Divide and Conquer… NWO.

And if a house be divided against itself, that house cannot stand. ( Mark Ch 3 . V 25 ).

Division is a powerful weapon in the art of war be it physical or mental, once you have created an element of doubt in a persons mind they will often begin to question even truth itself especially if a threat is a part of the equation. Take for example Mathew Ch 10 V 21. "And the brother shall deliver up the brother to death, and the father the child: and the children shall rise up against their parents, and cause them to be put to death." What exactly is it that causes family to act in this manner ? For myself this scripture certainly hits home with the quality of some peoples character in the days we are living and how easy is it for the enemy to take full advantage and make ground. If this is the behavior family is willing to display to each other what can we expect from every day man ?  I know of a young girl that was very good at driving a wedge between her parents and as a result that marriage ended in separation, this was a blended family which always has its challenges however to end in divorce is as serious as it gets. At the end of the day the fact that we are born into sin must be a reminder to us to remain on our toes. Remember Mark 3, 25.

In 2008 Aaron Wilson an Australian soldier in Brisbane erected a 5m high flag pole in his front yard, this was done in honor of his friends who had served and died in Iraq. The Logan City Council contacted him and told him to remove the flag or face legal action.The reason for this removal, a neighbor had complained that it was offensive. Logan City Mayor Pam Parker said that the pole had setback issues and needed to be moved. Fare enough it is important top comply with regulations as everyone should follow the same guidelines however I personally find it offensive that anyone should make the statement that the Australian flag is offensive when flown in Australia. Mr Wilson took a trip around the local area to find that his was not the only offending flag pole that was to close to the boundary, so really it was the fact that someone did find it offensive.

A more recent case in regards to the Australian flag was a couple in Darwin by the name of Paul and Julie Lucas, they were told to take down their flag by their body corporate because of the current political climate. Mr Daniel Ferguson who is the Managing Director of Castle Real Estate denied that this was the reason and claimed that it was because Paul and Julie didn't apply to the body corporate.

The above cases are somewhat tame compared to the following. In America a man by the name Larry Murphree placed an American flag in his flower pot at the front of his house as do many Americans. The Home Owners Association in Florida has issued Mr Murphree a number of finds for the small flag to the tune of $8000.00. The Association has also put a foreclosure lean on his property. These are but a few of many stories occurring across the world and I am noticing that in some countries the locals that were born in that country are actually being persecuted as much and at times more than immigrants that have come to live there. Absolutely no racism is acceptable what so ever and if I was to set off abroad to live in another country I would certainly take on the traditions of that nation just like when I visit a friends house I respect the house rules.

People, this is not about flags and fines, This is about The New World Order manipulators destroying a nations sovereignty, making a country's citizens so frightened to even raise a flag out of pride for their country so they can push closer and closer toward the completion of their goal, one world government, one world religion, one world currency and The New World Order. The dividing of nations, people and nations traditions is an important tool for the elite to achieve their goal.  Alex Jones stated that because of people waking up to this fact and taking simple steps to stand against these thugs they were able to put the globalists some ten years behind on their New World Order agenda. I encourage you to do your bit, fly your flag, don't stay silent, help to stop evil from abounding, UNITE, use your free will for good and above all.....Pray.