Cloned animals have now been declared safe for food and food
products. Super-sized cows are now being cloned and are giving up
to ten gallons of milk per day. The FDA has stated that cloned
products are perfectly safe according to Stephen F. Sundlof,
Director of the FDA Center for Veterinary Medicine. Cloning is
somatic cell nuclear transfer. A donor egg is removed and
replaced with the DNA of a cow, pig, or goat and stimulated with
electric shock to cause the egg to grow into a duplicate of the
animal from which it came. Cloned animals have a tendency to
develop cancer and arthritis in a very short time. The famous
Dolly, the cloned sheep, died prematurely this way. Is it safe
for humans?

London Daily Mail, Jan. 10,
by SeanPoulter, London, England, UK


Even though we have known for a long time that the United
States of America is not a Christian nation, we now know that it
can never be called "Christian" again. On January 4th, 2007,
Keith Ellison, a new member of the 110th Congress from the state
of Minnesota, took his ceremonial oath of office with a Koran,
the "holy book" of Islam, the Muslim faith. This Koran used in
the ceremony was once owned by Thomas Jefferson, and the oath was
administered by the new Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi. The
sad fact is that this oath of office of the United States
government was taken on a book that says all Christians must die!
The following quotes are taken directly from the Koran: "Slay
them wherever you find them….idolatry is worse than
carnage…. fight against them until idolatry is no more and
Allah’s religion is supreme." (Surah 2.190-) "The only true
faith in God’s sight is Islam." (Surah 3.19) "Seek out your
enemies relentlessly." (Surah 4.103-) "Believers, take neither
Jews nor Christians for your friends." (Surah 5.51) "Make war on
them until idolatry shall cease and God’s religion shall
reign supreme. (Surah 8.36-)

Associated Press, Jan. 4, 2007,
by Frederic J. Frommer, Washington, D.C.


Those who are watching and praying and have discernment are
seeing some amazing things in these last days. As the year 2006
ended, two former world leaders lay dead - one in the ancient
land of Babylon and the other in the Capitol of modern-day
Babylon in Washington, D.C. One of these two leaders, former
President Gerald Ford, was given a Masonic funeral on Friday,
December 29th. Ford was a 33rd degree Scottish Rite Mason, and he
was the only President who ever occupied that office without a
single vote being cast for him. He became President by others
coming to naught through resignations. Former President Nixon had
resigned in disgrace from the Presidency, and Ford fully pardoned
him for all crimes committed while in office. Ford was the
eleventh President to lie in state under the rotunda in the
Capitol Building.

Associated Press, Dec. 27, 2006,
by Jeff Wilson, AP, Los Angeles, CA.


The London Daily Express reported that "Muslim laws are coming
to England." The British government is going to allow Muslim laws
to be enforced among their people in England, including humans
being beheaded for adultery, thieves having hands cut off, and so

London Daily Express,
Nov. 30, 2006


A new danger has been identified in a chemical called
Bisphenol A or BPA. Dr. Fred vom Saal of Missouri University has
been working 14 hours per day for years to expose the dangers of
Bisphenol A or BPA, a commonly used substance. It is a chemical
used in many plastics, and it is in the linings of steel food
cans to prevent metallic taste in foods. It is also used in baby
bottles, toddler’s cups, Lexan, plastic wrap, and microwave
plastic dishware. The grave danger is that BPA mimics the effects
of powerful sex hormones and can cause brain damage, abnormal
organ development, and hyperactivity even when present in small
doses. Dr. vom Saal also stated that he received a visit from a
representative of Dow Chemical Company, and he was asked to
withhold the findings. The exact words of the Dow representative
were, "Can we arrive at a mutually beneficial outcome where you
hold off publishing this study?" The US government allows the use
of six billion pounds of BPA per year!

Missourian, Nov. 26, 2006,
by Jill Hilbrenner, Columbia, MO


The world’s smallest radio frequency identification tags
have been unveiled by Japanese electronics firm Hitachi measuring
just 0.05mm by 0.05mm (0.002x0.002in) looking like spots of
powder to the naked eye. They are thin enough to be embedded in a
sheet of paper, Hitachi spokesman Masayuki Takeuchi says.

RFID tags store data about the objects they are attached to,
and companies are vying to create increasingly tiny versions.
They have one major issue, however - they need an external
antenna to work, and the smallest antenna developed so far is
about 80 times bigger than the tags. Unlike its predecessor, the
barcode, an RFID tag’s data can be extracted from afar -
sometimes from hundreds of metres away - by radio-reading
devices, and the technology is already widely used.

Stores use it to track stock while some countries are using
the tags to hold passport data and for animal identification.

Privacy concerns are that the technology could be used in
covert monitoring schemes, especially as they are becoming ever
more invisible.