Where are we on the WW3 time line?

Where are we on the WW3 time line?

Lack of respect.

This world is almost in a state of dire straits, financially it is so far into the red that it is unrepayable, people are at each other like never before. It  is not hard to cross swords with someone these days be it that they may steal your car park, or push in line at a concert, patience is not practiced and the worlds “I want it now attitude” doesn’t help matters. On a larger scale we have Mr. Trump who sprooked  that he was going to end America’s wars and bring the troops home, however once in power he proceeded to Bomb Syria, threaten Kim the Rocket Man and generally continue on as per previous Presidents. Good Job Donald. He also spruiked that he was going to clean up politics by draining the swamp, and yes he has certainly set the cat amongst the pigeons but If Trump was serious about dealing with swamp creatures in DC he would pull the U.S out of every war as he said, this would then end the effect of that criminal Bush Junior’s trumped up law stating that while the U.S is at war, no law suit can be submitted into a court against the Bush administration. Now why would Bush place that law into effect, is he as guilty as SIN???

Deceit and evil plans. 

I was listening to a youtube clip the other day and it took me back many years to a statement made by General Wesley Clark. He was elaborating on how the U.S intended on going into Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and then Iran. This was immediately after the twin towers came down. Well, Iraq is destroyed along with Libya and now it looks like the U.S has its eye on Iran….WOW, what a coincidence. ALL PLANNED. And done so at the cost of 3000 or so innocent Americans on 9/11. ALL PLANNED, including 9/11 when two planes took down the twin towers, what a lie, the twin towers coming down were controlled demolitions. The lie would almost have been believable if trade centre 7 which wasn’t hit by any projectile at all didn’t come down. The scripture tells us that our sin will find us out and on 9/11 before the day was done the organisers of it all found out just that. The BBC announced that Trade Centre 7 had also fallen. The problem was that at the time of the announcement it hadn’t come down yet…..whoops. After 26 years in the construction Industry I can assure you it would take a lot more than a plane to take down the trade centers. They were controlled demolitions.

They make me wild as it is always the innocent bystanders that just want a peaceful existence that get killed in the crossfire. The country of Venezuela, a very cultured country, just wish to live a peaceful existence have been sent to the wall, but as if that’s not enough, Venezuela is now in the cross hairs of the USA oil hungry animal. China and Russia are also lurking in the background for an easy kill. They are a bunch of absolute vultures. China is at America’s throat, in fact there is almost more instability across the world now than the world can handle. There is not just division between countries but a divide between people as a whole, good versus evil. As the book of Matthew tells us the devil owns this world and he has done an excellent job of creating such enmity between God’s greatest creations (man), that man will reach a time where they will willingly go to ww3 just to try and prove their point, not thinking about the consequences.


Something that concerns me greatly is not WW3; it is the possibility of civil unrest in each of our countries. This is where looting and the blatant taking advantage of fellow man usually occurs when a world war breaks out. The scripture ALL MANS HEARTS ARE WICKED has greater meaning now than I can remember. We are seeing that even our Political leaders have no concern for our well being so what possible hope can we hold for the main populous caring about each other when our SO CALLED LEADERS CARE NOT. As I said in the first paragraph of this article, if people will fight over a car space, what will they do when they have little, or nothing to eat?

Hope = JESUS.

I personally will be surprised if we don’t see WW3 start this year, 2019. 

I leave you with a lengthy but very appropriate you tube clip I listened to recently, I sensed urgency a few days before for preparation, and as I listened to this clip it really hit home for me. It’s time to prepare for what is soon coming to this world.