Brian Hay Editorial … “To whom else shall we go for? … You Lord alone have the Words of Eternal Life”

Brian Hay

“To whom else shall we go for? ~ You Lord alone have the Words of Eternal Life ”

Brian Hay, 30 May 2012

We are living in treacherous times and it is very difficult to know who to believe or who to trust especially with your life and your future these days.

It is very understandable for folk and families in the midst of this troubled scenario to head toward a siege mentality to move into a lockdown pattern, where everything but security is put on hold.

Watching the present news bulletins, which are all about home invasions, brutal rape, and murder of little defenceless children, and plus road rage, the likes of which ended in murder in Sydney Australia. You have to ask the question how has this happened, to me it needs no rocket science, what it does need is some stern legislation along with some unemotional conclusive action to counter this senseless violence.

Yes ... I also know once more, it will gender some emotive reaction from a few bleeding hearts who are always the defenders of what are the rights of the guilty.

Like the stupidity of communistic feminism there is no logical reason to their argument just highly sensitized emotion, and again the absolute extreme defence of self, rather than concern for an other. What do I mean by this, the Bible states that we are to value others and esteem them better than ourselves. How outrageous that the egotistical feminist and self crazed society of inward focussed individuals shout in order to drown out the voice of any opposing protests. But the fact remains, if that sort of insane thinking governed the strategy on the field of battle there would be no winners or victories. As we well know, in order to gain a victory sometimes it requires sacrifice on behalf of some and even pain and death on the part of others. If no one will consider or offer that option, and all are party to refusing to lay down their lives for the sake others, then as stated already, that very incredibly insane thinking will grant no victories and assure no success.

If the above is not true then many whose lives have been laid down in sacrifice, in all preceding wars and contentions did so in vain and their gift to us, who remain was a senseless and futile exercise. What an absolute disgrace that hypothesis is, to even suggest, let alone endorse, but that is what is promoted today. To hang with my neighbour, I have little concern for him, my thoughts are, what about me. Who cares what he does or thinks that is not relevant to me, on the contrary what is important to me in today’s society and mind set, is ME.

Everything in our modern society is geared to the promotion and benefit of self. Take the highly emotive subject of abortion who benefits from this, the child who has no choice at life, or the mother who at least has had the power to exercise her option of choice. We dare not mention the abortionists benefit of a selfish future which in turn cancels any option to the defenceless unborn babe. When you consider that most of the choices exercised in today’s world to abort the little defenceless babe, does not even actually require any life threatening sacrifice on behalf of the pregnant mother. All it requires is just the selfless consideration of a little life that just may be a blessing given a little time, that will assist the compassionate mother when her time of need arises. But that is not even a point worthy of analysis today, that mindset is immediately over ruled by the selfish consideration of how much denial of future opportunity and pleasure the mother will experience in the days to come. Who benefits here certainly not the unborn child ONLY THE SELFISH MOTHER.

How insensitive uncompassionate and uncaring you say, yes and I do not apologise for, it absolutely not, someone has to say it, so I guess it will have to be me. It is a absolute disgrace but more significantly a point of shame on the part of societies men that they are to afraid to contend and raise an opposing voice to this terrible problem. But there are two reasons for this; The first is a lot of men would rather not raise a voice even if they had the courage to do so, as they would then be required to support this potential son or daughter in future days . Therefore pleasure on their part with out any associated future responsibility influences their deafening silence in this regard. But the second reason is, that today’s modern domesticated man is so afraid to speak up and take his place by laying down a few home truths that have stood the test of time over centuries in the structure and make up of the biblical Christian family. We are so caught up with this nonsense of  political correctness that has captivated and imprisoned society holding it ransom to a devilish doctrine that has single handed destroyed what ever sense of family values we thought modern man still possessed.

Jesus alone if given the ability to guide our lives and conscience by his words could teach us the greatest principles needed for a society so desperate for reality and value. Yet we would not consider for one moment his words of correction or injunction to us. Why would that be we ask?  The reason being; Jesus’ words and standards would be too restrictive on our choices and as such we would not have the personal freedoms we now enjoy. So here we are, a society faced with decisions that answered correctly could totally turn our self destructing imploding lifestyles and communities. But will we make them, I don’t think so, as the choice to take his way to life is one that will require sacrifice and a little pain. We are just not ready for that.

When the Apostle Peter answered Jesus’ question to him, when he asked, will you leave me and follow another just like these religious pleasure seeking folk around you have done, Peter answered and said “To whom else shall we go for you alone have the words of eternal life”. The issue I feel is clarified when Jesus responds in word to all of the fore going and makes this concluding comment.

“Peter, Flesh and blood has not revealed this but my father who is in heaven has revealed it to you!”     People need a revelation from God to see this and they will not take the time to get before him to allow it to happen. All the words in the libraries and languages of the world will never convince any one man to do a thing that is going to require sacrifice and personal effort on his part unless he has a major conviction or justification for doing so. It takes a revelation from God to motivate people to do things that cost them financially or personally and yet do not bring instant gratification to them.

The only way we as individuals will change this world in which we live is to take the same path as Jesus was instructing and endorsing Peter to take, and to which Peter gave agreement by his comment where else can we go there is no one else!

But the fact is as stated above no man will lay down his life and do this by words or command alone, the only way this will ever come about and people will do what Peter said he considered his only option is to get before God and get a revelation from the Spirit, that this is our only hope for mankind, nothing else will do it.  NOT BY MIGHT, NOT BY POWER, BUT BY THE SPIRIT OF GOD ALONE..    

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