13 Month Moon Calendar

13 Month Moon Calendar

13 Month Moon Calendar - Rationalization and eradication of all things Christian

It has been said everything
is changing. If people are taking
comedians seriously and treating politicians like a joke, then I
guess for us, it is time to reconsider man’s grip on

Not only is everything changing, but the reasons for some of
these changes are not only bizarre but downright stupid. Take for
instance the move away from the imperial measuring system that
once prevailed. They told us we needed to change for
simplicity’s sake and that it would make life much

We, like sheep accepted the decree of those making the
recommendations. No one ever stopped to question why we moved
away from a system, that had served us well for centuries, to
take on the error and inaccuracy associated with a ten digit
decimal system.

We know that some times in calculation near enough is just not
good enough, yet because of the principal of a recurring point in
the metric system we have a problem. I find myself referring back
to the fractional system that is 100% accurate. We dutifully
follow all the decrees that come down to us from the intellectual
minds above and pay homage to them all by complying to their
every whim. Who are we to question? Surely those who govern our
lands know best!

Sir Robert Muldoon, ex prime minister of New Zealand, now
deceased, once proclaimed in politics, the cream always rises to
the top. I would like to be so presumptuous as to suggest that
according to science, with regard to gold, so does dross, and in
the case of crime, so does evil like scum. Hard words you say!
YES! Hard words are in short supply these days. Now to my

Are you aware that the United Nations is pushing to have the
Gregorian calendar changed from its age old and trusted format to
a thirteen month calendar that has nothing to do with Christian
religious foundations and heritage?

One Earth - One People

Well it is so!

Again let me point you in the right direction and then I trust
you will do the investigation to prove that what I say is not the
crazy ramblings of an overactive mind, but very much a factual
expose on the actions of a liberal world gone mad. For several
years now there has been a very definite push in the United
Nations to distance itself from anything Christian. That attitude
has not gone unnoticed but the effects or results of it, have not
yet become manifest.

Several high profile names inside the U.N. have been silently
working away restructuring our system of calculating seasonal
time. They have concluded that the system we have, although it is
perfectly adequate and totally able to continue for the
foreseeable future, must be changed. The thinking behind it, when
you read the background review, is that as our current calendar
is associated with historical Christianity, it is too narrow a
path for a multi-faith world. The Hebrew calendar from which the
Gregorian calendar is derived, is based on a solar cycle of one
degree turn in the rotation of the earth around the sun for each
day. Thus, one degree of turn equals one day and a 360 degree
turn equals one complete year. Note how even time and revolutions
by degrees is based on a system of twelve as was our old systems
of measurement and weight along with coinage - but no longer.

Their intention is to replace the twelve month calendar with a
new thirteen month calendar. Thirteen is a significant number to
those who understand the occult and Satanism. Does not the Bible
state that the antichrist society that is coming will be
characterized by its Head seeking to change the times and the
seasons? Daniel 7:25 says "He shall speak great words against
the most High and shall wear out the saints of the most high and
think to change times and laws and they shall be
given into his hand until a time, and times and a dividing of
." Its literal meaning is – "this one who comes,
will seek to change times and seasons."

The U.N.’s official paper on the subject is entitled
Calendar Reform and the Future of Civilisation, hence the C.R.F.C
Committee was formed. (you know what they say about committees -
They are a group of the uninformed, appointed by the unwilling,
to do a task that is unworkable, and achieve an objective that is
unnecessary ). Calendar reform was considered and rejected as
recently as 1995 at their anniversary. But that won’t stop

A world conference was called on the subject titled "World
Summit on Peace and Time
". The man commissioned to advance
the change and head the conference, was known peace activist, Dr.
José Argüelles, an originator of Earth Day. This man,
of whom we are supposed to acknowledge as superior in wisdom ,
and thus submit to, has a New Age name given him or chosen by him
from a pagan deity or source or guiding spirit. His new age title
is Valum Votan. How cute! It would be laughable if these
ideas weren’t so blatantly antichrist.

The world summit was opened on June 22-27, 1999 at a UN-owned
University, in the Central American republic of Costa Rica.

The Gregorian calendar was instituted by Papal decree back in
AD 1582 and was sanctioned by most countries to be the
internationally accepted measure of time and seasons. Liberal
thinkers and modernistic, atheistic socialists, detest anything
that hints of Christianity. This sits very comfortably with the
intellectual elite at the U.N. who would find it hard to hold
down a paying job in the real world. They must establish their
egotistical credibility some how, so what better way to do it
than to replace the concept of Christian influence with
humanistic pagan ideals and philosophy that paves for themselves
a path of international importance.

This is why even A.D. - anno domini, or year of the Lord, and
the term B.C - before Christ, are now being now replaced by
B.C.E. - before Christian era, and C.E. - Common era . Why you
ask? Again it is the disassociation of attachment to all things
Christian. They simply do not want (and then decree we can not
have) Christ as the acknowledged divider of history from which
every action in time is defined . The fact that history is HIS
STORY is irrelevant in their mind . Every reference to the
Christian God is to be eradicated .

A world thirteen month 28-day Moon Calendar of Peace is
necessary they say - it is just common sense . I agree!
Very common and no sense!

Here they are then in the UNITED NATIONS with nothing to do
and all day to do it in. The above classic example is an exercise
in futility, not to mention the absolute waste of time and the
millions of dollars that will be squandered on such a ridiculous
project .

The CRFC committee states, "It has been determined that the
Gregorian Calendar does not represent a true or accurate standard
of measure, or belong to any systematic science of time, and
hence, is worthy of reform."

All the proponents for change were on hand when "advocates of
the World Calendar Change Movement" met at Costa Rica. Letters of
acknowledgment were sent to the summit on behalf of UN
Secretary-General, Kofi Annan; Secretary-General of UNESCO,
Federico Mayor Zaragoza; The Dalai Lama; and by Jonathan Granoff
of Lawyers Alliance for World Security. Dr. Rodrigo Carazo,
former President of Costa Rica and founder of the University of
Peace gave the opening address. In attendance with Dr. Carazo was
Gerardo Bidowski, acting Rector and the representative of the
newly appointed President of the University for Peace, Maurice
Strong. Who is Maurice Strong you might ask ?

Maurice Strong

Maurice Strong

On the surface he appears to be just a humble Canadian but he
is actually a very influential New Age radical who is bent on
changing everything sacred. He is a very close associate of ex
Soviet Union President Mikhail Gorbachev who himself, has spent
the last ten to twelve years in California at the invitation of
the US government, drafting the EARTH CHARTER. (The document
laying out the universal legislation for world government).

At the conference, the twenty eight day, thirteen month, moon
"Natural Time" Calendar was presented as "the mathematic and
cosmological progression of the Mayan calendar" which was
originally deciphered by Dr. Jose Arguelles Ph.D. It was claimed
it gave a simple yet so profound opportunity to shift our
everyday consciousness. During a four-day period seven
commissions were set up to plan the future implementation of the
Moon calendar. Also participating was former UN assistant
Secretary-General Robert Muller, who is now the University of
Peace Chancellor.

Dr Arguelles himself bears watching. Described on his Internet
home page as "both a visionary and a prophet", Dr. Arguelles is
recorded as having bestowed upon himself the pagan name of "Valum
Votan". (Pacal Votan was a Mayan deity King in Mayan writings).
In a New Age magazine interview, he said it was "not until after
he experimented with LSD that he realized he was a

His mystical ex king Pacal Votan seems to have become his
demon spirit guide. From Arguelles own writings and interviews we
record the following - "By the end of 1992 and 1993, I was
receiving more "calls" from Pacal Votan. We had written a number
of texts, including Harmonic Convergence; The Inside Story; The
Treatise on Time and the Story of Time. We sent all these
manuscripts to a major publisher who was also our agent. Since we
were calling for a return to the old time and thus an end to
money - because the philosophy of mechanical time is "time is
money" - our communiques were not well received by the powers
that be. It’s true, you can’t do anything without
money. Every single value is prorata’d - that’s
materialism. On July 26, 1993, I received from a dear friend in
Mexico, a manuscript that was supposedly a lost Mayan text, which
had been published in Cuba in 1970. I began to read it and had
very profound experiences; the most profound altered state
experiences I had ever known were triggered simply by reading
this text. It stirred up deep memories and, soon thereafter, I
began to receive the prophecy of Pacal Votan - the "telektenon".
This is the last prophecy of the cycle that ends in 2012-2013
A.D. The prophecy itself says that if we don’t "get it",
we’re going to lose our biosphere."

Welcome to the Year of the Great Calendar

The natural conclusion to all of this is the determination of
a group of powerful men and New Agers, to move humanity to what
they call a change from the present "artificial" 12-month cycle
to a "natural" 13- month cycle that runs in harmony with nature
and Mother Earth. The term "Mother Earth" is the GAIA principle
that God is female - a radical Matriarchal feminist witchcraft
teaching. They say this new system enhances and runs current with
lunar and biological cycles.

The findings and declarations concluded from the World Summit
on Peace and Time have now been submitted to the United Nations
General Assembly. If you didn’t understand before, now you
may have some idea of what we, as a post Christian society, are
now having to deal with. It’s not men with a vision to
better humanity by logical research, but men with an agenda to
rid the world of anything with reference or connected to the God
of the Bible. It seems the Thirteen Month Moon Calendar will
replace the Gregorian Calendar. The U.N., Maurice Strong and
former Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev are the major voices
and drafters of legislation to enact these changes, and are also
working on an agenda to replace the Word of the Biblical God with
the Earth Charter.

Not a pleasant thought.

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