Darwin’s Bankrupt Theory

Darwin's Bankrupt Theory

Darwin's Bankrupt Theory

In the last
50 years in particular, we have
seen the rise of Darwinism and the propagation of the Theory of
Evolution overtake the world like a flood! It seems that every
secular school, college and University teaches Darwin’s
theory as though it were fact, without any balance or opposing
view. We should not be surprised that this is so. This is a
phenomenon of the Last Days when every antichrist spirit is being
unleashed to oppose all that is of God and promote all that is a
lie. Paul’s letter to Timothy comments on this Last Days
sign saying people are - "always learning and never able to
come to the knowledge of the truth."
(2 Timothy 3:6-7) How
true that is!

The Christian Church has not yet come to grips with the awful
truth that it has allowed itself to be outflanked, and
outmanoeuvred by a resourceful and determined enemy. The evidence
is in front of our eyes – in a so-called Christian society,
we have raised a Godless, humanistic, nihilistic younger
generation, and already, in the West at least, we are paying the
price of seeing a vastly different society from that which we
enjoyed a few decades ago.

Charles Darwin

Charles Darwin

Scientists and academics led the charge into Darwinism. Now
many of the same scientists and academics are leading the charge
out by openly questioning their foundational base for evolution.
A Russian Scientist visiting an American University said,
"Either there is a God or there isn’t. Both
possibilities are frightening. If there is a God, we need to find
out who He is and what He wants. If there is no God, we are in
trouble. We are hurtling through space at 66,000 mph and no one
is in charge. What a frightening thought

Who then, is this man whose theory has turned the world upside
down? Charles Darwin (1889-1882) was a naturalist who developed
an interest in natural history. He sailed in 1831 on the HMS
Beagle to the west coast of South America and to the Pacific
Islands to survey wildlife. During this 5 year trip he became
convinced of the gradual evolution of the species. In 1856 he
began to write on evolution and 2 years later published "On
the Origin of Species

150 years have passed by, with evolutionary theory becoming
popular, yet not one shred of scientific evidence has been found
to support this most miserable of theories.

Professor T H Morgan of the California Institute of Technology
says – "Within the period of human history we do not
find A SINGLE INSTANCE of the transmutation of one species to
The buzz word evolutionists use to describe
transmutation is "adaption." This simply means that a
living thing adapts itself to the environment it finds itself in,
by developing new attributes or physical additions to suit. Tell
that to the dinosaurs!!

Obviously, this belief has serious flaws. The most obvious of
these is that if this is to work, then all life forms must adapt
upward, or become more complex, and that hits an impassable
roadblock. The Second Law (note – law, not theory) of
Thermodynamics simply says that in any ordered system, there
exists a tendency for that system to break down and decay. On
that basis, the Theory of Evolution has just received the death
blow from science itself.

Apart from that, for adaption to happen, a living thing would
have to possess creative intelligence. This leads to literally
thousands of ludicrous scenarios. For instance, evolutionists ask
us to believe a ground-dwelling creature, desiring a change of
diet and protection from predators, decides to grow a beak,
clawed feet, aerodynamically perfect feathers to allow it to fly
and live in trees, all by mind control over its physical

This is a preposterous idea - it assumes the ground-dwelling
creature has understanding of the science and mechanics of
heavier-than-air flight, requiring a tail to steer with, wings to
fly with, and specially designed feet to be able to land on
branches without falling off! As Professor Morgan says, not a
single transmutation by adaption has been found. Yet uncounted
embarrassments exist (see adjoining article on the Coelacanth)
which lead us to the inevitable conclusion that the reason
intelligent men defy logic and scientifically based truth by
running with the Evolutionary theory, is the fact they cannot
bring themselves to believe God exists, because if they did, they
would have to deal with their sin nature and undergo some
"transmutation" of their own life!