This article is the most important article I have written about the most destructive organization ever established on earth and it is our duty to expose this scheme as peoples lives depend on it. Please pass this information on to educate as many people as you can.   Recently I […] Read more »


The Bible through out its entire volume makes reference to a time coming when there will be a final showdown between good and evil. That showdown or ultimate final confrontation will involve the entire planet and actually the entire universe, as the conflict originated way back before time and even […] Read more »

The Love of Money.

As a follower of Christ I have come in contact with many Christians over the years from all walks of life and I have found that as time goes on, fewer and fewer are lining themselves up with the timing of that of the Bible. It is relatively simple, we […] Read more »

What Do They Have In Mind Next ?

A house divided will not stand the book of Mark tells us and it makes perfect sense, I personally have seen many a marriage end unfortunately to the dividing of the parents because of interference of children or quite often from parties outside the family entirely. I have also seen […] Read more »

Death of marriage under God?

A lot can be said about the statement, "I am sorry but I cannot legally marry you." However, due to the threat of jail and loss of church assets, this is exactly what is starting to occur. Pastors and ministers who have kept up with changes in the western world […] Read more »

Caesar ? Smart ?

Luke ch 2 v 1 "And it came to pass in those days, that there went out a decree from Caesar Augustus, that all the world should be taxed." This scripture is testament to the fact that the powers that rule over the people are clearly at times hell bent […] Read more »

Its Right In Front Of You

I laugh out loud when I hear people call me a conspiracy theorist, when everywhere I look it backs up everything that myself and my colleagues on here are saying. I have been watching movies since I was a kid, in fact it was the business I wanted to get […] Read more »