A Frightening Reality Of Our Closing Finale Of Time

Brian Hay

"A Frightening Reality Of Our Closing Finale Of Time"

Brian Hay, 14 Aug 2012

We live in a world that has gone mad, look at the uncontrollable violence both in society and in the field of entertainment that the masses feed upon on a daily basis.

Look at the disrespect and dishonour amongst communities and nations, then look at the road rage on our streets and the ensuing murders from the untempered anger of the people, young and old alike.

Look at our political arena and you will find its just a reflection of every corrupt and diabolic practice conducted in the darkrooms of hidden vice, it is no different where ever you look.  I have sat with Aboriginal elders of many tribes and heard the cries and petitions of many disenfranchised people and leaders as they tell their story of political expedience by greedy governments. Governments whose only concern is the sale of what ever resources they can gather and sell, to line their own pockets and the pockets of the multinational corporations.

Rather than call them governments, as they do not govern, they exploit, abuse and plunder those who can not fight back by removing their lands from them and perpetuating and continuing the injustices already suffered by them.

I write this article from the highlands of Papua New Guinea where I sit with the tribal leaders and people groups and hear the same story. Don’t tell me this is an exaggeration either, like so many Christian do gooders and moral pontificators so often attempt to do, as I have been travelling here now once a year for many years and as I have worked with the people and spoken to government officials, the facts speak for themselves. The people at the top of the pinnacle of power just line their pockets while the poor and defenceless get robbed and trampled underfoot. Where ever I travel and I travel constantly world wide through all cultures and nations, I find that the story is the same.

I understand why it is that God in the final judgement will not show lenience to those who plunder the poor for their own benefit. The greatest tragedy of it is that those who should know better are accustomed to the same, if not worse manipulative practices. I am talking about the western, particularly American preachers, men whose only love is their belly as the scripture declares and whose expertise is the art of how to loose people from their money so they can live like kings themselves. In a poverty stricken society where only thirty percent of the people have any income whatsoever, it has become a fertile ground for the western parasites who call themselves preachers.

Using just one of many examples, Morris Carrillo ministries who entered PNG promising the simple uneducated people a certificate endorsing them as elders of his world wide ministry, but the catch was they had to purchase it for two hundred and fifty dollars US each. Hundreds and hundreds of simple folk bought them by the way. Needless to say he left PNG with a bundle in his pocket and a potential bomb left behind in the local churches with all these inexperienced so called certificated but unqualified elders, whose pride and self exaltation divided local churches everywhere.

But I guess what else should we expect when the superstars of our corrupt society are these very people, the Benny Hinns, the Paul Crouches and the Bishop Eddie Long’s, the Paula Whites, the Creflo Dollars of this world, whose lives are anything but an example of Godly living. And that is just a few to name on the spur of the moment. But lets take a look at the world of entertainment funded out of Hollywood by who else but Jewish supremacists whose doctrine is anything but biblical, you just need to read the Jewish Babylonian Talmud to see where their allegiances lie and it is certainly not with the Holy Bibles doctrine or God of the Torah.

Every major film production studio in America as well as every major news outlet and television and media outlet and conglomerate is owned by a Jewish magnate whose devotion is not to Jehovah but to their own agenda. Look at the absolute disgusting exhibition of News Corp and Rupert Murdoch a Jew look at the fiasco and ruined lives of their corrupt practices in the phone hacking scandals in London. They think they are above the law certainly not. Oh I know I will get incredible flack from what I am saying but it has to be said. We have convinced ourselves that Jehovah has overlooked most evil when viewing his people Israel simply because He calls them his covenant people. GOD IS NOT A GOD OF PARTIALITY favouring one group above another and certainly not when it comes to this type of sin. God is holy and can not endorse any sin, for to do so is to deny his holiness and just nature and to violate his own holiness. If that happened He is no longer Holy and thus no longer qualified to be God.

When you look at the film and music superstars people like Lady GA GA and Madonna it does not take much insight to conclude these people have a sinister and diabolic agenda. Both of them as well as many others of their ilk seek the desecration of everything pure and decent, but worse they make no secret of the motivation driving their filthy dark vile and subversive agenda. It is pure satanic black art conditioning, again funded by the same people hell bent on destroying every godly decent and wholesome value. The fact is this unprecedented onslaught of evil is now directed at everything the church of Jesus Christ resists and opposes and I believe we now face the final all out battle of evil against righteousness.

If you take a little time and listen to the lyrics or video clips of Lady Ga Ga and other like degenerates you will have to agree with me these pathetic exhibitions of fallen humanity are entirely given over to satanic ritual and demonic possession. If you take a little further time and watch Madonna’s super bowl performance and observe her actions and her Egyptian dress and symbolism you will concede what I say is absolutely true.

While I am on the subject of black arts and mystical Judaism, it is no coincidence that Madonna is one of the most militant defenders and promoters of cabbalist teaching and a vehement advocate of it. The same pharisaical corrupters and mystical interpreters of the Torah who wrote the Babylonian Talmud are the same Rabbinical writers of the secretive and sinister Jewish Cabbala. It is a book that is used by all mystics and occultists and every other weird and mixed up group like scientology who guard their practices and religion with fierce covert secrecy, this preceding information at the absolute least should tell you something.

Alistair Crowley that infamous evil being who named himself the beast along with his contemporary friend Anton La Vey who was the head of the Californian Church of Satan, both dedicated their lives to the absolute and total destruction of the Christian church. Both of them were fierce advocates of cabbalistic mysticism also and spent much time and study researching these same books for their sinister black arts. The CIA further encouraged the progressive development of these manipulative techniques to such a stage that they are now standard practice and acceptable codes of conduct and instruction in modern subversive espionage and covert US warfare.

Colonel Michael Aquino a Filipino by birth and advocate of pure Satanism who became the self imposed high priest of the temple of Set took over the administration of the whole CIA covert project known as PROJECT MONARCH. This antichrist program was run out of the prestigious military base in San Francisco known as the US Presidium which also was later to become the home of Mikhail Gorbachev from 1991 till 2001 where he drafted the Humanistic Earth Charter legislation, for the future world government. Further more the presidium has now become the headquarters of the Temple of universal understanding and religion, Talk about separation of Church and State, so long as it serves their ultimate purposes it is embraced but rejected when it is seen to be counter productive.

Michael Aquino also was a blatant Satanist under the direct command of George Bush senior, both when Bush was head of the CIA under Ronald Reagan and also when he became president of America himself. If you study the background to the Bush family you will find they are anything but Christian, They own a very unusual property in Arizona known as Sedalia Castle. In sworn testimony before legal judges the young son of Anton La Vey mentioned above, swears to the fact that as a child he along with George Bush junior attended and witnessed human child sacrifice conducted at that same castle and under the watchful direction of George Bush senior.

The young son of La Vey by the way is now a Christian pastor and states also under oath that Bush senior ordered his sexual castration on the high altar of Satan at that same castle, because he fled from Satanism on three previous occasions. Oh what people we blindly follow. The church of scientology founded and directed by Ron L Hubbard, who is known now worldwide even though he is dead, as infamous in his own right, he also was also a  friend and associate of Alistair Crowley who espoused many of his teachings.

Project monarch if you do not know was the development of total mind control and manipulation of an individual for the sole purpose of espionage and destruction of every opponent to their purposes. The CIA under the direct command of these devils took children from dysfunctional families and purchased young girls and boys from parents desperate for money. Do some research on the life of a young boy named Johnny Gosch taken from outside his home and turned into a homosexual prostitute by Bush and his cronies. Check out the whole transcript of the suspended trial of these powerful elite known as “THE FRANKLIN AFFAIR” that no judge was willing to prosecute for fear of their lives. The CIA under George Bush seniors command then set about to introduce these young children to torture and sexual deviance of every imaginable extreme and inducted them into the pure diabolic doctrine of luciferianism or Satanism. Check out the testimony of the now adult Arizona Wilder and also the story of Transformation America the personal account of now adult child sex slave and mind control agent, Brice Taylor.

These leaders of our generation are nothing but deviants whose dedication is no longer covert but very overt, intent on the implementation of  Crowley’s devilish doctrine of “Do as thou wilt, is the whole sum of the law”. The whole development of Crowley’s sick philosophy was for the determined goal to destroy every sacred and wholesome thing and replace it with absolute anarchy and lawlessness. Now, isn’t that what Jesus predicted would take place in the prophetic future, a future that is now very much a reality. Well now we have it and the end is upon us but because very few are versed in this subject as they will succumb to the deception of it, they would rather not know or even acknowledge the negative or the reality of what is taking place before our eyes.

I personally do not believe we can turn this around as there is very little real commitment from any human agency INCLUDING THE CHURCH, to change it. Especially when much of what is the driving force behind this wickedness is funded and promoted by the very people whom we believe to be the apple of Gods eye. Many of our Church leaders and spokesmen are into occultism for example the Anglican church head Rowan Atkinson is a practicing Druid of Stonehenge infamy, heaps of others are all high level Freemasons, opponents to the cause of Christ, though they will not admit it. Just remember God does not in any way condone sin and evil no matter who it is driven by, Jew who we call the apple of his eye or non Jew and secondly in any ethnic or nationality of people there are both good and bad. So we must be careful to identify each from the other and not judge them all alike, as that is what is taking place between Jew and Palestinian at present. The nations see all Jews as being the aggressors and intolerant and that simply is not true, we must disseminate the good from the bad.

Finally let me state this and it is nothing new just old wisdom repeated again “God is not mocked for whatsoever a man doeth that shall he also reap” everyman will one day stand before the Judge of all earth and give an account of himself and receive a reward for his deeds done upon earth both good and bad deeds. God is still on the throne and still in control but sin has to work its way to completion just like Biblical prophesy, so remember as Daniel the prophet declared IT IS GOD WHO RULES IN THE AFFAIRS OF MEN.

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