The Insanity Of It All.

Now readers please take note, the name of the article is probably better read as follows,
The insanity of it ALL
In no way am I favoring any one topic or leaning towards one example over another, I am only interested in the truth.
So in the below you tube link this woman who is apparently an authority in foreign policy is stating that the USA which is almost defenseless against Russia and its military capabilities should start a fight using of all things, a pen against Russia. Russia has the capabilities of ending America as we know it, Impose sanctions she says. I don’t know about anyone else, but if I was walking through the forest and come across a bear, I would not throw stones at it, especially if I was known for throwing stones and the bear was already aware of my history of throwing these stones. America has imposed sanction before, Japan, Pearl Harbour. They love their bloodshed.

Some more truth.
Saddam Hussein decides to move away from the U.S dollar and deal in the Euro and he all of a sudden over night becomes an evil dictator with weapons of mass destruction….. NO, he just didn’t want to play baseball anymore and the good old U.S establishment threw their toys out of the pram and went to war.………….. More recently Gaddafi decides to do the same thing and then bang he’s dealt with. As a result of corrupt Governments and Bankers here we are at the point of the private federal reserve bank of the Rothschild’s,….ah,… I mean, America, where now they may have to reach into their own pockets as they can’t raise interest rates high enough to pay the debt gap let alone the whole amount of debt and they can’t kick the can any further down the road because the can is flat. So the answer is…… let’s start beating the drums of war even louder. They love their bloodshed.
Speaking of bloodshed, if I was hunting an animal, I would have no concern that it may want to defend itself as I know my weapon will overcome it. BUT….if I thought for a second that the animal may also have a weapon that may overcome me I would think twice about hunting it. Now we have seen more so in America the senseless killing of multiple people and it tugs on the heart strings more so when we see children targeted. The shootings recently of children in schools in my opinion cannot be blamed on a weapon. America has had an increase of such crime, at the same time of this increase they have introduced more gun free zones as well….. Is this a coincidence? I’ll let you be the judge. Criminals and psychopaths don’t obey gun free zones in fact they don’t obey road rules either.
I will say this, I have taught children in Sunday school, I have raised three children, I have mentored other peoples’ troubled children ………..and anyone who would wish to harm or kill any child is less than a coward.

You know what makes me sick? Any person that thinks war of any kind is in any way shape or form amusing.
I am starting to like many, join the dots as when the same people keep popping up when bloodshed seems to be a common denominator that tells me they must have a taste for it. I have written much about Hellary Clinton lately and here is yet another sample of her deranged mind.
See the following link, oh, and keep a vomit bucket handy.
Any example can be taken in this article and be argued one way or another but the following scripture sums up where we sit in the scheme of all this insanity.
And because iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold.
Has this world gone completely insane???
I’m beginning to think so.