The Glorification of Immorality

The Glorification of Immorality

The Glorification of Immorality

Lasciviousness - inclined to lustfulness; wanton;
lewd, arousing sexual desire: indicating sexual interest or
expressive of lust or lewdness

Galatians 5:19-21 "Now the works of the flesh are
manifest, which are these; Adultery, fornication, uncleanness,
lasciviousness, idolatry, witchcraft, hatred, variance,
emulations, wrath, strife, seditions, heresies, envyings,
murders, drunkenness, revellings, and such like: of the which I
tell you before, as I have also told you in time past, that they
which do such things shall not inherit the kingdom of

There was a day when Anna Nicole Smith would have been written
off as the harlot that she was. Instead, we were fed details of
her whoredom with around-the-clock coverage of her sex-capades
all over cable news. Watching Greta Van Susteren glory in the
details of a decadent life gives me the willies. We have become a
nation of window-peepers.

What father in his right mind would want his daughter to turn
out like Anna Nicole? And have you noticed, in all of the
voyeurism, her dad has never been mentioned? It may seem cruel to
speak so harshly about the death of an icon, but the truth is,
Anna Nicole and her sisters-in-sex have led an entire generation
of young girls away from the value of inner beauty to the
exploitation of the flesh.

We get the heroes we deserve. Anna Nicole was a slut, and
thanks to her, sluttiness is now cool. The sluttier the better?
"Hey teenage girls? Want to make a name for yourself? Show as
much of your body as you can, sleep with as many guys as you can
find, drink, drug, and get on your knees before the President.
America loves sluts. Women are free to express themselves. No
more religious restrictions. Girls gone wild." So, the fruits of
women’s liberation and the sexual revolution lie naked for
all of us to see. Women are truly equal with men. Locker-room
talk is now on TV.

When I was growing up in the 60’s, promiscuity was
something that only the boys engaged in. The locker room buzzed
with the news of the latest guy who had "done it" and who he had
"done it" with. Most of us had never "done it" and we
couldn’t wait to hear the name of the girl he had "done it"
with to see if maybe we could get her to "do it" with us. Why?
Because most girls wouldn’t "do it." Parents trained their
daughters to say "no." Old-fashioned upbringing, I guess.

But soon, along came the Pill, Playboy, the burning of bras,
and divorce. I remember in my graduating class of 1971, my friend
Eric was the only guy I knew whose parents were divorced. Parents
stayed together "for the kids." Today, 50% of divorces are in the
church! The 60’s ushered in an America with a new gospel,
and a new trinity. The god of Me, Myself, and I. This, along with
a new doctrine began to overwhelm the values of our fathers. "If
it feels good, do it. Tune in, turn on, and drop out. Grab all
the gusto you can. Hey, hey, ho ho, sexual morals have to go!"
echoed the hymns of the new America.

We must never forget that you reap what you sow.

Last Sunday, as I do most Sunday’s, I was speaking in a
church. At the beginning of the service the Pastor asked for
prayer requests. As I stood there mutely listening to the
broken-hearted appeal for prayer, I was struck by how much of
America’s heartache is self-inflicted. It is popular to
blame the Devil for our ills, but sadly most of what we suffer
from is nothing more than the consequences of sin. Although all
sin is personal, the collateral damage is devastating.

"Pray for my daughter who is going through a painful

"Please pray for my grand-daughter. She hasn’t seen her
dad in 3 years."

"Pastor, please pray for my 14 year-old niece. We just found
out she is pregnant."

"Pray for my neighbour. She is trying to raise three teenage
boys on her own."

On and on, sin-sick hearts cried out.

Yep, American women now have rights. But who is better

We have reached the place in America where we are actually
planning on vaccinating our young daughters against HPV, a
sexually-transmitted disease directly related to promiscuity. HPV
leads to cancer. Cancer leads to death. Read this startling
statement from Wikipedia.

"The fact that prostitutes have much higher rates of cervical
cancer than nuns was a key early observation leading researchers
to speculate about a causal link between sexually transmitted
HPVs and cervical cancer (zur Hausen 1994). It remains clear that
people with greater numbers of sexual partners are at increased
risk of developing genital HPV-related diseases. Co-infection
with other sexually transmitted pathogens, such as HIV, may also
increase the risk of developing HPV-related diseases."


It is not unusual to be watching TV in the privacy of
one’s home and view commercials touting medicines for
genital warts, herpes, and other sex-related diseases. My buddies
worried about "the clap", the only STD there was in my day.
Meanwhile, it is a fight to have abstinence-only taught in our
schools. Have Americans lost their minds?

At what point did we decide it was OK to stop protecting our

Today a fifth man surfaced as the possible father to Anna
Nicole’s baby. And still, the anti-god, morally-vacuous
press continues to shove this story down our throats. What are
our daughters supposed to think? My 70’s classmates would
have called her a whore. Today her death is mourned. She was so
pretty. She seemed to have it all - money, fame, big breasts, and
attention. But the wages of sin is still death. What a price to
pay for fame. Is anyone pointing that out to our children?

Are these your daughter's role models? From left to
Paris Hilton, Anna Nicole Smith & Britney Spears

Paris Hilton’s sex video made her famous. Nicole Ritchie
has ridden shotgun on Hilton’s train wreck of a life.
Britney Spears, Kelly Osbourne, and even middle-aged Madonna are
held up as icons to adoring teenagers everywhere.

And can we ever forget what Monica Lewinsky is famous for? She
got her own show, and perfume, and line of clothing. It looks to
our kids like sin pays.

Where will the madness end? When will daddies once again begin
to defend their daughters? When will decent God-fearing people
once again demand that traditional Christian values be taught to
America’s children?

My wife and I have two lovely daughters. I guess it is the
blessing of the Lord, but we did play a hand in the way they
turned out. From a young age we taught them to value their
integrity, to guard their purity, to demand respect from a young
boy, and cherish inner worth above bellybutton beauty. At least
if they give it away, they know it is wrong.

They used to blush when I asked to meet any boy before they
went on a date with him. "Listen," I would tell them. "I
wouldn’t let some teenage boy borrow my car without asking
permission, and you are far more valuable than my car."

They valued themselves because my wife and I valued them and
we taught them that they had great value in the eyes of God. What
we fail to esteem, we lose.

The gospel of sex, drugs, and rock and roll are preached
openly in the Synagogues of Satan masquerading as educational
institutions. Colleges are no longer institutions of higher
learning but institutions of lower living where our best and
brightest are encouraged to practice their sin, with the full
blessing of mom and dad and supported by Christian’s
tax-dollars. Let’s face it, for the most part, the church
has given up.

So, Anna Nicole and "Girls Gone Wild" are the standard of the
day, because FOX NEWS says so. Tragically, I think they are
right. Modesty is out, sluttiness is in. Where are the Dads?
Where are those who will defend the heart and soul of young
girls? We are raising a generation of prosti-tots.

Yep, American women are now equal with men. They got what they
wanted, life without restraint. My question is, are we really
better off?

© 2007 Dave Daubenmire
President of Pass The Salt Ministries.
Printed by permission.