Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor


Do you have any views or opinions regarding the Bible code? Is
the word of God encrypted in the Torah and other books of the
Bible? Is it to be believed or is it to be disregarded? I cannot
make my mind up one way or the other, but I would like to think
it was God speaking to us. Thank you.

Peter Napier

Yes we do have views on this subject. In short, much of
what has been found is beyond human endeavour or sheer chance.
Look for a major article on the subject in a future issue.


I read this article about a month ago in the Guardian
newspaper and thought it might interest you. Barry Smith led me
to Jesus 10 years ago through his book Second Warning
which I read along with the New Testament.

Gillian D Berlin,

The article mentioned can be found in NEWS BRIEFS under
"Gates of Hell" in this edition. Gillian, with regard to what you
read, don’t forget to read the Old Testament also. Jesus
came to fulfill the Law, not to replace it. Remember that the New
Testament is the Old Testament revealed and the Old Testament is
the New Testament concealed. In other words, every natural story
in the Old Testament has a spiritual meaning and application for
us as NT believers. Ed


Is it OK for me to have any of the articles written in the
Omega Times photocopied to distribute among my family
and friends? With sincere love in Christ Jesus.

Jean Blundell
Qld, Australia

We respectfully ask that all such requests be made by
editor@omegatimes.com for consideration. We
ourselves seek permission for much of what appears in this
magazine, and there are strict guidelines covering copyright.
Unfortunately, in today’s litigious society, we would not
like to see you or us caught up in a lawsuit. However, if at all
possible, we will give permission for reproducing any single
article upon application. Ed


Christian greetings! I have a query I’m wondering if you
can help me with. I remember some 25 years ago Barry Smith
speaking at Garden City Church in Brisbane, Queensland, and he
talked about Christian songs needing to be sung in the major key
rather than anything else. He even demonstrated it on the piano.
Are you familiar with his understanding of this and if so, could
you fill me in with what he said? We seem to sing a lot of stuff
today in our churches which not only lacks content but also seems
sort of spiritually dead. Very kind regards.

David Clifford
Qld, Australia

Read the article ‘Majoring in Minors’. Ed


Hi. I still enjoy your paper. Keep up the good work. Have you
seen the latest TV ad for Nike? I do not buy Nike gear since I
found out some years ago that Nike was an ancient goddess of
victory. Anyway, on this ad they flick up for a split second, the
triangle with the Eye of Horus surrounded by the sun’s
rays. It’s very quick, and if you blink, you will miss it.
Perhaps you guys might like to do an article of symbols, ancient
and modern, and what they mean as a lot of Christians have no

Julie Hunt
Auckland, NZ

Great idea Julie. Article appears in this edition.


Please could you possibly help me with a couple of questions
I’m sure Barry Smith was my original source on. I think
Barry once said at one of his meetings that Charles Darwin was
meant to have refuted his evolution theory on his death bed,
saying words to the effect of, "Forgive me Father, I was just
a young man thinking aloud."
Would you possibly know where I
could get this substantiated for an agnostic acquaintance, who is
refuting our heavenly Father’s existence because he is an

And secondly, what did Barry have to say on martial arts
please. So many of my Christian friends can’t see the harm
and now my 14 year old son is interested in a Tai Kwon Do class,
and I know that Barry said to beware. Jamie’s told me he
doesn’t want any of their spiritual rubbish – that he
wants to go to heaven, not hell (!!!) and will not be
brainwashed. He just wants the ‘physical/keep fit’
side. I would really welcome your advice here. Thank you so much
for your time. God bless you all. Love

Sandra Rickell
Leicestershire, England

I never heard Barry speak on Darwin’s change of
heart, but this common belief began when Lady Hope claimed she
was at Darwin’s deathbed when he said he wished he had not
expressed his theory of evolution as he had done. She further
claimed he wanted her to gather a congregation so he could speak
"of Jesus Christ and His salvation, being in a state where he was
eagerly savouring the heavenly anticipation of bliss." Later,
with D.L.Moody’s encouragement, she printed this story in
the Boston Watchman Examiner, and the story spread. This account
of Darwin’s last hours was first contested by his daughter
Henrietta. She wrote in the "Christian" February 23rd 1922, page
12 – "I was present at his deathbed. Lady Hope was not
present during his last illness or any illness. I believe he
never even saw her, but in any case she had no influence over
him…. He never recanted any of his scientific views,

either then or earlier." On balance Sandra, I think it would
be good to share with your friend some of the many 100’s of
other substantiated evidences of the evolutionary lie.

With regard to Martial Arts, there is no safe way to be
involved. It is underpinned by Hindu & Taoist demonic spirits
of violence which give supernatural ability at times of intense
concentration and channeled effort.(eg Karate) Any bowing, or
existence of a simple altar, or a prayer of dedication, even if
one only is seeking to keep fit is acceptance of the idolatrous
nature of this so-called sport, and opens a door to the spirit
realm. There will be an article printed on this in a future
edition of Omega Times.


May I ask some questions about this KJV debate? Why do the
omissions in non-KJ versions seem so selective? Eg References to
the atoning Blood seem to be absent. (Colossians 1:14) They never seem
to manage all 3 words "Lord Jesus Christ" together.

V Booker
Avondale, NZ

KJV and its successors were originally translated by 16
Godly men from the superior Septuagint MSS. Translations of NASB,
NIV, Good News all come from the corrupt Vaticanus B MSS and were
originally translated by Westcott and Hort, who were allegedly,
apostate priests. Your comment about selectivity carries weight.
Any removal of key Scriptures such as the power Scriptures of
Mark 16, or removal of the Blood (Good News) or editing of
foundational Doctrine is simply "Doctrine of Demons." There are
now two "literal" translations available which are absolutely
accurate with regard to the original MSS. The main one of these
is the ‘Literal Translation’ by Jay P Green,
Sovereign Grace Publishers. It is leather bound only, thus
expensive. However check out and use this version for absolutely
free on the web at www.e-sword.net


I am a Christian from NSW, Australia, and I was intrigued by
what Mr Smith said in his book Final Notice regarding
geometric triggers for nuclear bombs. I have some friends who
just don’t believe me when I tell them that this is what
really makes a nuclear bomb explode. Could you direct me to an
Internet site, or tell me where I could write to get more
information on this topic?

Mitchell Evans
NSW, Australia

It’s always best to go directly to the source, and
here it is. In 1971, New Zealand publishers, A.H & A.W. Reed
Ltd.(now Reed NZ), printed Bruce Cathie’s book "Harmonic
695." Captain Cathie is the very person who claims to have
discovered that an A-Bomb can only be detonated by geometric
laws. Write, ring or email them to see if copies are still
available. If they can’t help, try a Library. Ed.


Quite recently, a dear Salvation Army friend heard that
General William Booth was a Freemason, but the Perth Division say
it is nonsense. My friend is not reassured, and remains upset.
Perhaps you can help?

Janet W Blain
Perth, Scotland

www.blessedquietness.com/journal/house chu/famous.htm is a
website that lists famous Freemasons. General William Booth
appears on this. An alternative site
www.calodges.org/no580/famous.htm also lists General Booth and
identifies him as the founder of the Salvation Army. I am sorry
to say that this is a MASONIC website, proudly announcing famous
names who are, or who have been Masons. Sadly Janet, that seems
to settle the question.