Coach Dave Daubenmire, reprinted with permission I posted this article once before but it is timeless and needs airing and consideration again and can I add constant consideration. You hear that phrase thrown around a lot these days. Seems like everywhere I go, I run into folks who claim […] Read more »


Prayer is very close to my heart and I've felt the Holy Spirit prompt me, to write something on it to stir your heart. When ever I read about revival, it has always been preceded by intense prayer. There was this time in history, in the early 19th century , in Wales, where […] Read more »

Death of marriage under God?

A lot can be said about the statement, "I am sorry but I cannot legally marry you." However, due to the threat of jail and loss of church assets, this is exactly what is starting to occur. Pastors and ministers who have kept up with changes in the western world […] Read more »