Proverbs 10, 22 at the Markets.

Last week my son wanted to go to the markets however we were fellow-shipping at a friends place for breakfast at our fortnightly gathering. My son sat patiently all morning for about 3 hours without any complaint, so in reward we went to the markets this morning. As I strolled through the displays as I have many times before I thought to myself, done this before so many times I need something new. Forty metres down the path I came across a timber display and as a joiner it took my attention. I began a conversation with the man who makes this awesome bush furniture. He told me how he had been doing this for years and how he enjoyed it, he had partnered with a friend that he knew since they were both 25 , he was now 50. A thirty minute conversation ensued where he told me of how his long time friend had taken advantage of him, walked out leaving him in the position where the bank came in and took everything. He walked out after 20 years with less than 15 thousand dollars. I won't go into the personal details of exactly where he was at but I will say this. When he told me he needed to talk to someone about it as it had been on his mind EVERY day for the past 5 years, I knew who he needed talk to, he needed to talk with God and he needed God to engulf his life. I said to him, " I know what you need to do mate, I'll show you. " He got up and came over to sit next to me as I brought up the King James Bible on line. The scripture for the day was this........

...............................The blessing of the LORD, it maketh rich, and he addeth no sorrow with it.

I explained how the sorrow in his life was affecting him daily and that God alone will take him on a new path from today if he would begin to read just one scripture every day in the morning and then go about his days work. I told him he needed the scripture and that his working with timber was his therapy. I pointed out the part that God addeth no sorrow with it, that with God life is different.  He took off his glasses and I saw his eyes......and there was no doubt, a man in need of God. Thirsty. Never have I been used by god in this particular way before, it was different, it was so easy, it was so easy to minister to him as he was ready, and he received.

There are people like this everywhere, all we deed to do is look and their life is written on their faces. And if it is not it won't take long before it is flowing from their mouths.

Get out there and ask God to go with you.

I wonder what God will bring tomorrow ?

I can't wait.