Majoring on Minors

Majoring on Minors

Majoring on minors - An explanation of Keys in music

Funeral music is often in the minor key. Heathen music and
wailing is often in the minor. It was sin that introduced into
creation the minor note. One note can transform a major chord
into a minor (eg C,E and G equal a major chord. By changing one
note, E to Eb, the result is a minor key.) When sin entered the
glorious harmonious universe, the major symphonies of God felt
the shock of discord. The minor key was also introduced. All
nature was thrown off key when Adam sinned. Birds, animals,
creation, and man himself, heard and experienced the minor

The major chord generally is used to express joy and gladness,
praise, exaltation and victory. It is the mode of the triumphant
march. Christianity generally majors in the music that is major.
It is significant of the resurrection.

This is not to say however, that music in its present state
will not have the touches of the minor key. The trials,
sufferings, tribulations, pressure and sorrows of the saints are
expressed in the minor. But it was the resurrection that
transformed the minor into the major. Therefore the victorious
believer majors in the major, even though at times the minor is
experienced. Minor becomes major when merged into the major.

There are 24 keys -12 major, 12 minor. All music is conveyed
to us through 24 keys. When an end is made of sin all shall
return to full harmony. Discords will disappear because
God’s kingdom will be filled with melody, harmony and
rhythm after God’s eternal order.

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