One grave mistake we as a society of western Christians have constantly promoted and by our silence, justified, is now coming home to visit us in all its severity and ugliness. The Bible states 'That he who sows to the wind will reap the whirlwind” the results and consequences of which we are now having to face and which leaves no room for apathy on our part. We all will suffer a horrific future if we continue to ignore the deathly screams of reality attempting to alert us to our fate which we are very much ignoring.

I really believe our destiny, is now irreversible and our future is sealed, that it has all been brought about by our folly and willing ignorance of the consequences of tolerating unrighteous behaviour. This article and its content all relate to the subject of unbiblical, perverted views of western capitalistic affluence. We as western people are more concerned about making and having an inheritance in preference to the longer term and moral view of actually building and leaving a legacy, particularly for our children. We want to live life for enjoyment and pleasures sake, without any consideration to the state of the world we will leave to our children. We are a take society and we live to simply plunder the worlds opportunities and resources for our own selfish and corrupt benefit.

One thing we have berated our tribal brethren for over the centuries, is their mystical view of being a part of nature, or as they refer to it as oneness with the land. They respect nature and enjoy the simplicity of its beauty and ruggedness whereas we so called educated civilised people and race, plan and scheme how we can take advantage of it and change it in order to derive some monetary benefit from it.

I read an article just a day or so ago that gave the statistics of a referendum conducted in both very poor and alternatively very wealthy nations. The ramifications and conclusions were nothing short of incredible from my point of view, as the wealthy country respondents almost without exception concluded they were very unhappy with their lives and situations, but on the converse the poorest of nations and their people stated they were generally very happy as long as they had food and shelter. What a strange paradox, that in one way should not surprise anyone, as the words of Jesus confirm very definitively and clearly “Man's happiness is not determined by, nor consists because of the abundance of a man's possessions.”

I fear it is almost to late to turn this attitude around now and I also fear that there is no will to do it even if we think it is necessary. Big business with all its splinter groups certainly the most powerful of them, directed by the insatiable greed of western consumerism, has no desire whatsoever, to change direction. In fact these diabolically motivated parasites and leaches are without precedent principles or conscience, manipulating the very commodities and products they produce in order to coerce people to buy more of them. All the time knowing that the very products they sell are no longer healthy and free from degenerative substances but on the contrary, cancer causing and destructive. They continue unabated to peddle their chemicals and pollutants, destroying our bodies and the very environment that we ultimately will give account for by way of human obsolescence.

When will we ever learn said the old sixties song sung by the folk group PETER PAUL AND MARY. Not particularly soon by the looks of things and maybe not at all in my estimation, viewed from this present position. If the sixties with all the radicals, naturalist protests and activist groups could not change the direction of thinking, why would we suppose it will happen now. The whole sordid system and way of civilisation is driven by corrupt politics and warped thinking funded by the powerful and wealthy elite, whose agenda and fundamental objective is not to create a better world for all but to plunder it for the few and restrict its benefits and resources to a more and more privileged minority.

The only way this prevailing attitude could ever change is if the church, which is supposed to be the conscience of the nations and the God given guardians and stewards of the land, would take it seriously enough to arise and make their voices heard amidst the clamour of every other ungodly pervasive voice. If the church were to stand up for what is right and that which is just simply termed decency, if it would be prepared to die for what they believe, then maybe just maybe, we could bring about a change for the better. This simple change could set in motion the very determination to change societies direction and secure a continuing legacy for our children and our children’s children just like God originally intended.

But alas I am convinced it will never be and also convinced that there is no will within the people to change, so without the will there will be no change. History affords us the ability too look back and view what other generations and peoples did in response to crises that threatened the very existence of man and his environment. Yet on looking back I do not see many examples of resistance of evil by the passive majority. Yes I must concede there are great examples whereby men rose up and resisted tyranny but in practically every case it came by one or two men declaring we have had enough. To this declaration many others began to rally and from these scenarios heroes of history have been born.

On looking back over past examples of change I can not find one where it took place by mutual and peaceful agreement, each one I have viewed has come about from violent and armed conflict, whereby many died in the process of implementing and contending for that change. History sounds forth the trumpet blast of reality that, transformation for good in society has only ever come about when good men are forced to respond and mostly it is at great expense to the life of many, because they allowed evil to simply plant its obvious evil roots in the midst of communities passive non resistant tolerant silence.

One of our modern examples of this is at the start of the second world war I around 1939, where The then Prime Minister Chamberlain of England formulated a policy known today as detente or more appropriately as the doctrine of appeasement. By sacrificing some people groups in Europe and accepting some of Adolph Hitler’s military advances Chamberlain thought he could negotiate a peace accord that would be respected by the Nazis.

Many of those nations were overrun by Hitler and then it was sanctioned by Chamberlain but did it stop the European invasion? Absolutely not and Chamberlains appeasement policy has gone down in history as one of the greatest examples of the stupidity and dishonour of compromise and tolerance, peace at any price has never worked. Look at the lives that were lost in that global conflict all because we will do anything to avoid conflict and action till it is to late but to take action.

The Bible states “Because sentence is nor executed speedily against an evil matter, therefore the heart of the following generation of children is set to do that same evil” What we condone by our silent acceptance in one generation becomes in the next generation part of their integrated culture”

I will end by using one of Histories prominent voices who actually replaced Lord Chamberlain as Prime Minister of England and took the United Kingdom to war against Hitler and Chamberlains failed appeasement peace policy his name was Winston Churchill. He totally reversed the agreement and declared war and as a result formulated this famous speech and saying. “If you will not fight for what is right when you can easily win, without bloodshed, if you will not fight when your victory is assured and not to costly, you will face the moment when you will have to fight with all odds stacked against you and only a slight chance of survival. And there may be even a worse fate. You may have to fight when there is no hope of victory because it is better to perish than to live in slavery.

How very true but do we ever learn the past does not seem to prove it so, morality and things of conscience are not bought they are taught and when there are no teachers there are no adherents. Is this what we have come to that everything is now on the table for negotiation principles, morality, truth, conscience and ultimately faith in God? It appears to be so only the individual can now consider and answer that question but again I fear it is now to late Jesus said except those days of evil be cut short there will be no one left alive upon earth because of the violence that will prevail. Where are the voices and the people of conscience.

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