Brian Hay Editorial … “The Way Of The Wind”

Brian Hay

“The Way Of The Wind”

Brian Hay, 30 May 2012

In the gospel of John chapter three a conversation takes place between Jesus and a man whose name is Nicodemus. Jesus answered this mans question which he asked, as follows, "what must I do, to be born again, must I enter again into my mothers womb and be born a second time".

Jesus  answered it in the following manner. Nicodemus are you a ruler over the Jews, yet you do not know what it means to be reborn by the spirit from above. 

He explains the difference between being born as a flesh and blood individual with a dormant spirit within him and then explains how this latent dormant spirit within, needs to be quickened and made alive. Switched on if you will, and God alone, can do that by His Spirit, from the spirit world, from heaven above. Jesus then begins to instruct Nicodemus as to the way of the spirit, how the spirit works.

Jesus begins a story, containing an analogy of nature, using the Greek word "PNUEMA" for the English word wind used in most translations of the bible. He informed Nicodemus, by explanation, that the spirit of God is just like the wind that blows. You can not see it, or catch a hold of it, as it is an intangible thing, but you can see the influence of its force and presence. He continues to say that apart from the Spirit being intangible, it is still very real and more powerful than nature itself.

Jesus chides this leader of the Jews, for his lack of spiritual understanding, in regard to the dimension of the more real and powerful world of the spirit which he can not see, than the natural one he exists in, and can see, with his physical eyes. Like most of us who live in this literal world we either forget or refuse to believe, there is a more real one than the one we now know and are accustomed to.

The crazy reasoning we utilise in our thinking is that the physical world is the real world, and the spirit world is an added mystical option available to our consciousness should we want to consider it. The issue is whether you want to acknowledge or embrace it or not. Jesus tried to explain in his teachings, that the physically created world called earth, is held in place and protected in its position in space by unseen or spiritual laws, which emanate from God himself. 

Evolutionists will debate this fact, because it suits them to believe that view, for if they accepted the fact there is a God then they have to bring their lives into accord with Gods Word, and they would never want nor consent to that. The problem being it would encroach upon their liberal life style.

Jesus in Mathews gospel gave teachings in which he stated, that the spherical planet called earth and all the planets and stars in our literal solar system and universe are actually upheld or suspended in place, because of Gods creative words, that decreed it to be so. The book of Revelation also concludes that when God himself retracts those same words which uphold the earth and creation, by stating "time will end and exist no longer" that all the created universe will roll up like a giant scroll and disappear.

So one has to admit and declare; if that is so, that the spiritual, creative word spoken from the spirit world, controls what happens in this physical world in which we live. Then it automatically follows the spiritual world and its laws are truly, actually much more powerful than anything imagined in this physical world.

In regard to Nicodemus, Jesus describes how when dealing with the spirit world, one can only keep alert and ascertain what is happening by the action and effects that are observed taking place, while the presence of either the wind or Spirit of God is at work 

What we rational thinking humanistic minds do not understand is, that no matter how much we think we know or understand, we can never, never know the way of the spirit by reasoning it out, with our natural rational minds. The first book of Corinthians chapter three informs us, there is absolutely no way the natural mind of man, can understand or know the things of the Spirit, they have to be spiritually understood or interpreted.

This is what Nicodemus did not understand, and most of us also do not understand either. We still convince ourselves, we walk by faith when we actually walk by sight, many would be horrified to be accused of that, but it is true. We want our path marked out so clearly in front of us, so that we would never go wrong. If this were true how could we make a mistake and if that was our experience why would we need to trust God. If you we knew the exact detail of our future and the decision we needed to make, there would be no need for faith. 

The truth is however we are to walk a path of faith not necessarily knowing what lies ahead. Remember the scripture in Hebrews chapter eleven where it tells us "Abraham journeyed out from where he lived, having no idea where he was going." There is also the story of Abrahams servant, who was sent out to find a bride for Isaac his son. At the conclusion of his uncertain mission, as he did not know his eventual destination, he makes this comment. "I being in the way the Lord led me". 

In other words "I was obedient to the Lord and went on my way, not knowing where I would end up, but God led me with out me realising it. He led me to the very person, He had preselected for Isaac. He just guided my feet as I walked somehow, and as I walked, I through trusting him by faith unconsciously fulfilled his will.

Jesus further commented in John three, to Nicodemus, "The spirit lists or leans, where ever it wills or desires and we as human individuals do not know where it came or originated from or where it is destined and will end up. If you stop and consider what Jesus is saying, He is firstly informing us, Just as you can not control the wind where it comes from or originates nor where it is destined and the direction it will take you also can not manipulate and harness the Spirit of God. He will do what He wants, head where He wants, arrive when He wants, and you not only can not prevent him from doing it, but you also can not preempt or premeditate what he is going to do.

Secondly Jesus infers, not only will the Spirit not be controlled and manipulated by man, or any other being for that matter, but you and I, are not given the divine capability neither the understanding or comprehension to grasp what direction he originated from, as he moves and what destination or direction he will end up at. 

Do you get that, YOU CAN NOT KNOW WHERE HE COMES FROM NEITHER CAN YOU KNOW, WHERE HE IS HEADING. HIS WAY IS PAST FINDING OUT. The best you and I are able to do, is see by divine discernment and alertness where his presence is effecting and influencing things and trust God to get with involved with the action, join ourselves to it. We must hasten and run in the direction we see the Spirit like pnuema the wind bending the trees. That is the way of the Spirit. We must not wait till every things is in place and everything is known what faith is required to follow that path. None at all. 

We are instructed by the spirit to follow him and to put our total trust in his ability to guide and lead us, the psalmist tells us the steps of a good man or woman are ordered by the Lord himself and again man plans his way but the lord ultimately directs his paths

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