Foxconn….Filthy Money

I remember when this so called great new idea and way of communicating was announced on the TV news back around 2005. As I listened to the news reporter going on about Facebook and how great the idea was I turned to my Wife and said, " This will never be in our doesn't sit right with me." To this day Facebook is non existent in our household. All five family members are Facebook free. Our children are now reaching adulthood where they will make their own choices about facebook from here on but I will never agree with it. I fail to see why we are in need of this platform that honestly has done some serious damage to peoples lives....and yes I am aware that it is the user not the technology, the nut behind the wheel so to speak that does the damage, however are we in control of it, or is it in control of us ?

But Facebook and its platform is nothing compared to the following filthy company that is responsible for the manufacture of some of Sony, Apple, Nintendo and HP products. One word says it all, Suicide. In 2010 there was about 18 attempted suicides at Foxconn with 14 of those attempts being successful. An insider, employee told of how when they were moved to a new production line assembling a new product for Acer they were given no training for the assembly of this product. This resulted in the first morning of production giving the employees blisters on their fingers and leaving them with filthy dirty hands. The factory was also full of a dust that was affecting peoples ability to breath.

A number of reports say that Foxconn has better facilities than most however it has a military mentality that its employees can not cope with, hence the suicide efforts by them. 24000 employees quit per month from Foxconn. Because of the conditions an insider said that they went on strike as they felt they had no choice, at first their manager said that anyone wanting to leave could go with one months pay. This offer of one months pay was revoked, so in protest the employees went to the roof, 150 of them and threatened mass suicide. A spokesperson for Foxconn said that the protest was peacefully dealt with and no harm came to any employees. Discussions between Foxconn and Local Government were undertaken with Foxconn employees where 45 employees elected to resign and the rest returned to their duties. Now Foxconn the caring company that it is put up safety nets around the building to save the employees from plummeting to their deaths, what a joke, should not conditions be altered to prevent the disease rather than come up with some half baked cure ? A spokesperson for Foxconn said, " The welfare of our employees is our top priority and we are committed to ensure that all employees are treated fairly." Well I suppose if Management have provided safety nets for ALL of their employees you could call that fair. What would be fairer is that if perhaps the big bosses came down from their air conditioned offices and put some time in on the production line for twelve months or so to see how tough the work was and how depressed the employees were, this might give them some insight, this might see some change.

When I heard of this ill treatment of staff for the glory of these companies that make our supposed needed iPads and the like, it reminded me of the day I first saw Facebook, not needed, it also reminded me of how simple life was before all this technology......... iPads, not needed, Smart Phones, not needed, Nintendo, not needed.  My wife is a Teacher Aide at a private school and at the beginning of this year as always she had personal development training prior to the children returning to school for the new year. One of the topics that was touched on this year was how it has been proven that giving a child an iPad or tablet etc, is having a negative affect on their social skills. But get this, what is it that I saw in the prep rooms the other day when I was picking up my wife from work ? Four iPads sitting at the children's tables. Unreal, how crazy. I guess its just to hard to go against the grain for some of us. I grew up with a 22 rifle, a push bike and a fishing rod and I'm not saying my upbringing was perfect, but I can hold a conversation with someone for longer than a few minutes.

Peoples lives being sacrificed in one way or another for the toys, that we don't need, while making these companies filthy rich. Ah the love of any cost.$$$