From the Editor

From the Editor


Welcome to an edition of the Omega Times where we focus more
than usual on the Church. The Church is the centrepiece of the
prophetic, destined to become the glorious bride of the risen
Saviour. Jesus is looking for a chaste bride, pure and spotless.
Looking at the Church today, we see a satanic onslaught on a
level never seen before, that is designed to eliminate the bride

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Editor: Allan Rasmussen
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Because the enemy is a deceiver, most Christians and far too
many leaders are unaware of the danger, but the signs are all
around us that this attack is full-blown – we are seeing
compromise, psychology/success motivation replacing Gospel
teaching, a Laodicean spirit of lukewarmness, Interfaith,
Emerging Church teaching, and perhaps the worst of all,
worldliness in the house of God in plague proportions. That
cannot be demonstrated better than the photo of the Church
advertising sign in Bits’n’Pieces in this issue.

At Omega, we strongly believe that we are now in the season of
the last gigantic effort of the enemy of God and of mankind, to
cripple the Church and smash every Godly thing, replacing it with
the humanistic, devilish doctrine of demons. Every filthy thing
from the pit has been, or is being released, and the Church
stands as vulnerable as it has ever been.

While some may fear, this is the very place that the Lord
wants us – totally and utterly dependant on Him. God fought
every battle for Israel, often with ridiculously small numbers,
and came through on their behalf every time as long as they were
trusting and living for Him. We, the Church of Jesus Christ, are
in the same place that Israel found itself in, all those
centuries ago! He will never leave or forsake us. We are near the
end. There is a new chorus of voices around the world, from babes
to adults, hearing the Lord saying to them – "I’m
coming soon"!!! – Editor