How much do we Love God ?

I think my title says it all. I mean seriously how much do we love God. I work all over the place, so I am constantly driving around and seeing different people living there lives and I have to ask that question, in these days of end times, how much do we really love and honour our God the great I AM. I see people going to church and are more interested in writing or reading what's on the their Facebook page then what the Pastor is saying. And please don't get me wrong I don't blame some of these people for doing it, because what some of these Pastors and preachers are talking about is absolute garbage with a nice positive message attached. However I see a lot of people, not all, but a lot spending more time on there phone then perhaps in prayer. It is written the Word of God " Thou shalt have no other Gods before me," and yet I ask could our devices like phones, tv, internet be a God before him. Do we love our entertainment more then our God. Is it more important to try to be in with know of what famous people are doing on the planet then what our God wants for our lives. How much do we love God ? I am not going to lie to you, I am guilty of this system to, but I am realising that this is just a bad distraction and in some cases an addiction to keep our eyes off what Jesus wants for us. So I look back once again in the Word of God and we see since the very beginning the enemy satan has been trying his best and succeeding in some cases to distract our eyes from God and focus on ourselves and what we want. You see the devils only thought is to show how wrong God was to create man, and so he is out to prove that by making man forget about God and focus on ourselves, our passions, our dreams, our goals, what we think we need. I guess in a way you can say the devil is a fan of man, but not for good only evil. You see satan wants us to have what we want and then to want more so it will take our eyes off God, so he builds it up to a stage where once we get one thing we have to make it bigger and better, just like it was in the Garden of Eden. God had given everything Adam and Eve could ever want, and yet for a brief moment in time, the devil distracted them both with the lie of being something bigger and better. Our Father God has the very best for us all, he knows us so well he can number the hairs on our head, Jesus said " if you asked your heavenly father for bread, would he give you a stone, if you asked for a fish would he give you a serpent." Gods only desire is for the best for us, problem is he knows what is best, not us. So how about we put the phones and pads down, turn the tv and internet off, and maybe spend more time in prayer and seek God what he wants for us instead of what we want for ourselves. After all that's what we were created for, to spend time with our Father God.