Titanic, Unsinkable, Banking System, Unsinkable ???

We all know the story of the unsinkable Titanic of 1912, yet in less than three hours she broke apart and sank to the depths below killing 1500 people. According to the professionals, ships are not supposed to snap in half. The question being raised now is, were there flaws in the construction of the vessel? Were materials used in construction not up to standard?  Bottom line... SHE SANK. 1500 people dead. I have a name for you, Joseph Bruce Ismay. Ismay designed the Titanic, he also designed other ships that also sank, he was on the Titanic when she went down and he was also on the the other ships when they went down as well. See a pattern here ? Ismay was condemned for being on the last life boat off the Titanic and it seems to me that he was very fond of designing ships but not very good at getting them to stay float. I believe this to be the height of arrogance especially as he managed to be one of the survivors on each occasion. It seems he almost knew they were doomed for destruction. I bet if the public knew these facts at the time the Titanic tickets were released they would not have had such great ticket sales.

A little bit of research on Ismay's track record may have saved some lives perhaps.

Paper money friends, that's potentially the next Titanic.

On August 15 1971, President Nixon announced that the American dollar would no longer be backed by Gold. BIG mistake. In his speech he said that the strength of a nation's currency is based on the strength of its economy, this is true, however it is Gold backed currency that keeps a nation honest, AND out of debt, as every 1 dollar printed should be backed by 1 dollar of Gold and at any time any citizen should be able to go to the bank with a dollar note and clean swap it for a dollar of Gold and vise versa. Paper money is set up by the Elite Bankers to make them rich and give them control over you and me. I believe God put the right amount of Gold in the earth so we would grow together financially at a positive and ethical rate, some of us would have been wealthier than others but real gold would have kept us honest. The paper money standard is from Satan and it stands for greed. Nixon's contradictory lie for taking America off the Gold standard was that he claimed that the American dollar had been under attack from time to time by money speculators. Definition of money speculation is as follows. The act of trading in an asset, or conducting a financial transaction that has a significant risk of losing most or all of the initial outlay, in expectation of a substantial gain. Nixon said he gave direction to Secretary Connally to defend the dollar against the speculators. What nonsense, as soon as the dollar ceased to be backed by Gold it was under attack from every type of speculator and greedy thief out there. America today is in debt to the sum of 18 plus, trillion dollars and there certainly is not 18 plus trillion dollars of Gold at fort knox or any other Gold storage to back it up, in fact an article written by Bob Borino for the Globe Paper tells of how in 1973 and 1974, millions of dollars worth of Gold was trucked out of Fort Knox to New York then put on planes and flown to Switzerland and the Netherlands, sold to European sources for a bargain. How ironic is this,...... the persons responsible for this traitorous crime against the American people..................................a handful of international speculators. They knew they would no longer have a need for Gold to back paper any more.

Funds are loaned to each country by the International Monetary Fund (IMF)....the big bank.... the bank above all banks, all banks want a return of interest or their money back. What happens when the International Monetary Fund want their money back from America or any other country for that matter ? The IMF won't want paper of any sort. They will want Gold or land or in this day and age, control. The American Government has bailed out the banks before during the Global Financial Crisis in 2008 however Simon Johnson a former chief economist to the IMF said the following during an interview. "The Government wouldn't have the cash to rescue the banks this time either."

On one of our data cd's at the Omega Times we have a document that states that the banks are now no longer a place for any safe keeping of your money, they are now a just as bigger risk as putting your money on the share market or a roulette wheel for that matter. No guarantee of your money being there if a money crash was to take place and lets face it this world is on a collision course with a reckoning of sorts when it comes to debt. On Tuesday just gone, I went to my bank to deposit some money for a transaction I was making the next day. I asked the manager while I was there if it was true that the banks were now no longer backed and was our money potentially at risk? She replied "yes, that took place in 1996." However she said that the big four in Australia were so big that they virtually could not fail.

Full steam ahead, don't worry, She's unsinkable.