A Fish from Another Time

A Fish from Another Time

A Fish from Another Time - The Coelocanth

Biologists, through archeological research, identified fossils
of a primitive fish called the Coelocanth which by their
investigation was judged to have lived 2-3 hundred million years
ago. This is such a staggering block of time that it really does
defy the human intellect to grasp just how long this is. This
species was adjudged to have died out 2 million centuries

Then in 1939 Professor J.L.B. Smith discovered the Coelocanth
swimming around in the Indian Ocean. Amazingly, it was no
different from the fossils which had been found previously. The
Madagascar Institute of Scientific Research said, ‘Through
hundreds of millions of years the Coelocanth has kept the same
form and structure - here is one of the great mysteries
of Evolution.’
Here we have a so-called
professional, educated opinion which reveals a gaping blind spot!
If the Coelocanth has not altered at all over vast aeons of time,
then what chance is there of a primitive, one cell life form
becoming an intelligent and incredibly complex biological miracle
such as you or I.

Darwin said, "If it could be demonstrated that any
complete organ existed which could not possibly have been formed
by numerous, successive, slight modifications, my theory would
absolutely break down."
The Coelocanth was re-discovered
after Darwin’s death. If he knew about this "fish from
another time
" he would be spinning in his grave.

Darwin’s mistake was that he dreamed up a theory and
THEN set out to gather all the evidence he could find to prove
it. The intellectually honest and logical way would be to
approach the subject from the opposite direction by identifying a
‘stepping stone’ life form and then ask what role it
played in the natural process. Truth indeed bows to the mighty
fortress of Intellectual pride!