There is an absolute insane and depraved mentality driving both politics and its military industrial complex arm, via the big business and drug baron consortiums of this world on every continent. The lack of accountability and common decency of these warped degenerate wretches, will ultimately demand confrontation, head on from its detractors. I can see no other alternative or option to stop this complete Satanic madness and this is no exaggeration.

Whether those detractors have the nous and courage enough to confront, is another issue, I personally doubt they have. The Church which could do it, certainly has little desire or will to do so and where else is there a body of people who will fight the good fight of faith apart from the church. Humanity, including the church, has been lulled into a deep deceptive illusion, that we are heading to a universal state of nirvana or tranquillity. That state however is via a door or path of fatalistic thinking, a lie, that this present evil must be accepted as the transitional sacrifice and price to pay, in order to achieve the desired peace and goodwill to all men. What total nonsense, this is not Gods way. The Book of Jude instructs us that we are to earnestly contend for the truth which was once delivered unto our fathers; Not to compromise and replace it, but fight for it and defend it. The word in the Greek language for contend is the word EPAGONIZOMAI, so if you look you will recognise the English word agonise within the ancient Greek word and that is exactly what it is imploring us to do

You may disagree with my summary of the issues by stating that it is not government or military motivation, but science and scientists themselves, separate altogether from the former, who are driving this imbecilic thinking. I can understand that politically correct rationalistic reasoning from the uniformed individuals point of view, but may I add, it may look that way but it is not so. Probably the largest sector of potential income and corporate wealth in the future is going to come both directly and indirectly to and through the drug companies associated with health and welfare of world citizenry namely you and I.

The Major issue I want folk to realise is that most drug companies are exactly that, drugging companies, and when you realise, what they have now become, is the opposite of what they once were. No longer is their intent to research and find a solution to a debilitating problem, but now their intent is to discover, manufacture and market a pharmaceutical aid to enhance your standard of life, by removing some of the side issues, such as the pain or sleeplessness of that debilitation and in that way you become dependent on their drug to maintain a reasonable standard of existence.

In every sense and field of endeavour these Godless materialistic degenerates are recreating this world in which we live, not to better it as they would have us believe, but to change it and control it, for their benefit alone. Look at the field of food production they think they know better than God who created it and conclude by harmful pest controlling carcinogens and chemicals we can increase harvest and productivity. It may work for a season but that is all, the end result is the land becomes totally unproductive and ceases to produce anything. Who caused it, DOW, MONSANTO, and a multiple of others, but do we learn, we just keep repeating the same old same old. And the people say nothing.

Look at the field of water supply and its purification, we are told, the highly toxic chemical by product of aluminium smelter is used to strengthen the enamel on our teeth, it matters not what fluoride does to rest of the human body, apart from the passivity it creates in mental stimulation on the human brain. It is destructive to human cells as it is a toxic poison. Look at the field of chemtrails, where we are told chemical cloud seeding is for the positive manipulation of weather control, to enable barren areas to now produce bountiful harvests. Contrary to expectations, what we are told is not what is actually happening.

Do the personal research and you will find many of the so called cloud seeding chemicals are also toxic and harmful to babies, children and elder folk and especially to the animals and in turn the food chain. Could it be a form of population control? There is now absolutely no doubt about that. George Soros and The Bill and Melinda Gates foundation have been kicked out of third world countries for this very reason, as they found the real purpose behind much of this chemtrail madness is population control.

One thing that makes me laugh uncontrollably is the fact that many so called mind conditioned educated puppets of the modern halls of knowledge or should I say indoctrination, will tell me I am a conspiracy theorist and what I say is nonsense and that I should produce evidence to prove my point. Well in the past I would enter into endless debate and production of facts and detail, to back up my accusations only to find, they would insult me and not listen nor heed my call because of their refusal to believe that governments and scientists would ever act with such callous disregard for human life. So now I am no longer interested in debating these armchair lecturers, whose lazy demeanour is to attack anything controversial and outside of the conventional accepted norm and then tell them to get off their butt and do their own research with an open uninhibited mind and they will find the truth.

Added to this insidious idiocy is the fact that most of these large Pharmaceutical companies are headed up by the self same people who control the Military Industrial complex, the Banks and the media and from whose finances, education and manpower the governments of this world are chosen and resourced. Look at the genetic engineering, cellular modification areas and you will see again, their warped mentality that convinces them, they know better than our creator. Alarmingly and tragically once the cell is modified as is happening, your DNA changes for ever and you and I are no longer strictly human as God created us.

Further to this reality, evil is compounded by the addition of foetal blood and foetal cells of aborted babies and also animal tissue which is added now to many of the infectious diseases serum, included in our injections. This is nothing short of Antichristian, and diabolic as it is done, without your knowledge or your ethical consent. In Australia if you do not consent to your children being vaccinated, you will no longer be able to obtain child welfare benefits and concessions. In other western so called democratic free countries it is now mandatory. You have no choice but the public has been herded into a fear mentality, that if they don’t get the vaccine they will die and so anyone who refuses it is anti social and must be either separated off and penalised. Much worse is the fact that if the Bible is correct, and it is we will face a time, where we will be denied access to all benefits and imprisoned, maybe even put to death.

When you review the Obama health care plan that was to be implemented in America you quickly realise, this and all subsequent and international legislation is nothing short of a financial bonanza for the giant Pharmaceutical companies of the globe. Most people, concluded under President Trumps over throw of the Obama treason health care plan, that it would be overturned and thrown out by congress but, alas, alas not so. They have stalled Trumps opposing plan and continued on with Obama’s, and the scary thing is, it was most of his own republican supporters who resisted Trumps alternative and went with Obama’s. Furthermore Obama’s treason, places the control of citizenry and every future life in to the hands of these mostly unscrupulous and unethical people. They will have the power to determine whether you live or die and under that plan if you are beyond 70 years of age you need a board of experts to determine your viability for further drugs and treatment. What is that if it is not population control. Also all citizens are to be chipped in order to guarantee their compliance.

The Russians had a great deal of input into this early sinister research which has now been taken over by the west. Take the time to research the Russian scientist Igor Smirnoff a sinister psychoanalyst, to find out the length depth and the spread of this absolutely demonic evil. Get on the computer and check out what is known as the Russian Sleep experiment, also look up the Stanford Prison experiment conducted by the CIA MIND CONTROL DEPT and their MK ULTRA and then similarly the Stanley Milgram experiment. There are many others but if these alone do not stir your anger and sense of what is right and wrong then all I can say is you have a problem and need the spirit of the Lord to awaken your conscience because it is seared with a hot iron.

Who is presently behind all of this medical science and where do they get their funding, from the same major pharmaceutical giants we are discussing above. That is where and they do not have your best interests at heart, there own words and C. E. O.’s openly admit this but will the common folk believe it, never. They say that could never happen. Foolishness!

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