Choose this day who you will serve.

In our younger days we tend to look up to different people for different reasons, this is usually the case in regards to big brothers, sisters and parents etc, and later as we grow older we tend to develop admiration for celebrities and the like. Over the last ten years or so I have lost just about all faith in regards to any form of celebrity type status what so ever, as time after time it turns out that they tend to be just as human as you and I, in fact I have found that I have met more trust worthy people that have no title to their name at all among the general population.

We live in a world that is in more need than ever, which is ridiculous, especially considering the fact that we are more educated and our technological advances have sky rocketed. There is no doubt in my mind that it is all controlled by people of power that want to rule and want to basically be served. What blows my mind the most though, is when you attempt to educate the average everyday person of the corruption that is taking place in certain circles, they usually tend to just shrug it off as theory or as if nothing can be done about it anyway. "Who cares," seems to be the attitude today.

Here is the guts of this article.

It is reported that Queen Elizabeth the II is worth approximately 5 to 600 million dollars. She sits on her thrown without any concerns for the world in which she rules over, and not a day goes by in which she wants for anything. People are in need everywhere you look and yet the lavish lifestyle of Her Majesty knows no boundaries. I understand that sometimes people make decisions that have a negative out come and therefore they must live with the consequences pressing forward to higher ground but I also believe they could do with a little slack, grace, cut for them as well. Recently you will have heard that Osama Bin Laden's sister, Sana Bin Laden was on her way to Britain and her plane met with an unfortunate accident...end of story according to the usual two faced filthy half truth is a whole lie bought media. Not the end of the story at all, in fact things are really starting to come to light actually. It turns out that Sana Bin Laden was on her way to Britain to give an account on the goings on and role that Her Majesty had played in regards to 9/11. The Foreign Intelligence Service, SVR is putting it out that the Kremlin is claiming that Her Majesty is a main contributor to 9/11 by way of funding the attacks. The downing of Sana Bin Laden's private jet is backed up by eye witnesses Joe Ramos and Daphne Knowles. Joe states that he herd a loud bang consistent to the contact with a missile hitting the plane. Daphne says that she was told by two witnesses that the private jet swerved in a way that would suggest it was evading an oncoming plane or projectile. MY take on an oncoming plane is ridiculous as air traffic control at an airport would not allow such a close encounter and a pilot would see an oncoming plane as a plane is massive in size. A projectile would be harder to see therefore would require fast and evasive action which would line up with eye witness accounts. Never the less I don't believe for one millisecond that it was a coincidence that Sana Bin Laden's jet crashed when she was on her way to give testimony against the Queen. Her jet came down in Britain as she was being required to appear again before The Iraq Inquiry being overseen by Sir John Chilot and that meeting was to take place on Monday the 3rd of August.

It is claimed by Sana that the attacks on The World Trade Centre were funded by Fahd Bin Salman Abdulaziz Al Saud and Ahmed Bin Salman Bin Abdulaziz Al Saud who had been given AUTHORITY to access and use the Bank account's of Queen Elizabeth The II which are overseen by the Swiss giant KPMG.

The above paragraph says it all and here is some association evidence if you will. Prince Ahmed Bin Salman ( now also dead ) was said to be a close friend of The Queen, in fact the ranch owned by Dr John Chandler and his wife Alice which is situated in the United States and is also where Sana Bin Laden took refuge after the attacks on the WTC was also the ranch where Prince Ahmed and The Queens horse stud affairs were overseen.

There are many more twists and turns being thrown around in this report by SVR and the Kremlin's claims and I have only skimmed the surface however at the top of this article you see the scripture about serving.....I wonder who is serving what. Regardless of who is guilty or not there is a bunch of dead people in the wake of this filth from the downing of the WTC through the wars that followed right up to the downing of Sana Bin Laden's jet....... NOBODY HAS THE RIGHT TO TAKE LIFE BUT GOD, HE GIVES AND HE TAKES ACCORDINGLY ............. I SMELL A BIG FAT DEMONIC RAT SOMEWHERE IN THIS REPORT.