It is with incredible concern that I write this article not only with great sadness and concern, but also with a sense of indignation and ire  in an attempt to challenge the spinelessness of society and their pathetic no speak policy on controversial subjects such as same sex union etc. What an absolute disgrace that society has come to this, where the norm is now considered abnormal and to express an opinion which voices that of the conservative majority is no longer tolerated but also now persecuted by the liberal minority.

One consistently reads, both here in Australia and the rest of the nations of the world in their respective news regarding the provocative stance of egotistical entertainers and sports people advocating extreme anti social behaviour and lifestyles. Especially western democratic nations whose high profile sports people both men and women promote and endorse  every uncouth expression and extreme just to further their popularity and fame. There are also many who actually practice the very extremes they endorse and openly encourage those extremes to the youth and impressionable fans they  have influence over.

Even many parents seem to have picked up the same thinking, considering it to be acceptable and part of our civilised culture. One has to ask?

“Have we all gone completely mad.” I do not understand why it is that people and especially parents who say they love their children can endorse lifestyles along with sports idols and entertainment stars and think this is okay. Take for example Miley Cirus introduced into Hollywood as a child and allowed to be exhibited and taken advantage of at every opportunity by a ruthless and corrupt industry is there for nothing other than the lining of their own pockets at the expense of human decency.

Miley Cirus, Katey Perry and many others who were allowed and even encouraged by parents to develop a career in entertainment have seen there very own children sacrifice everything decent they were ever taught to a world of evil and an industry of filth. And yet we still encourage this insanity take our very own Australian young singing star Guy Sebastian look what has become of him. Many bleeding hearts will immediately protest and say what is wrong with him, to which I reply nothing apart from the fact that because of his immaturity and the glamour of public imagery he is now and ex Christian and has denied everything he was taught and that by the way is from his own words.

We ignore the crude declarations and degraded lifestyles of these so called idols and examples to aspire to yet wonder why society has become such a cesspool of antisocial behaviour and indecency. What did we expect  and we keep doing the same thing and continually contemplating a different result. As I said before “Are we completely mad”. We now look down on what is normal and feel more compassion for the poor helpless homosexuals and degenerates such as the paedophilia advocates who are now pressuring the governments of nations for law changes to accommodate their fetish and degenerate behaviour. A few short years will show my point when once again the distorted minds of a totally immoral society will question why we are over run by a perverted sexual deviate mindset which we actually endorsed and condone.

You think I am extreme and alarmist, watch your immediate future and take the time to research the Kinsey Report and its deviate policies mandated for a anti Christian society. Add to your research the organisation known by its acronym N.A.M.B.L.A. Which stands for North American Man Boy Love Association, which is part of a broader international organisation and then check out the human animal sex laws of European countries and see just how prolific these issues are.

I have been called a bigot, a prude and many other crude and damning expletives in my life time by all and sundry and probably others have also. But did we speak out and then get insulted and then suddenly watch public opinion rise in a defensive wave of reaction against our detractors, Hardly as that would be inconceivable. The public at large could not care less if we were to receive criticism and insult, because it is not a politically hot issue and because it does not threaten a minority group’s agenda. However the mention of a word like faggot or queer does. This literally is the present plague of our modern political and crazy warped society, shackled and paralysed by a global culture of insane political correctness.

Even if a discriminatory statement is made surely we have not become so fickle and sensitive that we can not take a little opposition to our perspectives on life. What a sad day for us that society has now become so sensitive and intolerant. But I actually thought tolerance is what is supposed to be the catch cry of our age of enlightenment now. The truth is absolutely, this word is featured so much and so vehemently in our modern society, but isn't it amazing that it is applied in favour of the extremist unnatural minority and yet in opposition to the normal moral majority. We have become a short sighted emotional and effeminate weaklings, unable to laugh at our differences and incapable of turning the other cheek, but sold out to a selfish mindset of personal pleasure.

We are watching the so called imposition of modern sanitised political correctness gone absolutely mad where folk now are gutless and insecure that they can no longer endure or tolerate any opposition what so ever. So pathetically weak and so easily intimidated are we that we feel we now have to legislate away all opposition to our personal points of view because we can not take any sort of criticism. So society now suffers the consequences of this immoral stupidity imposed upon us by a gutless bunch of weirdoes whose only motivation for doing so is their own effeminate and twisted sense of justice. The result……. We destroy the genuine and innocent of people because they don’t fit into our acceptable box of what we deem to be socially right or wrong.

These moralistic do gooders are pathetic most of them are psychologically imbalanced themselves and when you sit with them and challenge them they flare up and take the so called moral high ground which is not high at all, it is beneath low ground in my estimation. Freaks of nature to my way of thinking people who are totally insecure. This is revealed by their own vehement defensive reaction to any opposing viewpoint that only validates or highlights the truth that they have those insecurities.

It angers me to think that anyone who does not think and reason as these cookie cutter cloned socialites do, is rejected out of hand and drummed off the stage of hive minded thinkers because they dared to express an individualistic attitude. They then seek to destroy anything unique and creative by forcing everyone to conform to the mould of communal social engineering . This type of mould will only ever produce assembly line creations all looking alike and thinking alike, well the scripture informs us that to be like that is anti-Christ.

Romans chapter twelve verses two states we are not to let the world cast us into any mould of conformity but on the contrary we are to be renewed in our minds and thinking, to become individuals being able to exercise our uniqueness, to work out Gods good, acceptable and perfect will, which is different for each one of us. I for one will not stand by and watch this sacrifice of individualism on any altar of expedience, happen, without a forceful protest. I will not be silent while these wet nurses of political correctness along with a gutless public and insipid Christian church condemn the solitary dissenter from their idiotic ideology.

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