Cern and the gates of Hell.

About eight years ago I took my family camping to a secluded camping spot in a rather rugged part of the country, at this site it is not hard to spot or come across many forms of wild life. As we were walking back to camp one morning after our usual […] Read more »

A Wake Up Call

I don't travel a lot, at least not yet , who knows what might happen in the next few years, however I was making my way to Brisbane Airport when I see the ever popular Qantas aeroplane take off and majestically take flight into the air, it wasn't anything special […] Read more »

Gray State: The Rise – Raw, Uncut Documentary – Censored ‘Martial Law’ Movie

Watch It While You Still Can! The brand new video below just released has already been removed from YouTube several times. We advise you to do as we did, download the video to your own computer to ensure that this kind of censorship will NEVER be permitted to happen.  For those who are […] Read more »

What next America ?

I look back at old footage of America around the fifty's and sixty's and I'm envious of the people that were blessed to have grown up in that era, old ford mustangs, big hamburgers, Saturday nights at the drive inn and generally cheap living conditions which makes for a far more enjoyable […] Read more »

Mathew ch 24 v 22.

Now there's a scripture that should continuously get our attention as it spells out the fact that there will be Christians present during the tribulation in those days. Verse 21 says...." For then shall be great tribulation, such as was not since the beginning of the world to this time, […] Read more »


To the many critics of the Book of Judas , produced by the National Geographic Society (NGS), the NGS seems more interested in subverting Christianity than presenting honest history.  The project’s panel of “experts” suggest the New Testament gospels may have deceived us by vilifying Judas Iscariot. Far from a traitor, they […] Read more »

Well wonders never cease, I never thought the Illuminati would put up a website sprooking about how wonderful they are. Well its here...Illuminati .am....the official website of the illuminati, as their slogan reads. The Satanic Illuminati have begun their attack on the unsuspecting uneducated population of the world and what frustrates me is that the […] Read more »