip is definitely a conversation starter for people who have Christian beliefs or not. After watching the video footage many times I'm still trying to work out how the footage could be fake, but still cant find an answer for it.

If it was a fake it was so well put together that they worked out how to keep the time signature on the DVR camera system going perfectly without any cut. However should this be a real event, then we can clearly say it was an incredible act of God to save the life of this man on his rickshaw.

Truth is all over the world miracles like this are happening, and I believe in my opinion God is revealing himself to so many different people and cultures whether you believe in Christianity or not.

Listening to people I have showed the video footage to, the majority of non believers are under the opinion that it is a fake and the comments of the believer is "wow that is freaky."

However in the world we live in today, because of heavy programming to our minds through television, movies and the music industry people seem to think the evil world of satanism is a more powerful entity then the great God of the bible. This being because of the way movies, media and even churches have portrayed themselves. To be honest Jesus gave all believers a commission to go out in to all the world and make disciples of all men, to preach the gospel, heal the sick, cast out demons, and be the body of God to do his work on planet earth. Instead believers particularly in the western part of the world are more interested in materialism, making money, building funds and creating there own kingdoms. It was written in the gospels when Jesus walked into the temple and saw the people buying and selling in it, that he turned the tables over, picked up a nice long rod and beating them out of the temple saying" my Fathers house is a house of prayer, but you have made it a den of thieves", I wonder what he would do today to the pastors, preachers and evangelists with all the money exchanging in our churches.

It is no wonder why people are more interested in the evil world of satanism,
because of its deception of power and glamorous lifestyle it is very much a more attractive life, then to sit in a pew listening to some guy talk about how much money he has and that you should give him some more. So when the average Christian believer sees a sign, wonder or miracle, we are either sceptical or freaked out. WHERE IS OUR FAITH!!! One comment Jesus made is " When the Son of Man returns, will he find faith on the earth."

Its time to forget about what man has taught you, and begin to STAND what our God is teaching us through his Word, lets forget about what we can get and start believing for more souls and miracles. Jesus said "Greater things you will do," so shouldn't we start to believe this.