Care International

Care International

Care International

We invite you to join us in meeting needs in the third world through "project
based" humanitarian aid.

16c (3K)

The photographs show our current project - the erection of a
School in Mozambique.

Our next project includes building an orphanage in Mozambique
in partnership with Mozambique Outreach where hundreds have been
orphaned by the Aids epidemic. We also plan to bring
self-sufficiency to many who are living on the brink of
starvation by setting up micro-businesses such as funding
tractors, fish farms, soap making machines etc.

OUR GUARANTEE - 90% minimum of all donated
funds reaching target. Our administration and freight costs are
absolutely minimal.

Churches and Individuals are welcome partners. Send your gift
to PO Box 1174 Capalaba, Qld, 4157 or go to
and press "missions" button and follow the prompts.

WHO ARE WE? - Two of Care International’s Directors are the
publishers of The Omega Times. Care International Ltd is a
not-for-profit limited liability company registered in