I simply can not believe neither can I understand the absolute ignorance of a nation of people whose concern is so completely absorbed in its own navel gazing and comfort, that it is blinded to the actual reality of what is happening globally. The only people who can actually stop this global sabotage is the nation and its citizens of the actual devils causing this civil overthrow, and that is the American people. They have the greatest influence on earth as a nation in global politics and international affairs at present. But because of the average individuals nonchalant attitude and ignorance, they do not consider that the rest of the world and its problems are of any concern to them and also that they really have no desire to effect any nation or policy outside their own patriotic agendas. This may sound harsh but I believe humanity is being sacrificed on an altar of expedience for the sake of an ideological few, whose ego matches that of the biblical referenced pride of Lucifer, whom most of them knowingly serve. That famous old adage states “ My people are destroyed because of a lack of knowledge” How true.

What the American citizens do not realize is that, as the USA is now the only global superpower, what is demanded and stipulated by their own political leaders, becomes the enforceable policies of the NEW WORLD ORDER and no other people have the power to divert it or annul it. Their own treasonous political prostitutes called congressmen and women have sold themselves out, along with their nation to a global elite whose mandate is to turn the world over to a super wealthy, super powerful and insane group of devil worshippers hell bent on claiming the entire world and its resources for themselves.

You may think that statement above is very provocative and extreme, let me make it very clear, I believe it is mild in its description of these puppets and puppeteers who manipulate them, even here in our own country of Australia we are constantly pulled and led about by the nose in our endeavors to kneel at the feet of these manipulative and arrogant bigots of US global financial and industrial policy. Time here does not permit me to go into the history and raft of legislation and laws put in place by successive US Presidents and governments that have simply imposed upon our world the self serving enslavement of every individual on the planet in the cause of enhancing and propagating the very power and prosperity of this only remaining super power. Consider if you will, the Fractional Reserve Banking Act of December 23rd 1913, the post second world war legislation of the Breton Woods Agreement, to name just two, but there are hundreds.

American leaders have lied and deceived and constantly flouted the law, for which you and I as citizens would be required to serve long sentences in prison should we have been accused of these same criminal acts as these low life. Clinton both Bill and Hillary have lied under oath, have conspired with criminal groups for their own personal benefit this is not exaggeration, it is actually on record, then there is the Bush family whose heritage is linked to that of the Nazi Arianist conceit and elitism when even Barbara Bush said she did not want to be reminded and continually confronted with the circumstances relating to the poor and destitute of this world.

I have travelled through America on many occasions and have found the people and leaders to be totally self absorbed and insular when it comes to the situations facing our world internationally. I have found their Churches and Christian society to be even worse in their self justification and obsession to maintain personal wealth and affluence. I have found them to be unwilling to even consider the fact that our western lifestyle is out of sync with what Jesus taught and totally rejecting of any suggestion that their individual family status and personal standard of living needs to be adjusted downwards in line with the rest of the world. Their ignorance regarding awareness of international affairs, well what can I say, it simply just does not exist.

The point of all of this brings me to the very issue of discussion here which is appalling, but alas falls entirely upon deaf ears not only in America but the entire western world. Watching the international news from the television stations in several countries as we travelled, namely Singapore, Malaysia and Australia and having the ability from my own home once I had flown back in to Australia, to tune in to Russian television again I was astounded at the variance of reports.

The actual news I am referring to is the viewpoint of newscasters and stations around the globe relating to Crimea and the Ukraine. I am staggered at the stupidity and absurdity of western nations in their self centered myopic opinion which bears very little semblance to the actual truth. I am convinced as a result that if this is the degree of knowledge and understanding possessed by the folks responsible for our view and perception of international issues then I am convinced there is little hope of any legitimate resolve or conclusion to this worlds present contentions.

Let me explain a little further what I feel maybe mans last hope of any enduring peace upon earth. We hear the crazy even bizarre assessment of American diplomacy, visiting the Ukraine in what I consider absolute idiocy, where they completely distort the facts to present a picture totally the opposite to what actually happened. It was rather revealing to me while talking to a friend and his wife, originally from that area in the eastern European ex communist block, who both speak Russian and to hear of their personal astonishment as the reporters totally and intentionally mistranslated the Russian language into English in order to convey a very different account of what actually took place.

It does not surprise me at all, in fact nothing does any more, as I have had that very experience personally done to me, where an interpreter translated my message into an entirely opposite message than that which I spoke, so as to minimize my effect upon those listening to my address. This is not only insulting to the listeners but also is deceit of the highest form in order to propagandize the issue for the benefit of the manipulating media and its subversive handlers over the innocent unsuspecting audience of listeners.

We have been constantly bombarded by the American Media and the three clowns, or American stooges if you will, Obama, Kerry and then Biden, as to the fact that Russian President Putin has invaded the Ukraine and annexed the Crimea. What absolute lies and hypocrisy, and we the undiscerning public swallow this garbage and accept it without question, convinced that the western Leaders are the stalwarts of truth and decency and would never deceive us. How naïve we have become automatically deducing only the west is true and the rest are false.

The truth is, the duly elected and legitimate government in power at the time of the uprising, was there as a result of proper legal elections being overturned by a rightwing group of Nazi extremist thugs, who seized the opportunity to overthrow that legitimate government which had chosen to run on a policy platform of alignment with Russia. The Russian aligned government was forced out of power and replaced by a group of Neo Nazi mafia thugs who wanted Ukraine to align with the west particularly Europe and the USA. And they are the ones in power now, so all of the Crimean Peninsular who are Russian speaking decided to request protection from President Putin who stated unless the Crimean’s could guarantee a 95 % vote in a Crimean referendum,  he could not legally intervene. The Crimea voted and obtained a 95 % majority so Putin annexed it as it, originally belonged to Russia evidenced by their Russian language.

What did the “honest” west particularly Obama and America do, they supported the Neo Nazi rebels and sent in armaments to empower them, in order to take over the nation for the West. These rebels are the ones responsible for the deaths and murders and when you see the actual video clips of these extremist thugs, you will hear their sinister and violent intimidative threats and plans, and treatment of any who challenged or opposed their point of view. America, just as it had done in the province of Georgia  two years before seized the opportunity and attempted to subvert the legitimate leadership and alliance of the province. So here they attempted the very same subversive agenda once more, and sadly Putin now is seen and accused of being the invader, whereas in this case, he is the defender of what is true and just, not the other way around.

America has been the perpetrator of all that is devious and dishonest. They have been behind Kosovo and Afghanistan wars, behind Iraq and Libyan wars behind uprisings in Syria Egypt Iran and goodness knows what else. What a tragedy that reality no longer has a voice because of the ignorance of the uninformed masses. This why I am convinced that with out the intervention of a divine edict from God there is no hope of a just future but only the foreboding darkness of a world controlled by evil and ruled by tyranny.

Read the following article and see for yourself the rising frustration both of Western ignorance and anger towards it. You become very much aware of the fact that Russia and those nations aligned with them are now growing militancy toward the lies and stupidity of America and the Illuminati agenda through Obama and USA’s bullying demands to gain its way.

'Provocative' Putin reacts to U.S. presence Puts U.S. warship on notice as Washington moves troops April 23 2014 F. Michael Maloof, staff writer for WND & G2Bulletin & former snr security policy analyst in the office of the sec of defense.                                                                                                                                                                                           Vladimir Putin

WASHINGTON – Russian President Vladimir Putin has begun to react to subtle U.S. military deployments in the periphery of Russia. The U.S. has sailed an Aegis anti-ballistic warship into the Black Sea and the Pentagon announced Tuesday that U.S. troops would be sent for exercises in Eastern Europe to reassure allies on Russia’s border.

In an act deemed by the Pentagon as “provocative,” a Russian Sukhoi-24 fighter jet repeatedly buzzed the U.S.S. Donald Cook as low as 500 feet over a 90-minute period April 12 as the U.S. warship trolled the Black Sea in international waters near Crimea. With enhanced Russian military presence in Crimea, the prospect of further provocations against ships and military aircraft from the U.S. and its partners of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization is expected to increase, sources say. In turn, such an episode would only increase Russian surveillance of Western military assets, possibly affecting their ability to conduct normal reconnaissance and intelligence-gathering operations.

Meanwhile, the Pentagon is considering the deployment of up to 10,000 ground troops to Poland to show U.S. commitment to allied security in the area. After a meeting with Polish Defense Minister Tomasz Siemoniak last week, U.S. Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel said Poland would play a major role in the NATO buildup of troops in Eastern Europe “under U.S. patronage.” Signaling a change in overall strategic defense policy, Hagel said the U.S. needs to “re-pivot back to Europe from Asia to confront “Russian aggression” in Ukraine. One of the options for the U.S. is to move a 4,500-member combat brigade from Fort Hood, Texas, to Europe. A forward contingent already is on the ground in Poland to oversee what may become a series of military exercises with NATO allies in the region. It’s a response to Putin’s apparent intention of taking over all of Ukraine and possibly other areas of Eastern Europe where there is a concentration of ethnic Russians.

The prospect has prompted concern among NATO countries in the region, which have assessed that the Russian military is stronger than all of their militaries combined. Consequently, the NATO members are hoping the U.S. will increase its presence to confront what they consider “Russian aggression.” Regional sources have told WND that Putin’s motive is to set up buffer zones against the eastern encroachment of NATO, as Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia seek to join the Western alliance. Putin, however, has reacted forcibly, in 2008 with the Russian invasion of Georgia and now the movement of Russian special forces into Crimea. The annexation of the peninsula came after a disputed referendum of its citizens, which are predominantly ethnic Russian.

The sources believe Putin will remain assertive in his determination to set up buffers while keeping out elements of NATO. For that reason, the Russian president last week reacted forcibly against the deployment of NATO anti-missile defenses, including the U.S.S. Cole, an Aegis-equipped missile warship, near Crimea. Putin views the moves as a threat to the nuclear defenses of southwestern Russia, which include Crimea for the first time in Russia’s strategic doctrine. The Cole actually was to head to the Ukrainian city of Odessa for a port call but canceled due to demonstrations and after Putin referred to the U.S. deployment as a threat.

The U.S. warship reportedly then pulled out of the area and headed toward Turkey and Georgia. Russia expert John Helmer said that the use of the ships in the Black Sea is of particular concern to Putin. A U.S. warship, the U.S.S. Mount Whitney, was in the Black Sea during the Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia, to assist Putin in counter-terrorism activities. But it also secretly monitored Russian reaction to demonstrations in Ukraine at the time that led to the ouster of its pro-Russian president. The Mount Whitney is described as a floating headquarters for NATO strike forces aimed at Russia. It was present in the Black Sea during the 2008 Russian invasion of Georgia. The ship has the capability of intercepting signals intelligence and listening in on Russian command communications.

According to Helmer, who said he was quoting European military observers, the actual purpose of the Mount Whitney during the Olympic Games was to monitor how far Putin’s attention was distracted by the Olympics “while the U.S. worked to transform the situation in Kiev, overthrowing the government of (Ukrainian) President Viktor Yanukovych, if it could.”

Putin was distracted by the Olympics, the Europeans believe, and so he was taken by surprise by the Feb. 21 coup in Kiev, prompting him to act first in Crimea to create the buffer against NATO.

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