Several days ago I wrote an article, titled, Deceived, over the last 48 hours I have felt to punch out an article referring to the Georgia Guide stones, and then today I came across some information that I will weld together taking into account the above and more. Some time ago I wrote an article titled “Everything points to UN agenda 21”, A CULL OF THE EARTHS POPULATION. You don’t have to look far these days to find how little human life is worth to Government bodies, the simple fact that if you don’t have health insurance in some countries you will be turned away from a health clinic or hospital, refused medical aide and as a result in some cases you will be left to die. I could list multiple examples relating to Government eradication of citizens and a lining up with UN agenda 21, in another article perhaps.

Georgia Guide stones

The Georgia Guide Stones are a declaration of things to come under the rule of I believe the Antichrist, on the Georgia Guide Stones there are numerous inscriptions however I will address one,

“Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature.”

Sound like a good idea?, if it were not for the short time frame in which to accomplish such a reduction, and when you do the research or even just stay awake long enough you see the pieces of the puzzle and the plan unfolding, especially when statements have been made by ABC News etc like “by the year 2025 40 % of the worlds jobs will be replaced by machines. Take into account the CIA run website indicating the world’s population will be reduced by the year 2025 and you see the picture beginning to take shape. The population by 2025 for Australia is to be reduced to 8 million, a drop of 60 - 70 %.

I find it interesting that capitals are used on the Guide Stones, capitals represent law, they also represent or indicate yelling, do you sense there is a dictatorship on the way rather than a good set of idea’s being put in place for the betterment of our future. ???????

Move forward to the book of Revelation, and it’s off with your head if you don’t fall into line, I have touched on this before, however when I came across this clip alarm bells were ringing, I am sure you will see the connection I am making.

- Mohammed Al Gergawi

- Chairman of World Government

Look at history and you will find time and time again where evil has overridden good, powerful people get too much money, get too big for their boots and the masses often pay with their lives. A cull is coming people, we can be sure of that, in fact it’s started ,we touched on the Guide Stones, and here is a piece of the puzzle afflicting massive damage across the globe. Hilary Clinton, that snake and her Planned Parenthood sick cronies promoting abortion like it’s as easy as conception. That sick snake doesn’t make known for her ill-informed victims what is displayed in the next section of this article,……titled, After Effects.

After Effects.

Jesus stated “And except those days should be shortened, there should no flesh be saved: but for the elect's sake those days shall be shortened.” Jesus warns us, the tyrannical seek to destroy us. Hillary Clinton and some who serve her, and serve with her, are all for the Planned Parenthood population control. Making it somewhat attractive to our youth today in particular, that if you wind up pregnant feel free and empowered enough to simply go and have an abortion dealing with the “in the worlds terms” PROBLEM. God calls his children whether planned or not, fearfully and wonderfully made. Hillary “that piece of Godless garbage, unless she gets on her knees and repents, and I suggest she stay on her knees for a LONG TIME”, never once offered to inform anyone of the after effect abortion has. Provided below is just one example which I thought important to include in this article.

Testimonies of poor ill-informed.

Genevieve’s story: My mom and boyfriend split the cost of the abortion.

I left the doctor's office feeling very sure that in eight months or so, I would be a mommy! It wasn't to be.


In the spring of 2014, I was a freshman in college. I spent way too much time partying and not enough time in class. I met the man that would change my life at the end of the spring semester. We spent three months engulfed in each other. We literally spent all day, every day together.

One morning I woke up (in his bed) and felt the vomit approaching. I jumped up and ran to the bathroom. He followed and asked me if I was okay. I said yes, and we thought nothing more of it. Then it dawned on me: my period always ran on the ninth of every month. Never a day early or late – and here I was, and it was April 11, 2014. I immediately left his apartment and went to mine (we lived down the hall from one another). I was honestly too nervous to tell him anything until I knew for sure.

I went to Walmart and bought three tests. When I arrived back at my apartment, I locked myself in my bathroom and sat in there alone for quite some time. I had taken two of the three tests, and they both showed the undeniable: a set of parallel lines.

I honestly don't remember what I felt. It wasn't sadness, and it wasn't happiness. It was still, and I was numb.

From the moment I found out that I was pregnant, I was the only person who approved of it. My advice to anyone going through a similar situation: don't listen to them! Have your baby, and give your baby unconditional love. 

I put the test in my pocket and walked to my boyfriend's apartment. When I got there, I asked him to join me in his room, because I needed to tell him something. He followed me in, and I was silent. After about three minutes of him repeating, "What is it?," I simply placed the test in his hand.

He shook his head, and then he said to go to the doctor just to be sure. So I made the appointment. I went into the doctor’s office by myself the next day, and she confirmed that I was indeed pregnant, six weeks along.

I left the doctor's office feeling very sure that in eight months or so, I would be a mommy!

But I was scared. I was trembling. So I called my mama. I was crying as soon as I heard her voice say, "Hello." I hated disappointing her, and I knew I was going to do just that. My mama had had both my older sister and me by the time she was 21. We watched her struggle to raise us, and she had always taught us to protect ourselves. She had sent me to college to get a degree, not a baby.

I finally broke through my sobs and told her that I was pregnant. She asked what my boyfriend thought, and I said he hadn't said much (although I knew he was not ready to be a daddy.)

My mom was the first person to encourage the abortion. "It'll be hard, baby girl, but it is what’s best for you.” Those were her words. I went to my boyfriend’s and told him my mom wanted me to get an abortion, but I wanted to keep our baby.

He said, "I think we should get rid of it.”

A week later, we arrived at our appointment at Planned Parenthood. I was nervous and very sick all morning. That day was a blur. I went in with a baby and left with a pill running through my bloodstream that would murder him.

On that day, I named myself, my mama, and my boyfriend murderers.

My mama and my boyfriend split the cost of the abortion, and I was on my way back to my apartment feeling very alone and very empty. To this day, as I lie in bed on this chilly October night, I still feel very alone and very empty.

A year and a half has passed, and my boyfriend and I are still together. He is sound asleep beside me right now, with not a worry in the world – as I lie here weeping, as I do a lot of nights. We both regret the decision, but it definitely weighs on my heart heavier than his. I killed my baby, and I will forever regret it. I'll be so happy and complete if God decides I'm worthy of such a gift again, since I betrayed him the first time.

From the moment I found out that I was pregnant, I was the only person who approved of it. My advice to anyone going through a similar situation: don't listen to them! Have your baby, and give your baby unconditional love.

Listen readers, I personally am a pretty hard - ish bloke, I’m not perfect by any stretch, I’m from the country and grew up working hard, taught to be honest, never leave a mate behind, care more for those around me than myself, and when I read the above testimony it brought tears to my eyes.  That poor girl, alone and unsupported by those that say they love her, but oh so willing to put up the cash. Jesus would have been sitting on the edge of his seat just wanting her to keep that child and see what could have been, but true to Jesus word, as much as he loves Genevieve he would not intervene or interfere with her free will.

Jesus won’t interfere with free will, I’m 100 % fine with that, so I will exercise my free will exposing sick filth in this world leading others to total destruction. 

After Effects.

People !!....... Yell from the roof tops, exposing people like Hillary Clinton. 

Christian means sacrifice for others, not sacrifice of others.