Get Ready For The Fat Lady Is About To Sing

This analogy is quite a common expression in the English speaking world and conveys the idea of an enjoyable night of entertainment at a musical or choral evening which is coming to a close. Normally the best item is reserved till last, and so nobody leaves till the last item or song is sung. Therefore when you hear this expression it is saying the grand finale is about to happen, and the climax of the evening is about to take place and then you must prepare for your exit so get ready to leave. Normally the voice of a powerful well known operatic singer or vocalist is used to complete the evening and normally it is a larger strong female vocalist that concludes.

The reason why I have used this expression here is to suggest that we are about to witness the greatest crisis and climax of recorded history that the earth has ever witnessed and to some it will be nothing short of frightening to others it will be considered the greatest and most exciting time to be alive. The bible informs us that there is a time somewhere in the future when all the earth and its inhabitants will witness many frightening crisis taking place simultaneously around the globe.

These happenings will be very challenging to say the least and will need much wisdom and courage in order to endure and survive them.

Jesus in Mathew 24 just to mention a few predictions said that there would be earthquakes taking place in various locations at once, that men’s hearts will be gripped with extreme fear and that disease and famine will be evident across the planet at that time. If this is not enough Jesus also predicted that nature itself would be in absolute turmoil with death and destruction taking place all around us. That alongside these happenings betrayal deceit bloodshed and violence would become the order of the day, mens consciences would no longer be guided by what is right but be totally given over to every evil desire.

Jesus went so far as to declare that unless God stepped in to cut short those very days no human individual would be left alive on earth. When you stop to consider the depth of those very statements and the serious repercussions they seem to suggest it becomes very obvious that those particular days must be extremely difficult and challenging days.

It brings to mind another set of days in history when in the Book of genesis it portrays a picture of similar times when evil was so bad God himself made a decision to step in to the affairs of men and call an end to the violence. That time was in the days of Noah when he was commanded by God to build an ark for the very purpose of preserving the safety and future of his family. The Bible tells us that God said the end of all flesh is now facing creation and that God regretted creating man at all. So he determined to destroy man from off the face of the whole earth.

That is a very disturbing and serious consideration when you stop to think of that era, if it was true then there must have been some bad and evil things taking place, but most would write this off as just another myth and story made up to keep man in some sort of fear and subjection. That is precisely what society and history has done written most of these stories off to some imaginary time when mankind went wild and needed some disciplinary intervention which this hard merciless, vindictive God lashed out in anger and wiped man off the planet. But really when all said and done it is only a myth nothing more than the ravings of a disturbed mind at best, this is the rational mans perception.

I for one do not agree with the afore said these are not mythological ravings neither are they an expression of a merciless vindictive God but they are the demonstration of a merciful God who came to see his selfish creation destroy one another without mercy or justice. So here I want to interject with an explanation of what actually took place back then and to liken the reality of that day to this day in which we live. Lets begin by looking at the very description of what mankind had fallen to in relation to his desires his thinking and his actions.

The Bible tells us in Genesis chapter six that mans endeavours upon earth till that time had degenerated to such a low standard that there was absolutely no measure of decency left amoung society whatsoever. Consider the words of the actual scriptures recorded in those ancient times and written down for our discussion and reference today. The words are very pertinent and descriptive and leave very little by way of imagination to suggest there was any goodness left in mens dealings on earth at all.

Here is what the verse of scripture referring to that very time has to say on the subject, note the specific words mentioned. “And God saw that the wickedness of all man was so great in all the earth that every imagination of the thoughts of all mens hearts was to do evil continually. And the earth was corrupted and was filled with violence over the face of the whole earth” Now consider the choice of words used here………… The wickedness of ALL men was so GREAT in ALL the EARTH so that even EVERY, IMAGINATION of ALL of mens HEARTS was to do evil CONITINUALLY. And the ENTIRE EARTH was CORRUPTED and as a result the ENTIRE EARTH then became FILLED, not just influenced but filled with VIOLENCE.

Do you see how diabolically corrupt mankind had become. Where ever man had spread out on the entire face of the earth they had both become corrupt and in turn corrupted and desecrated all human existence with absolute total depravity. Not only were their actions hell bent and satanic, but even their total thought life as well as their entire intentions and imaginations wicked in totality. Every desire thought and intention that captivated and drove their human passions along with their obsessions was totally evil. Not just frequently nor sporadically, but totally and continually evil without reservation. What a despicable world that must have been. But Jesus said those days would be repeated upon the earth again before He returns from Heaven.

In fact Jesus reiterated over and over that those final days of mans tenure upon earth would be so bad that there would nothing in history before them neither again in the future after them that could ever compare to the degree of evil characterised by those days he referred to in some future time.

Well my friends those days are upon us now and the wickedness is becoming so prevalent that all decency and respect is being abandoned and even the value of life once sacrosanct is now treated as something exaggerated and despised unworthy of the importance given it. Just look at the demonic and despotic attitude expressed by the Islamic Jihadist extremists to anyone opposing their religious point of view. Life and respect along with compassion and all decency is discarded as weakness and disdained as being a qualities unworthy of consideration.

Jesus said these days coming in the future would be so bad that unless God stepped in and said enough and intervened to cut them short no human flesh would be left alive on planet earth. So here we ar now watching these very scenarios depicted as prophesies in the scriptures being outworked before our very eyes. But sadly it is not just the extremist Jihad’s but also the greedy political elitist bankers and the spineless politicians whose motivation is for their personal popularity and power certainly not for the good or benefit of their fellow man.

Sadly the church has now become so corrupted and permeated by the satanic cravings of ungodly and depraved thinking that they too are swept away in madness pursuing every antichrist desire of money power and image thus helping drive the cause of Hell rather than opposing and correcting it. The Bible aptly portrays this day in which we live as a day when justice is fallen into the dust of the streets and no one cares nor cries for truth any more. This scenario will gender the very world society Jesus predicted would exist on earth at the last time, we are blind fools without understanding if we  can not see it. Saints must wake up and see the writing is already clearly forming on the walls before our very eyes THIS IS OUR FUTURE AND OUR CHILDRENS HERITAGE a reality I would rather not want to imagine.

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